"This senior is not something I don’t want to say, but I have to consider it. However, you said that this matter is a big deal, even if it is difficult for the younger generation to repair things, it should be done. In that case, I said this purple dragon. I know that one of them was repaired in Beihai for thousands of years, and this dragon’s identity is not simple. I dare not say a bad thing is very troublesome." The elder over there hesitated after hearing this, and immediately said that he had concerns about this matter, but now that he has expressed his concerns, he will speak it out in a brain.

"oh? It’s not easy, is it? Beihai? You mean, "The elder’s face became a little ugly when he heard this. He came from Beihai, and it would be really troublesome if he was associated with that one there. Even the evil Sect would find it more difficult."
"What are you talking about? If you have something to hide, just say it. There are no outsiders here. "Seeing these guys being mysterious, Ye Guchen is somewhat dissatisfied. He said that he doesn’t know much about the things in the fix-up world. Although he already knows most of the knowledge, he doesn’t say that the fix-up world is this Tenglongxing fix-up world. There are millions of masters who are vast and terrible. They don’t know that there are too many things. Ye Guchen doesn’t like others to talk in front of his face.
"This little ancestor, this purple evil spirit dragon, has been repaired for thousands of years and belongs to the god beast. It is comparable to the master of Du Jie, but it is not important. Even the master of Du Jie period, we didn’t put it in our eyes. Don’t just say that I am evil. The 600-year-old elder group is not easy to handle, but this guy is a dumpling king from Beihai who belongs to the dumpling magic ancestor." The elder over there said with a frown.
After hearing this, many elders remained silent. The largest population in the world is actually not human, nor blood clan, nor these practitioners, but demon clan. The number of demon clans is horrible, cruel, vegetation, bamboo and stone are monsters, beasts are demon clans, and the number of demon clans can be imagined.
There is an absolutely difficult force in the Tenglongxing fix-up world, which is even more terrifying than the overseas fix-up world. It is the dumpling king temple in Beihai, which is more powerful than controlling one-third of the sea area of the world. There are hundreds of millions of hand demon families in the Beihai islands. It is no secret that all demon families belong to the dumpling king temple, whether animals or birds are governed by it. It is conceivable that the overlord in this sea is the demon family, and the bodhi old zu behind them is even more earth than the characters.
Other vast places are divided by several demon families, but the demon family does not dare to provoke human beings to fix the true and stable pressure system, but this is not the case in Beihai. The real overlord of this place is the demon family, and human beings must follow the demon family. The demon family is the strongest here, and the bodhi old zu is the high god.
How long has the dumpling magic bodhi old zu lived? No one knows how strong the dumpling magic bodhi old zu is. No one knows that he was already at this point thousands of years ago before the fix true war. His strength is much longer than that of the evil ancestor Xiang Yu.
It is said that before this Dragon Star, there was a dragon, and an adult dragon was better than the physical strength. Although there were some accidents, five out of ten dragons were able to soar smoothly. Although their fertility was not very strong, the race was still huge. In this big star, there were several dragons in this universe, and more than one million people dared to make it worse. However, they were notoriously strong and extremely defensive, and few people dared to provoke dragons. The dumpling magic bodhi old zu abruptly expelled from Tenglong Star. It is said that hundreds of dragon masters were killed and finally the dragon situation was expelled, which turned the whole Tenglong Star sea area into a dragon paradise.
It can be seen that this dumpling king temple and this dumpling magic bodhi old zu are terrible. This matter involves no one in this whole evil Sect, but it is really a headache to involve dumpling king temple and dumpling magic bodhi old zu. Now the strength of evil Sect still dare not say that it can be recklessly with dumpling king temple!
"This matter involves the dumpling king temple does have some trouble, but that’s no way. In fact, we should have been here for a long time. Which dragon has nothing to do with this dumpling king temple? Did you follow the bodhi old zu? It’s important for our little ancestor to cultivate. Since he needs this purple dragon, he will die! Even with the support of this dumpling king temple and the bodhi old zu, I’ll try my best! " The elder frowned and said, "Say that finish, the elder here gave Ye Guchen a special explanation-this dumpling magic bodhi old zu and dumpling king temple. After all, it’s important to make it clear to Ye Guchen."
Hearing this, Ye Guchen frowned, but as the elder said, he didn’t choose this matter. Now this purple dragon is like standing in front of his face. If a tiger doesn’t kill him himself, it won’t be possible to have any promotion. Now Ye Guchen can choose to kill him with purple dragon.
