Then the pig’s head vegetable will definitely choose to turn itself into a supporting, happy and fat one without hesitation, rather than being a hungry one to be thin.

DCG and pig’s head dishes are not too different, but …
According to the pig’s head dish, DCG’s girlfriend is fatter than DCG
"How can you grow meat if you eat more?"
This is pig’s head dish. When I first met DCG, I heard that his girlfriend said the most to him when DCG was answering the phone.
It turns out that QA and pig’s head dishes are surprised that DCG is not thin at all. Why are they asked to eat more?
This puzzle was not solved until one year in the G League, when EH won the second place of the year and DCG’s girlfriend generously attended the celebration.
This … ……DCG is very thin compared with his girlfriend … thin is hard to be noticed.
In the long run, pig head vegetables and DCG have gradually developed into two physical difficulties in EH
Does competition require physical strength?
Of course, although there are some differences between competitive sports and unified sports.
There has never been such a test in a project, and the coordinated competition between hand and brain is unique.
But it is also a sports competition.
The pig’s head dish and DCG, which have no physical strength, look like a tired dog like Lin Feng who sweated in the fourth round, and it is impossible to play stably at all
Many times, athletes without physical fitness will make many low-level mistakes in the competition field.
It’s like a transformer without a robot and a pile of scrap iron without energy.
Complex yee in EH headquarters is dedicated to solve this kind of thing.
He is a team doctor and a physical trainer. Maybe when he comes home on the first night, if he doesn’t listen to his wife, he will be held outside the door with a sofa pillow and sing’ This is what you want’ to gain sympathy.
Then the next day, when DCG carries out body shape comparison and physical fitness test, even if you lie on the ground and pretend to be poor, you won’t be soft-hearted and let the pig’s head get away with it
If you don’t listen to your wife, at most, there is no beauty who is as gentle as jade and sleeps all night on the side of your arms.
And if you don’t listen to the team doctor, pig’s head is now the first unlucky person in EH to enjoy being ordered by the team doctor to stop the game and strengthen his physical fitness training.
However, there is also good news that pig’s head vegetables can’t be hurt.
That is, for Ah Fan, he finally has a chance to start in the EH array.
EH substitute is also registered as a professional player of EH with ah fan in the competitive Committee this season.
And when I was a child, I wore a crotch pants with Lin Feng in a mud pool. My good brothers watched Lin Feng now live in the main array of EH.
And I can still practice the plan with everyone in training, and sometimes I can be disgraced when five people are dark, and the sixth person is working as an intelligence worker on the opposite side.
Ah, rice, although the mouth has no opinion.
And his own people have repeatedly expressed no opinion.
However, everyone expressed great opinions.
Because of the EH income contract, everyone signs the same base, that is, according to the head and performance, now, like everyone else, rice is on the appearance list
Do you feel anything wrong with getting the same salary but sitting there safely?
This is not KS, this is EH.
So, the main force of the meal in the qualification competition of Blizzard Invitational Tournament is also a decision to conform to the facts.
In the team leader Lao Pei …
Demons call beauty Diao, talented women wood, ladies wither, gentle and fierce, straightforward and silly, sunny and violent loli.
In ordinary life, the most common feelings for others are eccentric elves and straightforward …
In fact, the leader of Lao Pei’s EH is not worried about things. It is a common practice for many professional teams to go out to play games.
The first time I led a team on air tickets and hotels, Lao Pei was very lucky to have Lao K’s help and complex yee to explain it carefully.
Old k is not the leader now, but he is still in charge of EH administration.
Such as booking air tickets and hotels.
Nanjing is so close to the sea, and there are no complicated procedures for airplanes. EH left for the sea this time and took the high-speed train directly.
Line up to buy tickets and swipe your card …
Although the EH team was surrounded by many fans when the high-speed rail appeared, Lao Pei, who led the team for the first time, put down a two-meter-tall fan in the queue to buy tickets, and refused to let QA go.
In an instant … the world is quiet.
Apart from lying on the ground and not knowing what happened, how could I be put on the fan by a woman who looks harmful but is so violent?
The original is still ready to move. Other fans … Very wise to keep silent.
Everyone is here to see idols for fun and add some happiness to their lives, not to find someone to put themselves on the ground like that unlucky guy just now.
If they want to spend flowers, they can eat flower steamed bread spring rolls and steamed bread to roll their ass … Forget it.
The advantage of the car is that there are many people coming and going, and the EH team passed the security check in a low profile. QA signed her ID in the security check.
My little sister was overjoyed to give everyone the VIP channel, but Lao Pei was unambiguous. She walked over and took everyone directly to the high-speed rail waiting room.
Actually, if they don’t leave, the interaction between QA and the security girl just now has made many people around them recognize that they are the representatives of the Olympic Sports Center every month. The city is happy together, and the heart is high and the tide is high ~ occasionally, it is painful together with tears, and the EH team is full of complaints.
But anyway,
EH team is still the pride of this city ~
"EH, come on ~"
There’s a lot of cheering coming from bEHind. This is eh’s note.
And there is a particularly striking sound.
"Ouba ~ Come on ~ People are watching you kill the quartet in front of the camera ~" Just now, my little sister’s eyes were signed by QA in her own hands, and the back of her hand and QA have gone away and jumped back and forth.
Hey … anthomaniac.
"DCG, do you think I’m handsome?" QA just now was flattered by her sister’s encouragement and refueling, but she couldn’t shake her hair because it was hard and straight.
"Well, it’s so handsome to shake off dandruff all over the floor ~" DCG’s mouth has always been so dark, and everyone is used to it