Sad breath shot in the direction of An Xiaoya like a flash, just like a killer in the dark!

At this time, there is still half a second for the snake egg to pick up the reading strip!
But in one second, the snake will be able to rush to An Xiaoya and directly let her face death!
Although I felt the danger coming, An Xiaoya became more calm.
Her eyes were fixed on the reading bar.
If she can’t leave here in half a second, she will be able to lose her temper on the spot!
In order not to die, An Xiaoya can speed up her escape in this Shekou!
It’s a good thing that the magic spell is still in the body
What An Xiaoya has to do in half a second is to read the cloud body and wind body spell, then accurately teleport to the stairway and then escape from the fifth floor of the Lock Demon Tower with her sister!
At the end of reading the article, An Xiaoya mumbled a cloud and wind spell in her mouth, holding the snake egg in her hand and looking up at the direction she was going to, aiming at her goal.
The snake demon came to AnXiaoYa and could feel a foul evil wind behind her!
She can also feel something cold touching her tender skin!
The snake tooth has touched the skin of An Xiaoya. At this critical moment, An Xiaoya escaped from Zhangshekou with the egg in her arms.
When it reappears, An Xiaoya will already be at the stairway!
She and An Jinxiu, who had already reacted, stepped forward directly into the passage.
Both of them were sent out
This time AnXiaoYa finally breathed a sigh of relief.
She suddenly felt a little limp.
Just now, she was so close that she was going to explain it there.
She just felt a little scared.
No matter how calm and powerful just now, it can’t change the fact that she is a little weak now.
An Jinxiu held An Xiaoya and let her slowly.
An Jinxiu, a special soldier who often fights, still knows a lot about dying after this fierce confrontation.
However, An Xiaoya felt a shake before she recovered!
It’s the lock demon tower shaking!
The two sisters looked at each other and probably lost something.
Did they say that they stole the snake eggs and made the snake demon who was imprisoned in the lock demon tower furious?
I’m used to being locked up as a source of power. This snake demon is now on the fifth floor, and all kinds of madness can actually lead to more and more violent shaking in a lock demon tower!
Without saying anything, the two sisters rushed towards the stairs without even communicating!
The fourth floor to the third floor
Third floor to second floor
Second floor to first floor
Then the door appeared in front of them!
As expected, this door, which was closed after they entered, is now open!
Two people instantly rushed out of the lock demon tower!
From the dark lock demon tower to the sunny island, both of them have a feeling of being separated from each other.
Looking at YouZi shaking behind lock demon tower, both of them feel that they seem to be playing a little big.
I wonder when this powerful snake demon will stop.
Another serious question is whether this lock demon tower can control this crazy snake demon!
Then two people ear to unify the sound.
"Player 1/Fei Feng Ling Xin please send the sick snake demon descendants to the high priest of Sherang in Wudu City for treatment and then send them back to the fifth floor of Lock Demon Tower."
Finally received the sisters don’t feel heart.
Are you kidding? What good are they? It turns out that it’s not this snake egg!
They turned out to be helping this egg heal!
And risk your life!
No matter what happens in Wudu City, it’s a narrow escape to send this egg back, okay?
Before AnXiaoYa can give eggs to sneak out or because the snake demon root didn’t pay attention to the reason.
And now lost children snake demon will attack just entered the fifth floor!
They are going to die again!
However, even so, they still took this
Wudu City is a first-class city.
Is second only to the central city of Longcheng.
There are ten first-class cities on the mainland.
Because of this particularity, the two men were granted temporary access to Wudu City.
That is to say, they can be sent to Wudu City for the time being.
Then take this egg to find the family high priest Shelang to help cure it.
And send it back.
First-class cities must have a lot of good things.
It’s also dangerous
And the high priest Shelang knew it was a snake as soon as she heard it, and she didn’t know what kind of test would be given to treat the egg.
Will Yu Shelang look at the possibility of directly treating An Xiaoya and An Jinxiu because they are of the same family as this egg?
Of course not!
Don’t forget that snakes are cold-blooded animals, but they never have the same kind of love feelings.
In their view, interest is everything!