"Hum, brother, this matter is of great importance. No, I said that you should also practice things for Bai Xiaozu. It is a top priority for anyone who dares to stand in our way in this matter. Even the bodhi old zu with dumpling magic and the Temple of Dumpling King, we have to give it a try. The big deal is to report this matter to our master elders and ask him to come out and make decisions. I don’t think he, the bodhi old zu with dumpling magic, wants to have a hard touch with us!" One of the elders here, Shen, said that he and Jiao Wangdian needed some courage, but evil spirits were not afraid.
"But if this is an ordinary purple dragon, forget it. But the question is whether you may not know the origin of this purple dragon, but I do know that I had a friendship with the North Sea master more than a hundred years ago. I have heard of the origin of this purple dragon that ruled tens of thousands of miles of waters. It is said that this is the bodhi old disciple of Jiao Mo!" After hearing this, the elder hesitated for a moment and then said in a low voice. When he said this, he also looked at the faces of the people around him. It is really difficult to solve this problem. If it is bad, it is likely that the whole evil extreme Sect will follow him and make friends with the dumpling magic bodhi old zu Naijiao Wang Dian. It must be handled with care.
"Hum he dumpling magic bodhi old zu again severe he dumpling Wang Dian again severe and can be like? I was afraid of others when I was extremely evil? Since the little ancestor needs us to kill the purple evil spirit dragon, will he dare to kill me, no matter how powerful the bodhi old zu is? Don’t say that you don’t forget that you agreed to let this demon bodhi old zu dare to set foot on land regardless of the rules, so we naturally have reason to invite senior experts to settle him. You know that our senior experts are not afraid of him! " Another elder snorted and said, you know what he said is true. No matter how bold and daring he is, the bodhi old zu of dumpling magic dare not openly set foot on the Tenglong mainland. Once he enters here, he is equal to fixing the true enemy with the whole human race. Although no one may be his opponent, this does not mean that he is really the enemy of dumpling magic bodhi old zu. If it is really the enemy, it will not fall on this Tenglong star and dare not go out to be a real master. Which one is not occupying a planet? At most, it is a master. Although it is not clear about the specific level, the evil extreme Sect is confident.
But that’s the problem. They don’t want to and can’t provoke the dumpling demon bodhi old zu unless it’s necessary. This is the reason why these evil elders are hesitant. But now that they have made up their minds, they will no longer hesitate and be afraid. This matter is determined to be imperative, so they don’t need to consider other things. It doesn’t matter what the consequences are. If they don’t go out in this mainland, they will immediately notify their elders to solve this matter.
"Well, in that case, our elders’ group will come out and fight for us to kill this purple dragon before the dumpling magic bodhi old zu notices it. Afterwards, even if he wants revenge, the dumpling magic bodhi old zu can’t take care of us. If he moves naturally, his master elders will come out to find him in trouble. Alas, if it’s not because the rules of the fix-true boundary exceed those of the Du Jie period and the master can’t appear in this fix-true mainland, we won’t consider so much. Just go straight to the past, that is. Which need to think about it?" After the big elders sighed, they said in a low voice, indeed, if this is the packing controlled by evil extreme cases, they will not hesitate to think about it so much, and they will be able to directly start work. Although the dumpling magic bodhi old zu is long, the demon race is the demon race. Although its strength is tough for a long time, it is still a big gap compared with human beings, especially those who scatter fairy tales!
"Well, you don’t say this time to start work? I’ll go and explore the location of this purple evil spirit dragon first, and then I’ll just do it directly. What do you say? " An elder here got up and Lang said
Chapter one hundred and seventeen The wind and cloud move
Chapter one hundred and seventeen The wind and cloud move
Chapter one hundred and seventeen The wind and cloud move
However, while Ye Guchen and others are planning this incident against the purple evil dragon in this evil cult, another place, a magnificent crystal palace in the bottom of the North Sea, is now a big banquet. A dozen men in black are sitting in this crystal palace, drinking their glasses one by one. In the central position, this 60-year-old aquiline-nosed snake has a wisp of gray eyes, and the old man Hu is looking around with a lake-patterned glass.
"Pa ~" was slowly put around, and the brakes became more beautiful than the quiet singing and dancing. The elegant music retreated one after another, and the elegant music stopped with the silence. One by one, the experts raised their glasses and looked at the old man. Instead of being dissatisfied with the old man’s move, they looked at the old man with curiosity.
Seeing that everyone turned their eyes to themselves, the black-robed old man looked around and said slowly, "You guys have sent me a letter recently. Do you want to listen to this letter?"
