Dark once sighed, "In fact, I also know that the fleet was attacked by pirates, but outsiders will not see it this way. Who died in Ah Rou’s hand will be counted in the new century. Shadow Island is the inducement after all."

The words of the two men’s talks last night were surprisingly consistent, but the irony was still behind. Mad Dog Dragon said faintly, "My brother Bai Dark means that once something happens, I don’t know that my lover’s views will always be biased."
When I heard this, Dark Faint and others felt that their lungs were going to explode.
What kind of pirates dare to attack our bloody elite without such strong arguments? They wouldn’t dare if you gave them 10 thousand courage without your support in the new century
Besides, what kind of players among pirates can assassinate such a powerful master as Sister Rou? If it wasn’t for your masters in the new century, then everyone could perform live and eat three pounds of hot food
Dark once calmly replied, "Maybe our bloody elite really misunderstood the new century."
This answer is amazing. This year, the free evaluation of evidence is not about any evidence. He knows that this matter is a trick in the new century, but he can’t just say it.
"There is no misunderstanding. This is what they have done in the new century!" People who dare to say such things on this occasion will have a dark glow.
Mad dog dragon suddenly found that it is not without benefits that such a person as Dark Hui is here. At least he can pretend to be a naive person. If he should ask or not, he can ask directly. But you can’t blame him because he is young and not sensible, and you are a big boss. You can’t dispute with him yet.
Mad dog dragon eyes glance at him "oh? Hui brothers, I don’t quite understand the words. Please advise me. "
Dark Hui growled, "I heard that Boss Gua is good with Hai Hongyan’s family and Taoyuan Island. We’ve already checked. It’s these two families who attacked us early this morning."
Mad dog dragon smiled. "According to Brother Hui, I am better with Phantom of the Opera. If Phantom of the Opera kills someone somewhere, does it also put the big hat in our new century?"
"This ….." Dark fai suddenly speechless this logic seems a bit unreasonable.
"But there are not many pirates who can assassinate Sister Rou single-handedly. At the very least, it is almost impossible to have such a master among pirates."
"Not much indeed!" Mad dog dragon also agreed, "but I want to ask if the master who assassinated sister-in-law this morning is our new century person?" Or has anyone seen this face with their own eyes? "
He dared to ask this question with confidence, knowing that Michelle had steel wings, except for a few people in the Eastern Dynasty. Gu Xiaoyue knew clearly, but would Gu Xiaoyue tell the bloody elite at this time?
That’s bullshit.
Lonely people seem to be asked, "The female warrior is equipped with scientific and technological battle clothes and naturally can’t see her face."
Mad dog dragon smiled more happily. "This is even more obvious. You should go to the Oriental Dynasty and Tiankang Group, which have these two talents to churn out this equipment."
This situation is almost the same as last night’s talks, that is, we occupy the Shadow Island first in the new century, and you have to find some glorious reasons to cover it up if you rob it. Now, your bloody elite transport fleet has been destroyed, and now we are reaching out to you in the new century. Please take out the evidence. Where did you see that this is what we did in the new century?
At this moment, lonely people and others also felt the strength of mad dog dragon.
The bloody elite also has its own information database, among which there must be recorded information about celebrities like Mad Dog Dragon, saying that the greatest feature of this person is that he will never give up until he gets what he wants.
Only then did everyone know why Mad Dog Dragon didn’t follow Xingmeng on the plane of Oriental Dynasty early this morning, because people had already calculated that they must stay and watch their jokes.
Seeing that everyone stopped asking questions, Mad Dog Dragon slowly turned his head toward Dark Zeng and said, "I feel sorry for what happened early today, so it is necessary to build the Dark Shadow Island. If the sea forces want to make trouble in the new area, they must first get the bloody elite. Do you think I am right?"
This was last night when Dark strongly refused Mad Dog Dragon’s reply. Now Mad Dog Dragon has returned it intact, and this time the face has been hit even harder. You bloody elites feel that you are unambiguous, right? Well, now the sea pirates will teach you a lesson first.
No one can prove that Xiao Qi’s death is the work of your bloody elite, but no one can prove that Lengrou’s death is our work in the new century. It’s not someone else but Lengrou. That’s a shame for your dark wife.
Seeing the serious appearance of mad dog dragon, the fire in these people’s hearts could not be dark. After a long silence, they raised their glasses and said, "Pei!"
The mad dog dragon said, "Don’t dare!"
Dark had a thoughtful look in his eyes. "Brother Gua hid you. He said that there is definitely a seat among the masters of this era that no one should despise you."
Mad dog dragon was silent for a long time before saying, "Brother Dark, don’t you think it’s a little late to say this now?"
This is a big truth. This storm is far from over, but from a bloody elite, it did something wrong. After the incident, the new century also took the initiative to ask for peace and asked for the transfer of part of the hair. But at this time, you secretly refused strongly, and it was too wrong for you to refuse until Gu Xiaoyue sent a mad dog dragon. Things finally reached the point of legal recovery.
At this moment, it is impossible for Dark Zeng to have an accident. Even if he has remorse, he will never say it. This kind of thing is a compromise and there will be no room for negotiation.
Dark once held a glass and mused, "After all, times have changed."
Mad dog dragon said, "Oh?"
Dark once said, "Da Zang was the president of the Shenqu Council two years ago, and our bloody elite was the president. Skyfire was last year, while Gu Xiaoyue, the new president of the new century, went not long ago, and the worst thing was that the southern sky was released after the change of the three presidents."
Mad dog dragon immediately came for nothing, and he remembered Lu Chongyun’s theory of three-minute days. When the three bosses were in a three-legged position, they knew how to balance, but now the new bosses have come to power and the situation is different.
The greatest significance of releasing this area in the southern horizon is to release the vast western sea. The western sea is not only haunted by sea players, but also has the opportunity to reach out. However, the strategic significance of the location of Shadow Island is too important.
Because it is a connecting hub between the east and west seas, whoever owns it will have a greater chance to control the sea power. Think about it. Three people will be unable to be indifferent when they are big and the other two are big. The key is that three new presidents are all thoughtful and will never do things according to style. Three minutes will come to an end sooner or later, and that day will come.
This shadow island is probably a fuse, which will ignite the war sooner or later.
However, looking at Dark Zeng’s pensive expression, Mad Dog Dragon gave birth to that strange feeling of long absence. He always felt that things were not as simple as imagined. There must be a bigger and more amazing plot behind Dark Zeng’s pensive expression and Gu Xiaoyue’s yin and yang.
"Brother Gua, I’ll arrange a boat to take you back to Yangfan Port this afternoon. What do you think?" Dark had light said
Mad dog dragon laughed. "Thank you for your kindness. I think it’s better for me to stay. It’s good for all of us."
Dark once looked at him in surprise. "Are you sure you want to stay?"