"When the door is closed, you go in and put the things on the table. The three of us will rush in from behind while Li Lei’s attention is on you."

"This method is better than the two of you." Five leaders said.
Three leaders and four leaders rolled their eyes. "Isn’t it just to combine our methods?"
"Prepare for horse action" Bai Sheng way.
First, the four leaders called a page to stun and then took off his clothes to change for the old three.
Change clothes, put on a box and the three leaders came to Li Lei’s door.
Knocked a few times, "Zhou Mu’s adult and mother asked me to send you a gift."
"What gifts should I give? I’ll give them when I get back. It’s really disappointing," said Fang Lilei.
Then there was a delicate voice saying, "Look at it. Maybe it’s something good?"
"Come in," said Li Lei.
The three leaders pushed the door. Obviously, Li Lei didn’t put the door bolt before.
I think he doesn’t care that someone will break into his room, or in Li Lei’s opinion, it doesn’t matter if no one dares to come in and let go of the door bolt without his consent.
After the three leaders pushed the door, they saw that Li Lei was lying naked and half-length, and Qingqing, the top girl in the Spring Breeze Building, was held in his arms.
Although it is covered with clothes, the fragrant shoulders are exposed. A melon face has no flaws, smooth and tender eyebrows, picturesque red lips and attractive.
However, the three leaders are not very interested in women. Although this green girl is beautiful, she is just a pink skeleton in his eyes, just like other women.
"What is it?" Half-lying in bed, Li Lei didn’t mean to get up.
"I don’t know if my mother asked me to send it," said the three leaders with their heads down.
Half-lying in bed, Li Lei ate a grape with a beautiful woman in his arms and said, "Bring it to me."
"Yes," the three leaders walked slowly towards Li Lei with boxes.
Just as the three leaders reached out and hit the box, Bai Sheng and others staggered in pretending to be drunk.
"Who are you?" Li Lei saw Bai Sheng at the first time. "Why don’t you get out of here?"
"Isn’t this our room?" Bai Sheng shook his head and said
Li Lei saw that since the three people said that this was their room, they were furious. "You don’t know me …"
But before his words were finished, his neck was choked by the three leaders in front of him.
At the same time, Bai Sheng three people quickly came to the bed without shaking their heads or shaking.
But obviously there is no three of them. What is it?
The three leaders broke Li Lei’s neck with one hand and knocked out the beauty in his arms with the other.
"Very fast," Bai Sheng said.
"What about this woman? The four leaders said
They are almost at the same time.
After coming to the bed, the four leaders at first glance were not the three leaders nor the dead Li Lei, but were stunned and green.
When I came to the Spring Breeze Building for four days, I always listened to the beauty, but he never saw it. His mind had already fallen on the top of the Spring Breeze Building.
"Just put it here. What else do you want to do?" Bai Sheng said.
After he came in, Gen didn’t go to see Qingqing, which confirmed whether Li Lei was really dead.
Bai Sheng took Li Lei’s body and laid him flat on the bed and covered him with a quilt.
"Second child, why don’t I take this girl back?" Ai Ai’s theory of four leaders’ period
"Isn’t it enough to have a flower? It’s true that this kind of woman has as much as she wants, and it’s not true that she didn’t bring it back for you?" Baisheng avenue
"Second brother, please, this girl is so beautiful, just let me take it back. I don’t want that flower," said the four leaders.
"Old four, I wish you had flowers. This should belong to me." The five leaders said that he also wanted such a woman.
Bai Sheng glanced at the four leaders and five leaders and knew that if they didn’t let the two men take away the woman in front of them, it would take a long time to leave.
He waved and said, "Hurry up and don’t be found."
"Yes" old four young man is very heart should way.
Although it is dark, there are lights in the spring breeze building, and it is more lively at night than during the day.
Every room is lit with lights and figures are large.
However, due to Li Lei’s arrival, Chunfenglou promised not to enter tonight, and there were many fewer people than other nights.
After all, most people come late.
If you want to take two women, one of them should still accompany Zhou Mu Li Lei Qingqing to go out in a normal way. It is definitely not working.
"I’ll go out first, you wait for the back door and your right foot. After I stun the soldiers outside, you’ll climb over the wall and come out," Bai Sheng said.
The floor the procuress was greeted by Bai Sheng and said, "Is the official leaving now? Why don’t you play for a while? Does Xiaohong make you unhappy? "
"It’s good not to be here, uncle. I came here tomorrow and left in advance today." Bai Sheng said and threw twelve taels of silver to the procuress.
I gave it to the girl before I asked her for money. This is a reward.
After receiving the money, the procuress personally sent Bai Sheng out of the gate, saying, "Go slow, come again."
Outside, Bai Sheng first contacted other members and then came to the back door of Chunfeng Building together.
The soldiers brought by Li Lei are still there, but some of them have slept against the wall.
Behind the Spring Breeze Building is a braille row, and the back door is just where it protrudes.
Bai Sheng made an appointment with the three leaders and others. The place in the right corner of the door was invisible to people who were guarding the back door.
However, there are also three soldiers guarding Bai Sheng, who easily knocked out three people and threw them in the corner to be continued.
Chapter 334 meritorious service
With Bai Sheng over the wall and looked inside at the three leaders and others waved and whispered "this way"
Fortunately, it was late and the fire was not very bright, and there was no one nearby.
Otherwise, Bai Sheng will definitely be found lying on the wall like this.
The three leaders and others have been paying attention to this side. They saw it when Bai Sheng climbed over the mountain.
Three people immediately carefully toward this way.
This is the back door. Usually, there are fewer people coming, but now there are even fewer people at night. Those handyman bases have already rested.
Climbing over the wall is too simple for these four-star masters, even if the four leaders hold a beauty in their arms, they can easily jump over the wall.
"Why is there one?" A group of people outside the wall asked while walking Bai Sheng.
It turned out that the four leaders held out the top brand Qingqing in the Spring Breeze Building, but the flower was not brought out.
"I wanted to think that one is enough." Four leaders hey hey smiled.