There are still some curiosity and dissatisfaction. After hearing this, everyone immediately sat up straight and looked at the old man in black, but his heart was beating unconsciously. Although all the people present were the dominant figures, each of them belonged to the demon race, and their amazing strength was even greater. They belonged to different camps, but when they heard this muddy day, the bodhi old zu, everyone stood there with their hearts in their throats.
Others may not know who the Huntian bodhi old zu is, but they can’t help but know that they are all dominant, including land demon clan, water demon clan and birds. But after listening to this Huntian bodhi old zu, they all showed considerable awe. Because Huntian bodhi old zu is now the most powerful demon clan, and even the most powerful demon clan giant has seen Huntian bodhi old zu for tens of thousands of years, it is stronger than respecting him, and it is undoubtedly called the commander-in-chief of the universe demon clan. However, although Huntian bodhi old zu Ji has no matter what happens, it has caused the demon clan to be divided.
Tens of thousands of years ago, the fix true world was stronger than the Terran fix true, and it was almost to kill the demon race. The bodhi old zu was born in Huntian, which abruptly reversed the crisis and made the demon race strong again. If it hadn’t happened later, it would have become more and more low-key and didn’t care much about the demon race. Even now that the demon race has unified the whole world, how could it have fallen to this point? Huntianlai group can be said to be the whole demon god, and his old man’s house is naturally awesome.
"The dumpling demon bodhi old zu doesn’t know what Huntian bodhi old zu said?" Sitting in this central position, it is none other than commander-in-chief Teng Longxing’s demon clan, dumpling bodhi old zu, whose status is respected, but it is also closely respected here. In fact, everyone knows that dumpling bodhi old zu is just a pawn in Huntian, but they have to maintain enough respect to dumpling bodhi old zu, although he is a pawn in Huntian, but after so many years, his strength can be imagined. One possibility is that this dumpling bodhi old zu is born in the demon world. Everyone knows this tacitly. After all, it is no secret that Huntian bodhi old zu was born in the demon world and came from the demon world. Many people know that when he came from the demon world, he led a hundred Qinbing to dumpling the magic bodhi old zu, which was tens of thousands of years ago. You can imagine how powerful the dumpling magic bodhi old zu is now.
"bodhi old zu, he said that it’s almost time for us to start work. Xiang Yu’s days are broken and he is said to have gone to the west. Moreover, bodhi old zu has calculated that there is not much time left for Xiang Yu. He should also be prepared. His doom is coming. In less than 300 years, bodhi old zu means that since he has endured for so long, he has not endured for another 300 years. However, recently, bodhi old zu heard that Xiang Yu was injured in fighting with people in the west and was joined by several top figures to kill him. Now he has no chance to intervene in the matter of repairing the true boundary Looking around, after clearing his throat, the dumpling demon bodhi old zu said coldly, of course, there is an inevitable excitement when he speaks. After all, he has been waiting for so many years, and his bones are stiff. Now he can finally start work when he hears the order of Huntian bodhi old zu. He is naturally excited. They followed Huntian bodhi old zu from this demon world, right? Is it not the rise of the demon race? Now, this is the first step in the rise of the demon race, and he is about to show his natural excitement here.
The demon race’s fate is bad. The demon race is weak, which makes the demon race’s top management very dissatisfied with Huntian bodhi old zu. Just turn this thing around. But first, the master of the celestial and Buddhist worlds blocked Huntian bodhi old zu, and then the master of the underworld joined hands with Huntian bodhi old zu. None of them took advantage of it. Here, we didn’t have a fight with each other. When we were injured, it was difficult and the strength was almost equal. This also counts.
The demon clan’s resilience is amazing, and so is the magic master. More than a thousand years ago, when both of them just recovered and were about to show their skills, they were blocked by Xiang Yutian, who had already been born. For more than a thousand years, the demon clan has been unable to lift its head and dare not show its skills. Although in fact, Xiang Yutian has never been away from Tenglong Star for thousands of years, every time he left, he was earth-shattering. The bodhi old zu and others dare not have the slightest carelessness. They can endure this fact that Xiang Yutian doesn’t know what’s wrong with his brain and even went to the west
"Xiang Yu day was pursued? Well, this will be a good opportunity. I wonder what do you plan to do, bodhi old zu? " After hearing this, a demon master’s eyes narrowed and asked noncommittally, although this command is Huntian bodhi old zu Da, but the actual command and manipulation is this dumpling magic bodhi old zu, it is natural to ask him to arrange it.
In this matter is dumpling magic bodhi old zu false imperial edict, but no one doubts that although the demon race is simple, there is no lack of deceitful people in it, but no one dares to fake it, even if it is dumpling magic bodhi old zu, otherwise he will face the whole demon race after him!
