The man slowly turned around and squinted at Zuo Tangtang, trying to recognize his name from the blurred color block until she saw it.

[Nearby] Sunny Wan Li What did you say?
[39 Chapter 40 Hooking up is risky]
False mother! Why is the false mother here? Zuo Tangtang was suddenly surprised. Did he know that she was lazy and didn’t train these two days? Did you arrest anyone in Emei?
Run away before he notices!
[Nearby] Sister Apple has a sister paper here!
[Nearby] A generation of prawns. Yes, yes, it’s not Emei, but we don’t mind. Come and help us persuade her to join the gang!
[Nearby] Sister Wan Li’s hoof?
Why are the singers so familiar this evening? Who is their hoof sister? Die die, the original is slowly moving to the back pillar. Zuo Tangtang is very annoyed and finished this discovery.
Forget it. Let’s go out on our own now.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed, hehe hehe ~
[Nearby] It’s been a long time since the pig’s trotters were stewed. What have you been doing recently?
[Nearby] Sunny Wan Li is just busy with something. What are you doing here?
Never tell him that you are hooking up with a sister paper! Zuo Tangtang firmly thought otherwise he would really die.
However, Zuo Tangtang hasn’t come yet, and two unlucky people next to him have completely dragged her back.
[Nearby] Sister Apple’s fruit hoof is hooking up with us!
[Nearby] A generation of prawns but hoofs call you a false mother. Are you a man?
[Nearby] The apple looks really good.
[Nearby] A generation of prawns. Forget it. Let’s change the target.
[Nearby] Apple Fruit Yes, if you don’t hurry, you’ll have to make steamed bread.
[Nearby] See you later ~
[Nearby] Sister Apple Fruit Hoof Hoof ~ Bye ~
The soul is weak! Come back here! Stabbed the basket and just walked away? I’m telling you, this is never over! Zuo Tangtang looked at two people leaving in the distance and thought bitterly.
[Nearby] Qing Wan Li hooked up with sister paper?
Professor Du, come and take me away. How can you leave me alone to face this evil spirit? Zuo Tangtang was in tears.
[Nearby] Stewed pig’s trotters are not what you think ~
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Let me explain! ! !
[Nearby] Fine Wan Li, you said.
Yeah? It’s great that the false mother is so calm, so that she won’t be afraid of being picked on by any strange things. Zuo Tangtang cried with joy.
[Nearby] The stew of pig’s trotters is so late that the singer Wang dragged me to help them recruit Emei, saying it was a hook-up, but it was not that kind of hook-up, but it was pure hook-up!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew wildly/What is my explanation?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed? But why did you quit the gang, false mother? No wonder those two goods were just about to hook up with you? Is something wrong? Does the gang know?
[Nearby] Nothing happened in sunny Wan Li, and I know it nine days ago.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew in disorder/Then why did you leave the guild? Although they are usually unreliable in soy sauce, they are really interesting!
[Nearby] Sunny Wan Li didn’t do something these two days. I’ll be back in a couple of days.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed.
[Nearby] Sunny Wan Li I have an appointment in Emei. I’ll go first. Be careful yourself. You know, nine times out of ten Emei is a shemale!
Ah, hey, there are transvestites in other sects, okay? For example, fake your mother in front of me now!
In her impression, Emei’s sister paper is soft, and MengMeng’s speech is gentle and polite, which is very pleasing.
Zuo Tangtang was a little dismissive of the pseudo-mother’s statement, and soon perfunctory the pseudo-mother and actively hooked up with the sister paper war!
To her great surprise, she hooked up with six sister papers even if she was not a handsome man!
Six sister papers! Zuo Tangtang simply wants to cross his waist and laugh! She said that affinity is really not a cover.
In the past, she always created a lot of benefits for herself with good affinity. For example, when she bought a barbecue, the aunt always gave her more. For example, in an unusually hot restaurant, she always could drink special thick soup that others could not buy. Haha, these are her achievements! Want her to think that she can blend in with the people around her!
Although these six sister papers are not the same as Emei sister papers she originally imagined, they have their own advantages! Several of them are unusually bright and clear, and they are very appetizing to her!
But it’s a pity that she is a coolie today. These girls were persuaded by her tears to go to the night song gang.
It’s very sad.
Zuo Tangtang will soon be disappointed.