This is to forgive their rhythm!

The soy sauce makers couldn’t help cheering in their hearts.
But the eyes …
"Why don’t you go!"
To the former friends * * friends playing soy sauce are unceremoniously reprimanded to be continued.
[227 Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine The tables have turned]
Hanging bottles deeply feel that the black line on their foreheads is getting heavier and heavier. No one should stop them. They have to break their legs today!
Just now, their leader has confessed to their private bombardment! It’s all the north finches. Let them come!
Look at what this is called now!
Call them! It’s these bastards!
Let them go! These bastards again!
What does your sister think they are? Summon the beast! One by one, come and go at once!
Hum! Endless! Although they always avoid soy sauce, they will stay here if they want to let them go this time!
Hang the infusion bag or bottle, as usual, and look at everything that the soy sauce makers say, and they are extremely uncooperative, and they are beating the table and crying by the soy sauce makers.
What the hell is going on here … Didn’t the friends always walk away shyly and timidly before they faced the soy sauce? Why didn’t you stay here today without any implication?
Could it be …
The soy sauce makers suddenly thought of a possibility.
Little friends finally found their true feelings! So I decided to respond to their profound friendship with great enthusiasm! The soy sauce players realized that their left hand clenched their fists and hammered their right palm.
But …
I glanced at my sister’s vest with tears in my eyes. I thought it was rare for my sisters to get along with each other. We strengthened our hearts when we played soy sauce, even though our friends are sticking to us now! They will not respond to the past! Hum! Yes! Treating others in front of your sister is like being cold in the refrigerator!
Little friend is a watt!
Your own sister is king!
"go! Hurry! "
Cool, handsome, arrogant, and soy sauce, the presidents coldly reprimanded the little friends for their lack of hospitality.
This peat … The tables have turned … Is it them?
There has always been no expression to hang the infusion bag or bottle, and it is rare to have an expression. Every corner of the mouth twitches and the corner of the eye is a little wet.
I also feel this way, and there is a side that is far away in the hot spring to bathe and graze Hua Sheng.
He still feels a little dizzy in his forehead. He looks at one side and pose with beautiful np. He takes photos and takes screenshots. After nine days, he looks at his mouse and deletes the last chat box. The whole person is a little confused.
Just …
What just happened? He got a bunch of bombshell news? No, no, no, Muhua Sheng got dumped severely. They hang infusion bags and have always been the most organized and disciplined. How can they not pay attention to rank like those crazy people who play soy sauce? To say that you have just been bombarded by news from your own gang members, this kind of thing should happen in nine days, such an unreliable leader!
However, I can’t deceive myself by knowing so many news one by one, that is, my gang id is complete!
This story of your sister should not be like this!
Hua Sheng, who has always been strict and self-disciplined, can’t calm down. He looks at the side through the screen with a little hatred. It’s a pleasure to play leisurely. After nine days, it’s sure to move three times near Zhu Zhechi, near Mexico, and near Meng Mu! It seems that it is time to keep a certain distance from the soy sauce makers.
Seeing that as usual, Zuo Tangtang is full of frolicking and slapping, and it is rare for him to laugh. Sometimes, perhaps, even though he is not as important in their hearts as expected, their every move can bring her relaxed laughter. Perhaps this is the unique personality charm of soy sauce.
Soy sauce makers are still deadlocked with hanging bottles.
Beique enjoyed watching the drama on the side, but his mood was much more relaxed than before. At first, he was worried here and there, but when it comes to sunny, his heart will be much more sure. Even if it is a game, how can there be no quarrel? As far as he knows, sunny is not only a good fight, but also a rational analysis of what hoofs and feet have always been unpredictable. Maybe things will develop in a better direction when it goes sunny.
Perhaps it was because I trusted the false mother that Zuo Tangtang was preoccupied. Even if I tuned the channel, I was still thinking about her. I didn’t expect a miracle to find that I was still in the mood to listen to the debate about soy sauce and hanging bottles.
It’s really … Zuo Tangtang smiled. Maybe things will be as easy as they are now. It’s just an ordinary communication. After the communication, they will have to solve their problems and misunderstandings.
I have to say that thinking in the right direction, Zuo Tangtang did slowly unload the burden on himself at this time.
No matter what self-deception or fish in troubled waters, let’s walk alone. There are so many happy things that we must put ourselves in sadness. Two people are good, this is her hope at this time.
But … What’s wrong with this soy sauce today?
Zuo Tangtang found it strange that when he saw his friends hanging bottles, he couldn’t wait for super glue to stick himself away. Today, he is pushing and hanging bottles! That’s disgusting … Zuo Tangtang is really sighing
"Did you … quarrel?" Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help asking, except for this reason, she really couldn’t think of it.
Soy sauce makers are crying or coquetry or threatening, and all kinds of noise suddenly stop, just like pressing pause, and everything is a perfect interruption.
No one knows all kinds of surges in soy sauce at this time.
Just … That sound …
If there is a slow motion, you can definitely capture the look from disbelief to surprise.
It’s sister! It’s a sister!
A moment of arrogance, nostalgia, soy sauce, and instant face change also make the hanging bottles fall below the glasses again.
They really deserve to be known as cute creatures in the Jianghu! It is only natural that luck and wisdom should fall on them!
Since then, their sister has ignored them, but I never thought that today, my sister not only came, but also took the initiative to talk! Take the initiative to talk! They took the initiative before, okay? Think of this soy sauce people can’t help but cry from it.
Hanging bottles, these eyesore friends, they are too lazy to take a reason. Now the most important thing is to say a few words to your sister quickly.
"Hoof hooves … there you are!" Fudge smiled and said the truth. They just wanted to talk on a channel, but … it’s not too late now.
"Hoof hooves! Are you all right? " This is asking a worried left hand. Hello.
"What! What are you asking! " Call me the truth emperor and interrupt with disgust. "Your question is called a question!"