"The bodhi old zu means don’t worry for the time being. Let’s tie up the troops and let the fix world move. It’s best to move this evil sect. Look at the fix world reaction. If the reaction is not big, take the whole Tenglong Star. If the reaction is made, we’ll make other arrangements. But the bodhi old zu said that I won’t be allowed to make moves for the time being. You know that because of the regulations, although I can live in Tenglong Star, I can’t affect Tenglong Star. Otherwise, tearing up the agreement may trigger an earth-shattering war at any time. The implementation of Sitting there, the bodhi old zu said slowly that the bodhi old zu in his mouth is naturally not himself, but the bodhi old zu in Huntian. In fact, he claims that the bodhi old zu in Jiaomo is out of date, and it’s just a matter of learning the bodhi old zu in Huntian. This bodhi old zu also dares to call out Teng Longxing, so he really doesn’t have the guts to claim to be so.
"This feeling dumpling magic bodhi old zu, you always rest assured that those human beings will not be directly dispatched to kill them even if you don’t start work. In my opinion, there are many human beings who fix things, but the roots are fragile. If the dumpling magic bodhi old zu is willing, I, the tiger shark, will be willing to take the lead as a pioneer and put out this evil extreme case first, and it will be a bad breath!" Sitting there, a burly Henkel shouted that he had already come out with his fist. This is the tiger shark king’s innate heterogeneous striped tiger shark. Now it is in the late period of out-of-body experience, but he is not afraid to be in the forefront of these people.
But it’s a pity that this tiger shark king is of the earth, but his power is not very strong. Because this guy is of the earth, but his head is not bright, and his personality impulse is suppressed everywhere. It’s like the dumpling magic bodhi old zu has just spoken here and hasn’t made specific arrangements yet. He will rush out. Generally, it’s not a calm person.
Next to this tiger shark Wang Gang bite, someone hey hey sneer at a tall, slightly emaciated young man who took up a sneer and said, "Tiger shark king, do you want to start work? Destroy the evil Sect? It’s not that I look down on you and I’m afraid you haven’t done this yet! "
“! Diao Long, do you mean to look down on me? Hum, now I’ll give you wine with evil spirits! " Tiger sharks don’t agree with this Diao Long. This Diao Long is a god beast, dragon soul carving and this striped tiger shark. Even the natural enemies are not harmonious with each other. The overlord Diao Long and this tiger shark king have fought with each other several times, but no one has taken advantage of it. The strength of the dragon soul carving is a god beast, but the problem is that Diao Long Xiu is not as good as that of the tiger shark king, but no one can take advantage of it. After several hundred years of fighting back and forth, the tiger shark king can’t wait to kill Diao Long and kill him. At this time, the tiger shark king can look down on himself, but Diao Long is absolutely not allowed, so he stopped saying this. The tiger shark king immediately got up and prepared to go out and find evil troubles.
Diao long sneers at this, but there is a feeling of joy in his heart. The tiger shark king doesn’t know that the little news is so backward, but it is no wonder that the tiger shark king belongs to the South China Sea waters and is not a bird family who hides in the depths of the South China Sea on weekdays, and it hasn’t been long since this happened. Naturally, he won’t know that evil is extremely severe.
"Pa ~ all right, sit down and fight for me. Are you still fighting here? Hum, the demon race was defeated by human beings because you didn’t know that unity is still like this problem? Diao long, you deliberately used words to stimulate the tiger shark king. I don’t know. Are you sincere? This evil cult has just done a great thing in the East China Sea. More than 600 evil cult experts have swept overseas to repair 72 islands and leveled the hexagrams. Everyone knows that you have provoked the Tiger Shark King to find them. Is this evil cult trouble? Can he do it? Not to mention that there are more than 30 master tiger sharks in the former Evil Extremist Sect. If I get there myself, I’m afraid I’ll die. Now there are more than 600 master tiger sharks and the mountain-protecting ethereal sea of clouds. To be honest, it’s the bodhi old zu. I don’t want to provoke them. Are you trying to kill tiger sharks now? And you, Tiger Shark King, you are the overlord of one side, but I don’t know when it’s a little instigation, so you will go all out to fight for me, if you believe you? If I pay you the trust? " Here, the dumpling demon bodhi old zu said coldly, striking a table to divide two people into three categories: beasts, birds and scales, that is, the land demon clan and the water demon clan, but these three clans are fighting with each other, and they are not harmonious with each other. Because of the constant consumption of demon clan power, the demon clan dies in its own hands ten times more than that in human hands every year. This is the real reason why the demon clan is really declining. In those days, the bodhi old zu was born, and the unified demon clan reversed the situation. But now tens of thousands of years have passed, and the demon clan has recovered its prosperity and strength
However, although these things are seen in the eyes on weekdays, this is called dumpling magic bodhi old zu, but it has not been stopped. Although the struggle between the departments is always bad, it is less convenient for him to manage and make him better able to rule these people. If these people live in harmony, it will be a trouble. However, it is different now, and it will pass with one eye open when such things happen in the past. But now the war is just around the corner. If it is still like this, the demon race will even face another defeat in the future.
