Li Dalong nodded. "What about the second one?"

The bald man said, "The second one is obviously much smarter than the first one. If that person is a hacker, he will not know how to use brute force like a butcher."
Li Dalong said, "Then what is his method?"
The bald man sighed, "This man is really a generation of wizards. He has been sitting in this room for three years, carefully observing all kinds of materials, facilities and the rules of prison guards, and pondering their shortcomings. At the same time, he has little chance to secretly calculate the time of day and night."
Li Dalong said, "Surely he must have found something?"
"That’s right!" Bald nodded. "In the middle of the night, when the operation system was upgraded, he managed to pry open the door to make all the prison guards stop working for 5 minutes, and he successfully entered the elevator."
Li Dalong sighed that this is really a talent. With a pair of naked eyes, he accurately calculated various laws. If this person is not a wizard, who dares to be?
The bald man sighed again. "Do you know what is the biggest problem of genius?"
Li Dalong can shake his head.
Baldheaded way "is arrogant, naturally, if you dare to look down on the IQ of the prison, you will drive yourself to a dead end. Although that guy successfully entered the ladder, the defense system in the ground hall did not stop running."
Li Dalong wondered, "Were you captured alive by the prison guards?"
"no!" The bald head shook his head. "At that time, the whole black spider prison guard stopped working, but when the ground entered the hall, it would start the automatic defense system. It is said that there are hundreds of rays scanning in the hall. You should also know that it is not good to avoid those rays. You have to have unique skills. You’d better be a circus clown walking a tightrope, stepping on a circle of fire and acrobatics. You’d better be proficient in extreme sports. If you can shrink your bones, then congratulations on your freedom."
Li Dalong also smiled bitterly. "This kind of person is not a hacker but a superman."
Baldheaded way: "When the hacker went to that place, the warden was already waiting for him at the gate. He was also punched three times in the left leg and directly abolished. He was originally sentenced to 21 years in prison. Unfortunately, after that incident, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. At the same time, the black spider once again improved the operation system. Now, let alone a hacker like him, it is even harder for Ke Bai and honker to get into the elevator together."
Li Dalong was silent.
Bald-headed Youyou said, "Counting facts proves that going it alone won’t work. You must learn to cooperate with the outside."
Li Dalong is interested again. "Is the third one from the inside?"
The bald head nodded, "The third guy is the closest to success. He is an engineer and it is said that his skill is good. He has been sitting in it for five years, and it took four years to prepare for the prison break."
Li Dalong asked, "Then how did he do it?"
Baldheaded, "His partner’s client comes to visit the prison from time to time and brings something to eat and drink every time. That’s the problem."
Li Dalong curious way "oh? What are the daily problems? "
The bald head said, "Let me give you an example. For example, after a piece of packaged bread is processed, there are some other raw materials hidden in it. Usually it is difficult for prison guards to check it out, so there will be a chemical reaction when the raw materials are mixed together."
Li Dalong nodded. He knew this principle well. That’s how black rose poison cookies were made.
Bald continued, "He can’t fiddle with these things in his room yet. He has to go to the hall to get them one by one, and they can’t be too long every time."
In this link, Li Dalong can also figure out that there are monitoring equipment everywhere in rooms, corridors, restaurants and toilets. The only place where there is no monitoring is your own locker, but when you go shopping, it will take you three to five minutes. After all, there are probes in the hall of the hall.
The bald man sighed, "This guy is not only brave and resourceful, but also has amazing perseverance. It took him four years to build a brooch by relying on this kind of dripping water to wear the spirit bit by bit."
"brooch?" Li Dalong expressed incomprehension.
Bald explained, "It’s not a real brooch, but a precision instrument. Simply put, it’s a jammer. It can block all kinds of detection signals in it, even the signals sent by the Taizhong International Connection Control Center to the Tight Enchantment Mantra. To be more precise, he becomes a invisible man. Even if he walks in front of the prison guards, the robot can’t see the probe, monitoring, rays and infrared rays."
Li Dalong once again sighed that human wisdom, courage and perseverance are definitely not high-tech. Compared with a hacker, this nima code is called child’s play.
