Gentle and ashamed, I can’t help but look at the posture of Yunxiang car after hanging my eyes slightly. Teach me one?

"I’m expensive to study?" Allow Xiang to look at her badly.
"Why don’t you tell me why you are in such a hurry to learn to drive? If you say yes, I may agree as soon as I am happy."
"I don’t want Teng Yun to know that I took his car to the police station. Is it good enough for me to pick him up when he comes back?"
"It’s not good for me."
"This year, our group annual meeting will let you go to our wholesale head office?"
Then the two women found someone with little place to practice their gentle hands, but they still didn’t have a driving license.
When I arrived at the office building that day, Han Xi sent a certificate to her and looked at it tenderly, but then I still picked up the fight and was overjoyed. I couldn’t help but look up at Han Xi.
"Teng always ordered you to give this first, but you can meet him at the airport."
Gentle eyes watched Han Xi slightly different, as if Teng Yun shouldn’t be so kind to her. She wondered how he knew I was secretly learning to drive.
"Mrs Teng took the car to the police station so big news who will let go? Although the media dare not report it, there happens to be a brother who works as a policeman in the police station. "
"Besides, don’t you really know that this is a high-tech era? Does he have any equipment for such an advanced car? "
Han Xi despised the tender newspaper and looked at some silly women in front of her. I really don’t know what Teng Yun was looking at her.
But one person has one taste. Maybe Boss Teng likes this taste.
"Don’t front car? I just forgot for a while, okay? " Gentle actually chicanery not gas stare at him and then look down at his hand.
The boss is so sweet.
"But I’m sure you have no problem with your work ability, so I won’t bother you with your work." Han Xi said a sentence from the bottom of her heart because of her gentle and serious attitude at work.
Besides, she is a big miss in the giants, although she is down and out now
When Jiang Wenduan came back with coffee, Han Xi put her hands in her pockets and just pulled out one hand and lifted it, gently grabbing one of her cups of coffee.
"Hey, that’s Sister Rou’s coffee." Jiang Wen immediately shouted.
"If we always know that you bring coffee to your gentle sister, you will immediately pack up and get out of here." Han Xi turned and pointed a finger at Jiang Wen’s little face and said a sentence, then took a sip of his coffee. Well, it tasted good.
I won’t leave you on the back floor, so I’ll make coffee for you.
Han Xi thought about it and turned away. Jiang Wen was frightened and turned to look gentle and gentle. He immediately expressed his position, "I will keep your secret."
Jiang Wen bypassed the table and sat beside Gentle, but Sister Rou’s boss wouldn’t let you have coffee. Are you planning to have a baby?
"What nonsense?" Give her a gentle stare. It’s a scary topic with no origin.
"But I have the impression that women who want a baby will give up coffee and wine," Jiang Wen immediately proved.
Gentle after listening to no longer speak is can’t help but raise my hand and touch his soft lip that heady little appearance turned out to be thinking about a problem.
And it is necessary to think about it. Jiang Wen said this problem, and he promised her not to have children yet. They have been doing measures, and sometimes she will take medicine if she comes or not.
At noon, she was in the office window, thinking about her position in this place a little later over the years, and she couldn’t help but ponder.
In fact, this journey is not easy.
Teng Yun trained her to be a very good wife. I wonder if she can be a very good wife.
After work, she wanted to drive to the bar, but on second thought, she went back to mom’s. Mom saw a luxury car parked in the building. He gave it to you?
If it is, that’s a big hand
"No, he’s not with me." He shook his car keys gently and was very excited.
"Oh, you scared me, but you should be careful if you don’t drive for so long and this car is so expensive." Yan is still worried. After all, her daughter hasn’t driven for many years.
"I know. Have you done anything I like to eat?" Gentle said, hug mom ran to the kitchen.
"You love to eat, you greedy cat. It’s really delicious." Yan thought about whether her mother did it for her at home or her husband did it for her at her mother-in-law’s house or her father-in-law’s.
"Of course, who told you and dad to give me such a gentle and good name? My delicate princess is, of course, making a living." Just then Yan put a piece of fish in her mouth
Gentle and happy nodded at once, and Yan also laughed at me for cooking or your husband?
"My mother that is, of course, playing all over the day," gentle immediately play lip service.
"Can eat a bowl for your mother?"
Yan gave a plate of cold dishes that had been mixed for a long time to be gentle and gentle, but she didn’t catch it immediately.
After a bang, the kitchen suddenly became quiet and gentle, and the ground was a mess.
"Didn’t hurt?" Yan was also shocked but immediately worried about her daughter.
Gently shaking your head is a sudden brain buzzing as if something bad is going to happen in a moment.
"Forget it. Anyway, it’s better to eat less later. I’ll cut some fruit for you later." Yan said, appeasing her daughter and sitting outside at the table.
After sitting softly, I couldn’t help but turn to look at the place where my mother was cleaning in the kitchen.
Section 5
"Gentleness must be that you think too much." After shaking your head to appease yourself, you barely smiled. Fortunately, the mother and daughter still talked and laughed when they talked about goodbye.
Before going to bed, Teng Yun called her and asked her for her ID. Did Han Xi give it to you?
"Yeah, but actually I didn’t intend to let you know about going to the police station." She was a little lost, but she even wanted to joke.
He smiles at the window and looks at the strange environment outside, but he is also used to it. Well, it seems that your style of doing things is not good enough. You can tell your husband this kind of thing.
The boss dare not say that the husband should be the object of conversation.
Gentle, I don’t know how I laughed because I always feel a little pain in my chest.
"at mom’s?" TengYun light ask after a long time can’t hear the sound.
"hmm!" A gentle and low promise always feels like being blocked by a big stone.
"Is there something you don’t care about?" He is still too worried.
"No, it’s just that it hurts a little to break a plate today."
"I’ll buy you twenty when I get back."
"How can you be so vertical?"
"Teng Yun woman Teng Yun can be longitudinal"
He looked up at the star in the sky proudly and said to her
Gentle or laughing, my heart is sweet
Later, I felt a little better in bed, but I was still stuck.
That morning, Su Jin always packed his bags and took his suitcase to the airport.
Han Xi was not sure when she saw a figure, but when she knocked on her door, she was no longer hanging around the house with her keys, and there was no figure of her.