Lao Pei thinks it will be worthwhile to do all these things.

Zhaihao looked at Lao Pei and Lin Feng, who was lying in the hospital bed breathing smoothly, and looked at the wordless winding yee in the ward.
Suddenly feel the atmosphere is very strange.
Pulled the winding yee and Lao Pei said some comforting words, and together with winding yee, except the first hospital.
Then winding yee and Zhaihao went to deal with the traffic police detaining Ferrari, while Lao Pei transferred to the senior ward for coming to take better care of it.
While lying in the hospital bed, sleeping peacefully and resting, Lin Feng didn’t know that so many things had happened around him at this time, and he didn’t know that Lao Pei had opened his heart and directly expressed his feelings for himself because of this little incident.
Happiness lies in misfortune, and misfortune depends on it.
Come and Lao Pei are destined not to miss each other. Is this an unexpected but unexpected coincidence?
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Chapter one hundred and sixteen I want a generation
"Who are you?"
Come early wake up the next day.
But when I woke up, I saw that the first sentence of Lao Pei almost didn’t make Lao Pei back.
Lao Pei looked at the animal who forgot his own name, and then thought about himself. Last night, he was undressed and stayed with the bed for a night, saying so many heartfelt words.
Now it seems to have been forgotten by this cruel and heartless animal …
A sense of desolation flooded my mind directly. I just wanted to get along with this animal. Why did he lose his memory …
"I’m Laopei …" Laopei pulled Lalinfeng’s quilt.
Although there is heating in the senior ward, the heavy snow outside the window has been flying since last night, which still worries Lao Pei whether the bed will feel cold just after waking up.
Lao Pei is now pinching the quilt for Lin Feng, where is it still like the violent girl who has been married for many years?
Come to suppress a smile and think about the performance of male pig’s feet after amnesia in Korean dramas on weekdays.
Eyes glazed, eyes confused, eyes wide open, eyes wide open, eyes wide open, eyes wide open, eyes wide open, eyes wide open, eyes staring blankly at Lao Pei, who is gentle and watery.
Thinking about the words that the doctor entered the ward and the old Pei Shuo around him just now when he was still in the fog.
"Family members should be prepared … a slight concussion is not serious, but memory may be affected."
"He won’t become a fool, will he?"
"Seeing that you are so nervous and have a slight concussion is not so serious, but you should be patient enough."
Slowly, the ward door Lao Pei sent away the routine examination doctor and found that the bed had opened his eyes.
Come not amnesia … Is a bad headache.
The head is wrapped into a rabbit trauma, and even if there is no problem, the flesh will not be less bitter.
Last night, Zhai Hao called Lao Pei, who accompanied the bed, in the early hours of the morning, and there was no big problem in getting in touch with the car in the central flower bed.
To be honest, Lao Pei didn’t drive fast at that time, and when braking, not only did the little girl escape, but also the car damage became less.
What makes Lao Pei dumb is the biggest damage to the car, but the front windshield.
The news from the repair shop is that it has been roughly deformed and replaced with a new piece.
Lao Pei was watching Lin Feng bandage his forehead, and his heart was cool.
Also come in this life is just lying here awake …
The next day, the attending doctor gave Lao Pei a reassurance with a pile of simple report forms.
Come is sure to wake up.
There’s nothing wrong with people, but the doctor can’t vouch for their memory.
Actually, Lin Feng woke up quietly when the doctor entered the ward and talked to Lao Pei.
I woke up and took one look at my familiar environment and headache, so that I must be lying in the hospital now.
Fortunately, fortunately, Lin Feng felt that his body was not short of arms, legs or important parts. Obviously, there was no big problem.
Besides, the house layout and heating feeling are definitely not some kind of
Come is relieved a lot.
The original Lin Feng wanted to ask Lao Pei how long he had slept.
But just as she was preparing her mouth, Lin Feng heard the doctor say that she had a slight concussion and might have some problems with her short-term memory.
Feel one’s own memory
Come to find that there is no problem.
But I heard clearly the nervous tone of Lao Pei when he was talking to the doctor and that he seemed to vaguely hear someone whispering in his ear that he liked his voice last night.
Come decided to take advantage of this opportunity.
Although Lin Feng knows that if Lao Pei finds out that she is faking amnesia, the violent girl will definitely be extremely angry and repair herself and can’t take care of herself.
But it’s rare to have a few beats in life, so men should work hard for their own happiness.
Come to feel like a man-pretending to have amnesia.
This, this, this is actually not a man at all.
However, it is often the case in Korean dramas that Lin Feng doesn’t usually look at it with Lao Pei in his single dormitory. Once he makes up his mind, Lin Feng acts like it.
At least Lao Pei didn’t see it.
Heart is blather is Lao Pei’s situation now.
"Do you remember your name? How did you get here? What are you doing before? " Lao Pei thinks that the most important thing now is to determine whether Lin Feng is stupid.
"Come, binocular forest fire Ye Feng"
Come sat up in bed and scratched his head.
The eyes are confused and confused. In the eyes of Lao Pei, it is exactly the same as in Korean dramas.
"I remember before seems to be and who where to eat and seems to be to borrow money for dinner? I forgot that I seem to have lived in EH headquarters for a long time ~ I am a competitive professional. "
Come low head one by one to count the recent events.
Lin Feng has done a lot of things since J came out, but it seems that Ji remembers but forgets who Lao Pei is.
"But who are you? I think you’re familiar with it, but you can’t remember it ~ you’re not my creditor, are you? I think I seem a little afraid of you ~? "
Lin Fengyuan looked up at Lao Pei when he said Lao Pei with his head down, and the clear feeling in his eyes made Lao Pei think that Lin Feng might really not remember himself.