Who dares to make such a big move in the sea except for the shame in the new century that money can drive so many fugitives to launch an offensive?

He guessed that the mastermind of this war was indeed a high-level person in the new century, but he never thought that the ship opposite was not a pure pirate but a multinational force.
Ten pirate ships came out from the famous island stronghold last night. The second trip to Chutian Island was a great beneficiary. Not only did it have new territory, but it also had new resources. The key point was that Tianqi promised to give some ship technology to young women.
The beauty family has a character like Yuquan Spring, and they are also on the famous island. They have "fleet plans". These sailboats can be eliminated and produced before they dare to rush about like this.
There are three families in ten ships, most of which are members of the Hong Yan family, followed by members of Taoyuan Island and Dream Love. The three commanders are doctors, Xiao Gao and Eternal Jiao Yan respectively.
In the final analysis, these roots are not the power of the new century, but the mad dog dragon has made connections in the past. Of course, with his personal charm, he can’t make such a big scene.
He just informed three families last night that the boss now has a project with a profit of more than 4 dragon coins, which can take up to one day to make cash transactions and settle accounts on the spot, not to mention that the brothers didn’t take care of you, huh?
If the profit exceeds 4 dragon coins, the total of the three families is 12 dragon coins. Anyway, it’s not that he paid Gu Xiaoyue’s bill at last.
Besides, is this money needed in the new century?
It is true that there must be a new century man in this premeditated sea attack, and now this man is sitting in the cockpit of the pirate ship’s main ship
She is wearing a butterfly-shaped mask with metal armor, and the right half of the mask is semi-black sunglasses. At the same time, a tangdao and a sword are inserted at the right waist.
This look alone is cold and terrible, and she has never said a few words from boarding to now, and she has always maintained a sense of mystery.
In fact, even the doctor doesn’t want to talk to her more, because her voice is gloomy and frightening, which makes people feel cold.
Eternal and charming, of course, I can’t believe that this person was once buried in the hands of a fairy, but now everyone is not at the same level
She asked the doctor many times, and the doctor always replied, "I don’t know who she really is. Cucumber, a master sent by the new century, said she could handle everything."
"Fix everything?" Eternal beauty doubts the word.
"hmm!" The doctor’s expression is a bit unnatural. The fleet in front is bombarded by bloody elites. It is already a spent force. Can the support of large forces in the rear cause the expected mass destruction effect? To tell the truth, he is not confident.
Xiao Gao, the observer, was suddenly surprised that "their main ship was really gone"
"eh?" The doctor hurried forward with a telescope.
In front of the vast foggy sea, the light is flying, and the two sides are fighting fiercely, but the bloody elite main ship is really gone.
Xiao Gao immediately turned his head and looked into the cabin. Xiaojia had got up and there was that creepy frequency conversion sound in his mouth. "You are in charge of this main ship and I’ll take care of it."
The main ship was forced to escape through the fog. How did you manage it?
The doctor really wanted to ask this sentence, but he held back because he found that the metal woman was calm and walked out of the cockpit and plunged into the sea.
"Can she fight a boat alone?" Eternal beauty or unbelief
Xiao Gao drooped his eyelids. "Do you believe she can if she were Brother Gua?"
"yes!" Eternal delicate and charming and the doctor replied without hesitation.
Gao Tanshou said, "That’s right. Brother Xin Gua is always right." To be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Strong meet
As soon as Xiaojia jumped into the sea, the processor horse sounded "Stealth mode has started and the body is deforming …"
The steel wing was originally designed to be close to the body, but as soon as it entered the water, the steel plates at the waist, shoulders, chest and buttocks stretched out one after another, and the steel wing looked like a blue shark.
The shark’s flank and tail spurted white crystal flames continuously. Xiaojia immediately rushed forward like a shell, leaving a string of bubbles rising to the sea.
At the same time, the lens data is being refreshed rapidly, and various analog images are coming out.
As early as before the war between the two sides, the swordfish detector had been released and sneaked into the bottom of the other side’s main ship unnoticed. I am not afraid of which direction Ma Rufei will run. If you are in the sea, you will be unable to escape.
At this time, the main ship has been far away from the central battlefield, and Ma Rufei’s mood is also very heavy, because Light Magic and four other ships are likely to sacrifice in this battle, not because he hopes that he will arrive at Shadow Island safely with this ship.
In addition to more than one combat player, the main ship actually has some more important people.
Lengrou, this is Dark Zeng’s wife, and she is also a first-class expert in the bloody elite.
Along the way, I followed Lengrou to the three most famous tiger generals, Daxingjun, Inverse Sky and Huayuqing.
Anyone who is a little familiar with the bloody elite operation knows that the bloody elite department has three special institutions: Flying Pigeon Group, Condor Team and Tiger Hall.
Hawks are good at reconnaissance and spying; The pigeon group is responsible for delivering messages; Tiger hall is to complete the killing; These three institutions have a clear division of labor and tacit cooperation in each action, and only the most outstanding talents can enter the Hall of Fame, which is a bit like the Oriental Dynasty.
People here can’t say that they are all fate characters, but one thing is necessary, that is, players have gone through a lot of trials and completed many important actions, and the guild has made great achievements.
Others are afraid of the bloody elite, which is the most fundamental.
The original Ma Rufei had a good chance to enter Tiger Hall. As a result, he was killed by the Heavenly King’s Sword in the Battle of Riverbend Shanzhai.
In addition, the main ship has headquarters to support Shadow Island. More than 5 life players are all kinds of blacksmiths, engineers, architects, pharmacists, professional businessmen and so on. These people are all stars.
The bloody elite is a guild that puts force first, and does not attach importance to business as much as in the new century. It is a valuable guild resource to send such a construction team.
Finally, a batch of construction materials is pressed in the bottom cabin, and the rest is not so important.
The light demon wants Ma Rufei to leave the battlefield alone for fear of accidents to these people.
It’s also important if they can get to Shadow Island safely and the whole situation will not be destroyed at the expense of players and four ships.
You have to admit that there are many bloody players in the bloody elite.
But no matter how bloody they are, they are stronger in the face of their opponents this time in the new century, and the new century has directly released the big killer.