At the same time, Huashan Qizong’s Taiyue Sanqingfeng and Hunyuanzhang fought back.

9 Hao’s face is radiant with bursts of purple gas, and the sword in his hand spews out a purple sword mans.
The success of the pseudo-Juexue-level skill method "Zi Xia Shengong" makes 9 Haoli the most profound and pure one in the field.
Although the number is not comparable to Pang Xia and Yan Shisan.
However, the three great principles are of the same origin, but their purity is the first.
Every time the prince of Hao brandished his sword, he felt that his sound waves seemed to be cut off.
There is a faint feeling of interruption more than maintaining the power of "Blue Ocean Tide"
At this time, after 9 Hao swung a sword, the whole person suddenly uncharacteristically accelerated towards the prince.
It turns out that when I was looking for Mu Renqing, the immortal monkey, I met Taoist Musang of Tiejianmen, and I successfully got the Ascending Lightness Skill in the hands of Taoist Musang.
And 9 Hao has been hiding this lightness skill, which is the killer!
Rushed to the front of the prince 9 Hao a recruit "Taiyue Sanqingfeng" hit towards the prince and stabbed in the past.
Seeing this, the prince finally managed to maintain "The Tide of the Blue Sea".
He turned his hands to the newly-acquired Yu Di, and put it to work, 9 pairs of "Jade Flute Sword" were put together.
However, the prince is not good at close combat. Although he has a unique skill in swordsmanship, he was suppressed by 9 Hao with the promotion of Taiyue Sanqingfeng.
At this time, the sword in 9 Hao’s hand actually bypassed Prince Yu Di like a snake.
A sword was put on the prince’s throat, turning him into white light and winning the victory.
No one can see that this sword is so secretive.
However, Pang Xia’s data vision saw that this move was different.
He smiled and muttered to himself, "It turned out to be" Sword of the Golden Snake ".It seems that this guy 9 Hao triggered the" sword stained with royal blood "by the way when he was looking for Mu Renqing, the god sword fairy ape."
The failure of the prince represents the sun and the moon. When there are female emperors and dancing 3,200 people, it is possible to advance to the top ten.
The female emperor obviously saw the present situation, but in her heart, she didn’t like the dancing 3 thousand.
Although the dancing 3,000 won Jia Ye’s Finger, one of the five great feats of Shaolin in ancient and modern times, it took a long time for the dancing 3,000 to become a success.
Although the power is already good, it is worse after all
Obviously, the whirling three thousand also knew this, so he picked the player who looked the weakest, that is, the player in the ninth ring, and let the dog take the good name.
However, he found that this name is full of vomit desire and has the advantage of taking advantage of all players. Maybe the strength of players is even terrible.
The other party directly controlled the whirling 3,000 to death with one-handed fingering and acupoints.
Until the whirling 3,000 was pierced by a finger, it was not displayed. The tragedy of his card "Jia Ye’s Flower Fingers" ended miserably.
The female emperor is no longer angry.
She just closed her eyes, out of sight, out of mind.
And the good name made the dog take that hand, which was even more disgusting than the name. The martial arts suddenly made him the last person to be met after Pang Xia and Yan Shisan.
After all, everyone present is a master who fights to the death and is controlled to death.
These two ways of death are naturally selective.
Therefore, the good name was taken by the dog. This young man, who looked quiet, fell into the same position as Pang Xia and Yan Shisan.’
Chapter 192 Chu Qianqiu failed
Vivian Dawson fanned the fan slightly regretful. I felt sorry for the failure of Xiaoqing, where the autumn moon night was located.
Yu Hao’s victory did not surprise Vivian Dawson much.
After all, he has worked with the prince a lot, although it is not good, but he also knows him well.
Turned to Vivian Dawson looked at Chu Qianqiu and said, "President Chu, let’s both."
When Chu Qianqiu heard Vivian Dawson’s words, he pulled out the overlord knife inserted in the ring with one hand and saw the purple light flashing constantly. Juexue "Sky Overlord Thunder Knife" was ready to go!
Vivian Dawson poured the closing force of the folding fan in his hand into it, making the bone of the folding fan as white as jade emit crystal clear light.
This cloud fan won an award among the top 50 in Vivian Dawson.
Although it is a celestial weapon like the former folding fan, all its attributes are better than the former one.
Therefore, it replaced the original folding fan and became the main battle weapon of Vivian Dawson.
Vivian Dawson’s body gleams with faint golden light, which is the symbol that the power of the pseudo-juexue-level skill is incomplete, and the power of "Mixed Yuan Tong Gong" runs to the extreme.
"Vivian Dawson, since you are out of the sun and the moon, why don’t you consider joining me for a long time?
When the time comes, you, Jiugang and Seven Evil Ghosts can become a master who controls me for a long time. "
"Thank you, President Chu, for loving Vivian Dawson. Now he is staying in the starlight reception and has not changed his mind.
"that kind of amateur organization with no development potential makes you want to stay?"
"You are not white because games are a career for you and a place for us to play. No matter how I tell you, you will not be white."
"In that case, I won’t say much. Let’s see the real chapter at the end!"
Holding the overlord’s knife in both hands, Chu Qianqiu cut out a few purple thunder from the blade and crackled through the ring.
Vivian Dawson saw that the folding fan in his hand instantly hit the fan and the palm of his hand was more powerful, and Juexue’s "The Palm of the Big Flag" was directly put to use.
The folding fan in Vivian Dawson’s hand keeps flying like an artifact of manipulating the wind and cloud, and the palm force constantly eliminates the thunder power of Chu Qianqiu through this handle.
The hidden palm force in Fengyun power and the hidden knife gang in Thunder power constantly collide and make a muffled sound.
At this time, Chu Qianqiu’s body twisted slightly, and soon he conjured up several ghosting images in the ring, and he waved a freaky and overbearing double-pole trick towards Vivian Dawson.