"Alas," Zuo Tangtang sighed and quickly sent a gang to recruit golf balls, hoping that this would slightly divert his attention without hurting his fragile glass heart.

Join a club with golf.
This kind of news is simply overjoyed. The discussion on the gang channel of soy sauce players is quite heated.
[Guild] Soft, soft, sugar, star eyes/Have new people joined?
[Guild] Call me the Truth Emperor/Someone new has joined.
[Gang] Dynamic Xiaoxin Xinxingyan/We have a younger brother?
[Gang] Eraser Wipe Feelings/We have a younger brother
The news in the gang channel stopped for a second, and then all kinds of screens poured in.
[Gang] Hello, left hand. If you have a younger brother, if he is a chef, he can make steamed bread for me!
[Gang] Multicolored baa baa, if he is a tailor, he can also make a package for me!
[Gang] Seven Crows What! I should go mining for me!
[Guild] Soft anger/What’s the trouble!
[Gang] Soft, don’t scare the younger brother away! He’s not your personal property!
Golf has been watching the gang channel with trepidation since it entered the gang, and everyone can’t help but click back to help at once. At this moment, when I saw the soft message, I couldn’t help but sigh that there was still a wise man!
Unexpectedly soft added
[Gang] Soft little brother is everyone! So he should run errands for all of us! Instead of being monopolized by you bastards
[Gang] Soft place You should write down what you want to do and then let the younger brother choose to run errands!
Nani? Still can’t escape the fate of being a younger brother running errands everywhere? Golf shock
At this time, no one sends a message on the gang channel, because the soy sauce makers are trying very hard to think about what they need to do at the moment, so that the younger brother can run, knowing that they haven’t received the younger brother for a long time! They always treat the last gang member as a younger brother until a new younger brother comes, so that can be regarded as an old man! It’s all good, but since Liu Yao and the false mother came, they haven’t had a younger brother to boss them around anymore because they can’t beat them!
Hum! Be sure to use this little brother well this time! The soy sauce makers are sad and angry.
[71] Chapter seventy-two Fighting is bad]
It seems that through the golf club channel, which suddenly became cold, I felt an unusual atmosphere, so I put it on the keyboard and typed it trembling and sent a message to Zuo Tangtang.
[Private chat] Golf hooves. Why do I feel something is wrong?
See this inquiry Zuo Tangtang unconcerned replied.
[Private chat] Don’t think too much about how to stew pig’s trotters.
[Private Chat] Golf is miserable/but I don’t know why. I saw on the gang channel that they agreed to let me be the younger brother. Don’t you think so? Am I wrong in understanding Chinese?
[Private Chat] The pig’s trotters are stewed and touched by tigers/It’s correct not to understand you.
[Private Chat] Golf stunned/huh?
Zuo Tangtang seems to see through his brain screen that golf, which was once rejected by his friends, is now shivering in the wind, feeling extremely pitiful and suddenly sympathetic.
Is very gentle added
[Private chat] The pig’s trotters are stewed and touched/gone! They won’t accept being younger brothers if they can’t beat people ~
Who knows this sentence completely broke the hope of golf.
[Private Chat] Golf, then I’m finished.
[Private chat] Don’t you like fighting very much?
[Private chat] Golf is sad/likes to fight, but I can’t beat it! Otherwise, what table tennis would they dislike me so much? That’s why!
[Private chat] Golf is wronged/Otherwise, why do I ask them for help every time I finish fighting?
I feel like I’m crying about golf. Zuo Tangtang is at a loss at this moment. I knew she should have told him about it before golf entered the gang.
However, she also forgot that, after all, the situation did not appear when the false mother joined and the scum joined, which also made her forget that the soy sauce gang still had such a system
She should have thought that the man from the most resident pk was very bad, which made the soy sauce makers hate and hate * * because they didn’t expect too much in front of the fake mother * * because they had something to do or their sister paper could go to him for help when something happened.
And Liu Xiao, when he joined, many people were very happy, especially the younger brother who was the happiest before the false mother joined, so everyone went to Liu Xiao every day and he didn’t know anything. Even though he was unreliable, he was super **pk! So when I saw that I had helped, there were so many friends looking for him to play be in heaven! I quickly sent a pk invitation one by one, thinking that it was to contact a relationship. However, soy sauce people don’t think so. Be wary in their hearts. Is this a challenge to us? Ok, then come on! So people with two different minds are fighting together. For a person who often haunts the ring, the ending is obvious. It’s still not clear why the soy sauce friends don’t look for him to play later!
Thinking of this, Zuo Tangtang was very sorry about golf and responded to it kindly.
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew. Well, is this already the case? So how do you want to do this? I’ll try to help you.
It was not until a long time before the news of golf came.
[Private chat] I am weak in golf. Can I quit?
Unexpectedly, Zuo Tangtang responded resolutely.
[private chat] pig’s trotters can’t be stewed! They never let go of people who entered their own gang and left!
Seeing that this golf ball didn’t return anything directly, I made several crying expressions in one breath, brushing Zuo Tangtang’s chat box screen.
Zuo Tangtang is also very naive. What can we do? Those pits that play soy sauce are like a stubborn cow, and others can’t pull them back. If you don’t want to be bothered by them every day, you have to fight with them.
But golf has problems fighting by itself! Every time you get into trouble, you have to ask tennis to help you.
Got it!
Right! Since they are good friends and they are together outside the Internet cafe, this gunman is easy to find!
After thinking about this, Zuo Tangtang quickly sent a message and talked privately about golf.
[private chat] pig’s trotters are stewed! ! !
[Private chat] Golf grievance/
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew small sunglasses/I have an idea!
What? Golf suddenly got rid of despair and got a big boost!
[Private chat] Golf Star Eye/Are you serious?
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters. Mm-hmm ~ You have to promise to listen to me.
[Private Chat] Golf Mm-hmm.
Table tennis looks like a chicken pecking at a golf ball next to it. I wonder if my elbow hit him. "What are you doing!" "
At this time, the golf ball is staring at the chat box seriously and talking to the table tennis without paying attention.
I don’t care about table tennis at first sight, but I turn my head and play my own game.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters. You will go to the station later and ask for a discussion on the guild channel.