Baldheaded way: "This guy is smarter, but he does not act in the middle of the night, but in the afternoon, because the prison authorities never thought that anyone would dare to escape from prison at 9 or 1 o’clock in broad daylight. He followed the prison guards into the elevator and successfully rose to the ground hall, shielding all kinds of detection signals of the hall defense system and finally successfully getting out of the black spider. This process did not trigger an alarm."
Li Dalong said, "Didn’t you say he was the closest to success? But he finally escaped. "
"You are wrong to think so!" The bald man gave him a look. "He just escaped from here, and the whole plan was not successful. His partner had already surveyed the terrain, designed the route and prepared a small spaceship 2 kilometers away. Unfortunately, he was found only 1 kilometer away."
Li Dalong was surprised. "How?"
Bald wry smile way "you may not know that there are mobile warning points within 3 kilometers of Fiona Fang, the center of the black spider. These dark spots are not guarded by humans and robots, but by police dogs. As soon as the police dogs go out, they smell the smell. Once triggered, the police dogs will show their true colors. Don’t I say more?"
Li Dalong can nod.
Chapter seventy-six I believe you
Bald eyes stared at him and said, "Do you know what these three precedents mean when I tell you?"
Li Dalong sighed, "Are you trying to persuade me to get rid of all unrealistic ideas?"
The bald head nodded, "Yes, no one can go out by illegal means when the black spider is involved."
Li Dalong’s eyes fell into the distance again and his look became thoughtful. "I don’t want to really go out if I can, I’d rather come back here."
Looking at his deep and trance-like eyes, the bald head finally understood that Li Dalong didn’t want to escape from prison, but he was worried about something. Maybe there were people and things he couldn’t let go of outside.
But what if you don’t let it go?
Life still has to go on, and we still have to endure it.
Bald patted him on the shoulder. "If you think too much, you’d better think about how to get some money in The Ninth Continental. It’s convenient to have some money when you go out in the future."
"hmm!" Li Dalong can absent-mindedly nodded.
So the next afternoon, "Labor and capital appeared in the dark, but unfortunately they hit the wall." A night of hangover did not affect Dalong’s clear thinking and returned to Stefan Maierhofer Decheng. He went straight to the workshop and made a batch of bombs, and then went to the lake to practice.
This trip to the Feather Temple made him deeply realize how important it is to practice marksmanship and refine it.
At present, he has a variety of weapons and props, but if you say which one is the most proficient, it will take a lot of practice.
Therefore, he also came prepared for this exercise. His method is very simple. Put the pebbles on the rock surface at a distance of 2 meters and shoot until one shot hits 9 shots, and then increase the distance.
To really do this, three days later, more than 300 bombs were fired, and seven days later, he could ensure that the gun hit the target at a distance of 4 meters, but he could guarantee it at a distance of 5 meters.
This is not his problem, but the performance of the gun body. The maximum range of the urine gun is 5 meters, but the actual hit rate is very low at 5 meters, because the structure, barrel and wind of the urine gun will affect the trajectory, which means that even if a sharpshooter who is better than Li Dalong is used, it is impossible to make the urine gun hit the target at 5 meters.
In this way, improving the structure and performance of guns will be a research direction. Although the demand for this direction is not very high now, we must do our best since we want to do it. This is also the purpose of Mad Dog Dragon.
That’s the problem. It’s really difficult to improve the existing facilities in the workshop, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get a batch of processed products from mines or children’s bullying and then make direct combination improvement, but … it’s unrealistic. The black market is always a black market. It’s not a regular factory. Without a production line, there will definitely be no mass production.
Where can I get my ideal success?
Li Dalong was worried for a while, but the vibration of the sound box soon woke him up. This time, the information was crazy and fourteen waves brought good news.
Once in Tuck District, we solved the problem that Lanxin’s family exploded all over the place, and the equipment was taken to the red market for sale by the crazy fourteen waves. Li Dalong could get a diamond coin and a gold coin in total.
But now he is not very short of money, and there is still one holy coin, 51 diamond coins and 22 gold coins in the warehouse, but people are crazy and 14 waves are well-intentioned. Li Dalong decided to go back to the headquarters.
Anyway, it’s okay to be idle now. It’s not a bad thing to go back and inquire about the news. What can I do if I do something here and there? That would be great.