"See! That’s our sister Wan! Aunt Xue used to be the beauty of our nb University! "

"But there are also outstanding people like brother sk who can be worthy of Sister A Wan. I think young talents who fell in love with Sister A Wan’s feet could have been discharged from the magic capital to Ningbo."
When I heard such words, Wan also smiled and greeted the younger brothers and sisters from nb University.
It’s also this time that Suk said to Haowen in front of him
"Ah, but I said monkey, you seem to be playing now, right? Keep going when it’s time. Don’t disturb the rhythm of the game because of me. "
Hear suker words HaoWen nodded just ready to speak and heard suker way
"But I haven’t been in contact with dreams for a long time, and after all, there are two main players in this game, my old urk. Oh, by the way, because the little guy from Fudan University can’t come, the venue will be opened for him temporarily, so I wonder if I can, uh, explain this game with you?"
Brother sk wants to explain this game?
It was quiet when I heard Sook’s words. There was no sound at all.
Hao Wen also looked at Suk numbly.
"Brother S … s……sk, you said you were going to explain?"
"Yeah, yeah, isn’t it?"
Sook was disappointed. "If not, forget it."
One second
Before Hao Wen could speak, the students around him began to shout.
"Of course! If you can let brother sk explain a wave, it’s really a dream of this generation and it’s no use playing! "
"Is mom egg monkey dare to say no to this cargo? If you say no, I’ll suppress him to Wuzhishan for five hundred years. "
Hearing the words around him, Hao Wen’s face changed slightly, and he shrugged his shoulders at Suk.
"Brother sk, as you can see, this is public opinion. Can I say no?"
Hearing Hao Wen’s words, Suk smiled and nodded.
"Then thank you."
Suk and others led the school to return to their positions in the second round of the afternoon competition. Suk and A Wan naturally came to the stadium to explain the position. Although Hao Wen and Xiao Ian McCulloch were still around, it felt like Suk and A Wan were accompanied by two flowers lining the green leaves.
It’s a good feeling, Haowen, because it is his greatest specialty to rely on the strength of the anchor to be funny and to create a live broadcast atmosphere. If the appearance is concerned, it is estimated that he will never be famous in his life. He has no feeling when he is a green leaf, while Ian McCulloch Jr. is complaining. Ian McCulloch Jr. is Han Xuanxuan’s mouth, and his younger sister looks natural, so I don’t say much. At the moment, with Ah Wan, it gives people the feeling that he is completely ignored!
Not long ago, I could feel that many male students’ eyes fell on themselves. At this time, Ian McCulloch couldn’t feel any eyes at all. All eyes were on Suk and Ah Wan, and it was true that after Suk and Ah Wan came here, they had replaced Hao Wen and Xiao Ian McCulloch as protagonists.
After sitting down, everyone thinks about one question-
This time, the rival of Magic Capital Fudan University is from the Fantasy Westward Journey Society in Tsinghua University, Beijing. Is it hard?
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three We have a command
It’s really uncomfortable!
At the moment, all the people from Beijing Tsinghua University Fantasy Westward Journey Society are going to suffer, okay?
Previously, after seeing the sharp PK of the magic capital Fudan University team, they have already raised their feelings of resignation, but they have not recovered yet, and another wave of more heavy news has come.
Two of the players sent by the magic capital Fudan University turned out to be the old Murk players? !
What do these four words represent in Dream Journey to the West? Both old and new Murk are called Fantasy Journey to the West, and it is said that there will never be a team that can catch up with the detached team!
Moreover, the new Murk is obviously more colorful than the old Murk.
Take the second-level GM versus PK as an example. Old Murk has reached the peak of a dream westward journey. Can he beat and surpass himself by his own strength, or is the GM brain team controlled by the official backstage?
As far as we know, Tsinghua University decided to give up when the Datang government in Fudan University turned out to be Han Xuanxuan and the Tiangong was Beijing Bus.
But they are not reconciled.
It’s not that I’m unwilling to get a place at my fingertips
But …
Therefore, carved Suk predecessors their SK brother! The first man of dreams in the past is here watching them fight!
Wouldn’t it be a shame to retire before the war?
Even if you lose in front of your idol, you have to lose face, okay? !
Besides, it’s not that we didn’t win hope this time.
The conductor of Tsinghua University Fantasy Westward Journey Club is a young man who cares about inch plate. Although there is no hairstyle to speak of, the deep eyes with angular features are enough to make I don’t know how many girls are obsessed with such words. From his mouth, the other four players around him can’t help but turn their attention to him.
With doubts in his eyes
"Didn’t you look across the street?"
Commander Tsinghua University said to his teammates.
And when you hear the command, everyone looks at Fudan University, the magic capital opposite.
"This time, although the magic capital Fudan University broke the news that two of their players were the former main players of the old Murk, it was even said that even the elder had personally played the role, but it was also an opportunity for us."
"If it is the dreamer team that is called Fang Xiang who directs us, there is absolutely no possibility of survival, but now they are amazing, but actually there is no greater threat. On the contrary, due to the absence of the command, their strength should be much weaker than before."
"Hardware is strong, but the previous party wants to have an elite cup to prove that a lot of hardware is not absolute! So I think we still have a chance! "
The commander of Tsinghua University said this.
"But … how do you know that there is no other command at Fudan University? Didn’t they all fight at Fudan University before? "
"Yes, if there is nothing wrong with water command, it is also a fight to lose."
Tsinghua University, the commander, nodded his head and said with disdain.
Is also after hearing these words, Tsinghua University all this just slightly relieved seems to say that there is nothing wrong with it!
In that case, maybe you can win or not? !
If you win in front of brother SK …
Thought of here, there is no discouragement here in Tsinghua University. On the contrary, everyone is full of energy! At that time, a strong fighting spirit emanated from several people.
"Yi Tsinghua University these people"
When Suk came to Fudan University, Tsinghua University should have given up, but he didn’t see Tsinghua University give up. Everyone’s eyes were printed with death, and everyone was ready for last stand.
Before you know it, Sook’s heart began to boil.
I really want to go back to the fantasy westward journey and fight side by side with everyone again, because that feeling is really great!
Shaking his head, how can he play games with peace of mind when things have not been solved in real life?
Fantasy Westward Journey …
Magic Capital Fudan University Battle Seats
"The end of the predecessor Han Xuanxuan’s predecessor now wants to hand over the words to who?"
If the water is forced to face the ending and Han Xuanxuan asks, he still doesn’t know Han Xuanxuan’s identity, but he doesn’t know Han Xuanxuan’s identity now. Naturally, he is polite.
While Han Xuanxuan is frowned.
"Hey, if you don’t talk like this, I still like you to call me Brother Xuan."
Hear Han Xuanxuan if water face a change.
"Your ya for playing? When did I ever call you Brother Xuan? "
The atmosphere brightened up in an instant.
The curtain is also smiled.
"In terms of command, I don’t think everyone is too worried."
"Because our hardware is much better than our opponents, and even if we can’t think of it, we won’t have no command."
If you hear the ending, you don’t understand and look at the ending, waiting for the latter.
"You should be able to handle this level of competition in Beijing-Pakistan?"