"Ice roar! 」

The ice lock skill has just passed the cooldown of 5 seconds, and coke and ice have already found the right opportunity to release the ice arrow, which is enough to damage the single target and freeze it for 2 seconds! Taking advantage of the ice arrow technique to freeze the sword forever for 2 seconds, coke and ice roar naturally exploded in an endless stream!
"Sword tactic! 」
Repeatedly bombarded by ice roar, Forever Fairy Sword’s current mobility has been reduced a lot, so I learned a lesson. Coke and ice are added to recover from the ice arrow technique. Forever Fairy Sword should immediately sacrifice ten thousand swords! See the sword flowers flying in the competitive arena!
Brush brush!
Tens of millions of energy swords formed a phalanx and directly fired at coke with ice!
"Frost armor! 」
(frost armor ice defense absorbs magic and consumes 2 mana! Covering yourself with a hard frost armor can help resist attacks and absorb. damage per second is a rare skill in ice magic! Frost armor lasts for 3 seconds and the skill cooldown is 1 minute! )
54, MISS, 52, 572, MISS, 531 … In the face of ten thousand swords falling vertically, attacking blood, preventing low coke and adding ice naturally dare not neglect, so the ice defense absorbs magic frost armor and directly covers the body! Isn’t this? Damage per second’s department should have been weakened to about 5 at this moment!
But Rao is like this. Coke with ice is more than 5 health points.
"Frostmourne! 」
(Frostmourne relies on Frostmourne’s power to make the target fall into a short-term chaotic state. When it is chaotic, it is judged according to the difference between its own magic attack power and the opponent’s magic defense power! Skill cooldown is 36 seconds! )
"Ice roar! 」
"Ice roar! 」
"Ice roar! 」
"Ice roar! 」
"Ice roar! 」
Frostmourne completely confused the immortal sword for 5 seconds! Therefore, taking advantage of this period, coke with ice naturally releases ice and growls wildly!
Ding! The player’s coke with ice and your ice roar broke the player’s eternal immortal sword! 》
In 12 seconds, the ice roar fully bombed the eternal fairy sword with more than 30 thousand health points! But so many damage per second is just will really yuan protector breached! Terrible forever, the fairy sword is terrible, and the state of the five attributes is terrible. Shushan sword fairy profession!
"Damn it!" Looking at the system to show the message, coke with ice is almost crazy! Just now, so many ice-roaring bombings just missed breaking the eternal immortal sword’s true yuan protector? So how many physical points does the other party have? What is the life limit of the other party?
"It seems that coke with ice is in big trouble this time!" Dragon Soul Watchtower has just breached Zhenyuan’s protector, and the immortal sword has to be accidentally heavy forever! After all, Shushan Sword Fairy is a professional player and a defensive player with high physical attributes, so opponents have to pay attention to it!
Chapter ninety-three Coke with ice VS Forever Fairy Sword (in)
Hmm? More than 30,000 Zhenyuan protectors have been smashed? It seems that I underestimated your strength! "Forever XianJian looking at the system also showed his message have to pay attention to it! After all, he was previously protected by Zhenyuan, so he can still be cynical! But now that Zhenyuan’s protector has been breached head-on, he has to be careful!
After all, coke and ice have become famous stunts-the ice goddess spear has not yet been put into use!
"Tianshi rune! 」
Tianshi rune damage per second is not high, but it has a certain chance of causing dizziness for 5 seconds, which is a must-have trick for home travel! After all, there is no active vertigo skill at the root of the sword fairy profession in Shushan, so this road of chance Tianshi spells has become the only vertigo trick of the sword fairy profession in Shushan!
"hmm? Fortunately, the first Zhang Tianshi spell caused dizziness! " Forever, the fairy sword looks at the dizzy state floating above the coke and ice. When you dare not neglect it, you will quickly condense the firm but gentle! After all, if you have a dizzy state of Tianshi rune for 5 seconds, you can’t wave in vain!
"The sword god Upanish! 」
Forever, if you don’t make a move, you can make a move, which is a professional killing move of shushan sword fairy! Therefore, the dragon soul immediately recognized this unique trick when the old man with the wind, fairy bones and sword gods appeared and raised his hand to summon tens of millions of energy swords to sweep through the coke with ice just after waking up from dizziness-
Spiral sword field!
Rely on spiral force to block your opponent in the sword field and be attacked by chaotic swords.
"damn it! Being hit by so many chaotic swords will definitely hang up! " Looking at the sky, several sparkling energy swords, coke and ice, have to show a flustered look. After all, the magician is most afraid of long-range attacks, especially this kind of long-range attack!
"Forbidden, ice crystal barrier! 」
Because of the traction of the spiral sword field, the moving speed of coke with ice and the stirring of the immortal sword forever are the absolute ways to escape! Therefore, Coca-Cola immediately released its strongest ice defense curse, the ice crystal barrier, hoping to rely on the powerful defense force of the ice crystal barrier to resist the spiral sword field!
"ding!" "ding!" "ding!" "ding!" …………
Tens of millions of energy swords in the spiral sword field immediately attacked the white circular ice barrier, but there was no response! The spell defense magic is really worthy of the spell. Only relying on the scattered attack effect of the sword god, the Upanishadrian Spiral Sword Field, can the ice crystal enchantment be pierced head-on!
"Spiral sword field attack is too scattered? Then try this trick! " The advantages and disadvantages of the spiral sword field will always be known to the fairy sword, so it is expected that coke will be released with ice crystals to protect itself!
After all, if the other party doesn’t have two brushes but is directly solved by the spiral sword field, then it would be too sorry for the membership of the Dragon Soul Organization! After all, the guys in the Dragon Soul organization are all powerful players, but they haven’t heard of the weak!
"hmm? He’s chanting magic spells? Ah, that … that is? " I’m thinking about whether to launch a single-point attack on Shushan Sword Fairy’s career. The Upanishadrian Sword blasted the ice crystal barrier, and the immortal sword suddenly noticed that it was chanting the spell coke with ice!