Leng leng’s face expression is uncertain, rain or shine. Look at me, I think it’s a long time before you turn red and look at each other, and then you don’t want to sit down without saying anything. If someone else reprimanded them this time, even two people would have turned against each other, but it happened that this time they reprimanded them not others but the dumpling magic bodhi old zu, but they didn’t dare to mess around. Let’s not talk about the dumpling magic bodhi old zu’s strength and seniority, so they won’t dare to mess around. Otherwise, the demon clan is still a place where the law of the jungle speaks,
After seeing two people’s expressions, the bodhi old zu felt like a mirror in his heart, but he didn’t continue to talk about cold hum. Instead, he talked about other things. After taking a slow look around, the bodhi old zu said, "You all saw the strength that evil extreme cases showed this time. In fact, you also suspected that evil extreme cases hid their strength, but this time I really saw the accident of Ye Guchen. Gee, more than 600 fit masters are good at it, and I have a lot of money to rule the four seas plus birds and animals." Add it up, there are only lily masters, among which congenital heterogeneous animals and beasts add up to less than 30 people, and a small evil extreme Sect is about to drive us away. Besides, there are two masters of good and evil in the overseas repair world, and the strength of the repair world is unfathomable. Moreover, those bald donkeys have been keeping a low profile over the years, and they are not easy to mess with our demon race, but they are natural enemies. We want to start a fight, so it’s not so easy for you to fight here. I think it’s better to think about how to deal with human beings.
"This ~ ~ bodhi old zu in those days we are not and magic master joint? Now that we have combined once, why don’t we? "A bodhi old zu master’s eyes flashed and he said in a tentative tone, but the meaning was very clear. We were able to combine with the magic master once, so why not now?
His words immediately aroused the interest of the experts around him. You know, if these magic masters are United, their chances of winning will be greatly increased. They will not pay attention to an evil extreme Sect and overseas practice alone. After all, those congenital aliens and beasts are not easy to provoke. The magic masters can hold off the so-called right path to fix the truth and those Buddhist bald donkeys, and they will naturally succeed.
Everyone turned their eyes to the dumpling magic bodhi old zu, and the dumpling magic bodhi old zu boss was uncomfortable. These people meant that he was naturally white, but it was easy to say but not easy to do. Although the magic master and Huntian bodhi old zu teamed up to deal with Buddhism and Taoism in those days, it was because of the interests that the magic master was not harmonious with the demon family. Everyone was fighting separately. The help was just for the sake of interests, but it was obvious that people would not start work again this time and the magic master was in charge of magic. It’s not as simple to grasp the demon race as the bodhi old zu Huntian, but he was ordered to come and have agreements with all the major races. However, there are people in the magic way who can’t manipulate the place at will. Although it’s tempting, it’s just a thought. Now I’m going to find those magic way masters’ alliances, even if it’s not possible, and it will reveal the demon race’s intentions. It’s greatly worthless to think of this. The bodhi old zu’s face keeps changing but he doesn’t squeak.
Chapter one hundred and ten The centennial event
Chapter one hundred and ten The centennial event
"You are not I don’t want to unite the magic master. In the final analysis, this magic master is also a human being. At the beginning, we were just following the trend of interests. Now we are looking for them again. I’m afraid that they won’t promise. After all, we are stronger than this Tenglongxing magic master. Many of those magic masters are unruly and have no face to order them to die. They won’t join us because they are afraid of being suppressed by us. This matter is highly confidential and can’t be easily told to destroy the bodhi old zu plan. As far as we are concerned, the people present know that we must be careful when we act. I don’t think about it. Let’s give you a few years and three years to transfer the masters from all over the world to me. When we come to the North Sea Jiaowang Temple, we will do it separately! " Sitting there dumpling magic bodhi old zu finally didn’t resist sitting there and saying loudly that when he said this, he was commanding tone and allowed others to refute at all.