Near the worse, workers have been waiting for a long time. Seeing that frost wyrm broke the attack and hit the worse, they immediately pressed the explosion button and heard a loud bang. The whole worse was blown up by the Xuan Bing stream. It was spectacular!

"OKGoodvery`good" because this story is recognized by martial arts instructors as more difficult, I am naturally very happy to be able to pass martial arts guidance at one time at this moment. My thumb has repeatedly stood up to praise me for my superb martial arts. Alas, if he didn’t know that I am the dragon soul in the game, it could be said that I was famous, rich and rooted, and there would be nothing to covet. I am afraid I would really be invited to perform martial arts dramas.
"It’s a pity for everyone to come or go to Xuanyuan Imperial City to rest for an hour or two, and then we will continue filming here." In a blink of an eye, we have been busy for one afternoon, and it’s time for dinner. Hehe, if we let players know that their idol, Avenger Dragon Soul, is busy taking photos all day, I really don’t know what we would think.
Ding! Mr. Dragon Soul, most of your skills have been modified and adjusted, which has caused you inconvenience. The Youlong delegation is deeply sorry! In order to compensate those whose skills have been greatly mobilized, the Youlong delegation specially awarded two SS-level only hidden items. Do you accept it now? 》
I just finished filming and planned to have a good rest, but I didn’t expect the Youlong delegation to compensate those who greatly mobilized their skills. Giggle, and this time, the compensation is the only hidden item in the SS level. It’s really a blessing in disguise!
"A total of two players have been greatly transferred. It seems that it should be a god-eater." I muttered and quickly chose to confirm whether to pick up or not. I am afraid that some idiots will do this.
Ding! The player Dragon Soul has accepted the SS-level only hidden’ Excalibur Seal’.
Excalibur seal SS level only hidden
It is required to find the secret location of Excalibur Tomb at the specified time, and then the prop Sword Emperor seals the Excalibur Tomb, and the keeper of the frozen stone chamber releases the Excalibur seal.
Reward can get 10 thousand experience value reward and have a certain chance to get Excalibur to recognize the Lord
Didi Didi! According to the unified estimation, because the player’s dragon soul level is neither high nor low, he can get 15 days. If he finds the Excalibur tomb in the specified time, he will be judged by Excalibur and lose 2 levels.
Wow, there’s no need to exaggerate, is there? Want to know to save Zhao Linger with the only hidden but gave me a month, why did this Excalibur seal only give 15 days?
This ….. It’s so unfair, isn’t it?
At the same time, God is helping the gang base to deal with gang affairs. God took a look at his eyes and said to himself with a slight wrinkle of eyebrows. "I didn’t expect the family to put pressure on the Youlong regiment. They actually gave me the SS-level only hidden" Holy Armor Start ".Well, it’s hard enough to do my only hidden empty eyes. I’m afraid this" Holy Armor Start "will not be so simple."
"Brother, will the only hidden sacred armor start this time be" Say "that the seven super artifacts in the China region of the world are Wu Shen armor one day?" I’m helping to sort out the gang thing. I heard that God eats himself and suddenly got together and said with a smile, "If it’s really a super-artifact day, Wu Shen Armor will be able to beat the Avengers Dragon Soul with absolute advantage. Hey, hey, when the time comes, the spokesman of death will have nothing to say."
"Sister, the only hidden dragon soul distributed this time also has one. I suspect that he should also get one of the seven super artifacts." God-eater looked at his sister’s snow mark and said slowly, "Even if my brother finished the start of the holy armor, he should still be tied with the dragon soul."
Double Super Artifact VS Double Super Artifact eats God. The second one is the only defense equipment among the seven super artifacts, so he is not sure about defeating the dragon soul.
"Now you can take it one step at a time." Both sides’ skills have been weakened, and God naturally feels all kinds of nai. Although it is possible to get the super artifact now and strengthen the strength again, your destiny opponent Dragon Soul can also get the super artifact.
The camera returned to SF Film and Television Base. When I received Excalibur Seal, I naturally got a lot of credit. After all, I have never heard of Dongdong, whether it is the location of Excalibur Tomb or the props of Sword Emperor Seal. How can I finish it?
"hmm? Why are you depressed? What happened? " Liu Lingfei, who just unloaded the special clothes in SF film and television base, naturally saw all kinds of naizhong. I was surprised and confused and immediately asked, "It’s not that you’re not used to shooting all day, is it? If that’s the case, you can take the important shots and I’ll let body double find a way to help you finish them. "
I naturally don’t know what I receive, so it’s natural for me to get upset. It’s natural for her to shoot thiNGs. After all, many times before, I was directed to’ teach’ the guy a special lesson. The total number of ng times is even more than a hundred times, so it’s difficult to be depressed.
"Ha ha nothing! I don’t need to go to body double if I can do it. "Now the plot that belongs to me has been simplified by the crew. I’m afraid it’s already difficult to finish, so I won’t put any pressure on the crew Liu Lingfei. I will talk about the depressed things just now.
I heard that I said all the ins and outs. Liu Lingfei bowed his head and thought for a while before he grinned. "It seems that you have to add more artifacts."
"hmm? How do you explain this? " Super artifact and artifact are two kinds of conceptual equipment. Although there is a word difference between the two sides, they are thousands of miles away. Just like my equipment, there are more than six or seven artifacts, but there is no such thing as a super artifact.
"SS-level only hidden from the" Shuo "world to now, there have been only two in total. One of them is the virtual white eye that eats the gods and finally gets the opening super artifact; The other is that your "Revenge of sharingan" finally won the opening super artifact universal mirror sharingan. "
Liu Lingfei explained to me with a smile, "Since this time it is the only hidden SS level and the name has been marked Excalibur Seal, the reward must be one of the two swords of the seven super artifacts, Excalibur in Light and Dark or Excalibur in Xuanyuan."
"Excalibur and Xuanyuan Excalibur?" After hearing Liu Lingfei’s analysis, I immediately talked to myself in Nuo Nuo. "According to my estimation, the super artifact light and dark Excalibur should be the light and Rapier dark magic sword combined with the light and dark sword, so it is unlikely to appear in the Excalibur’s tomb. Then this goal has the last possibility-the super artifact Xuanyuan Excalibur."
"If it is a super artifact Xuanyuan Excalibur, it should be in Xuanyuan Mausoleum, a forbidden area of Sword Tomb, according to the spokesman of death." It is rare to get the only hidden again, so I naturally thought about it immediately. "That is to say, the Excalibur Tomb should be somewhere in Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"Lingfei, I have some things to go out for tonight’s filming, and I may not come back." It’s rare to think about the two places that should be possible places, Jiantu Forbidden Area and Xuanyuan Mausoleum. Naturally, I have to go and have a look. Even if there are more dangers, I won’t give up. After all, this award is a super artifact. It is said that there are almost only one or two super artifacts in the world!
"Well, don’t worry. I’ll help you solve the problem later."
After I left SF Film and Television Base, I first went to the blacksmith’s shop in Xuanyuan Imperial City, intending to find a blacksmith to deal with some preparations in advance.