"If you want to discover and sneak into the God Corps according to this line, you need to pay attention to many things in all aspects."

"First of all, the first and most important point is that this np-life gene is not only the human body but also the hair, dander and saliva that fall in life … even the hospital has her gene backup."
"A lot of work!"
"The second point is that you can’t interfere with the normal historical fate of np, and you can’t seriously interfere with it … but at present, history should have deviated from the original historical track."
From a special training, Lin knew very well that every special training, the gods would find the world abnormal and realize that this world is not the real world but a virtual world … History is different.
Of course, it may not be affected by these ordinary np.
However, it is hard to say whether the life dna will be taken out by the God Corps for preparation.
But even if history has changed, the God Corps is not history, and the original appearance of the God Corps is impossible for Lin to give up this slim opportunity.
Because the chances of success in working under God’s eyelids are even slim.
So Lin lurked around np and lived a special life.
A few months later!
A spaceship flies out of a living planet in the dark world and stays in the outer space, ready to make a wormhole and cross away.
"There are still fifty years!"
"It should be said that there are only fifty years left … we have killed all the other players, and it is still uncertain whether it is life and death or the dark king. Just like the two of them, they disappeared from the beginning, and the shadow hand destroyed the king and the fallen devil."
"It seems that we haven’t found their four hopes. Even if we do, it is more likely that we will be killed by them."
Overbearing a line of four people in this hundred years with the help of np dark king or anti-guest master will np dark king forces are under control … and then other players one by one to clean up this special training.
Np, the dark king, can only feel how terrible the power is in normal human society if you really master it.
If it weren’t for np’s strength, it would be almost impossible for them to complete this project by law.
And their deal with the np Dark King is also very simple, that is, the np Dark King studies their superpowers, and after that, he overbearingly teaches the np Dark King the future martial arts that they learned in the previous special training, which can prolong life and strengthen their physique … Among the four of them, there is a new moon spirit who has computer technology that can be used in the first century.
"Are they really that good?" Up to now, Yueling has learned about Lin and the Dark King from the information side that they are powerful and have never really experienced it personally, but bullying, kingly way and Binglian have all been in contact with Lin recently and know that Lin’s intrigue and terror are really”!
"You should know the horror of the Dark King from history and feel it from the players’ alliance reaction, and the horror has always been that-you won’t feel that he can feel that his terror is actually everywhere until the end." Overbearing is the deepest feeling for Lin. "If not, it is impossible to be in the players’ alliance now … even the Dark King may be able to form an alliance with the top forces of the whole human society!"
Wang Dao said with a smile, "So now the four of us have to split up so that they can’t find it, maybe they can compete with them for a championship. After all, we all stayed until the end. I don’t know how to calculate the winning and losing rules in this situation … If we calculate from the number of eliminated players, maybe they may really be beaten by us."
The four of them chose wisely. As soon as they killed all the other players, they immediately left the dark world star and prepared to disperse.
Bing Lian said with a smile, "Although there are three places, we are also four of them. The chances of winning the prize are the same when the special training is over, and the four of us have certain advantages. After all, the four of them hid as soon as they got there."
If it weren’t for this reason, I’m afraid the four of them would kill each other. After all, there are three prize places.
If you don’t doubt that bullying and kingliness have an absolute advantage in fighting, after all, you’ve been in the same boat for thousands of years (also counted in special training).
As he spoke, the spaceship had passed through the wormhole and reached another distant universe.
After passing through the wormhole, they are ready to leave the ice lotus separately and ask, "By the way, where are you going to hide?"
The overbearing mouth said, "You can’t say this, and don’t say that you know it, but I’ll give you some advice. You must hide in a place where there is no network signal. It’s best to find an ordinary inanimate planet … Anyway, we can live without food and water."
As soon as the overbearing voice fell, I heard a voice coming in from outside their room except the four of them. "It’s a wise choice, but you are unlucky. It’s too late!"
Knock at the door
A figure appeared in the eyes of bullying the four of them.
The four of them were shocked. They knew who the newcomer was. It was Lin or one of the dark kings … No matter who it was, it was difficult to deal with!
"It’s been a long time since overbearing, kingly and ice lotus!" Lin greeted three people he knew before finally looking at Yueling and saying, "Who is this?"
“!” Bullying them at this time will also hear that the newcomer is Lin, not the dark king. Bullying Lin said, "This is a special training for new friends in Yueling."
"Not a league of players should be regarded as an ordinary player who can participate in this special training as an ordinary player. That is definitely an advantage …" Lin said at the moment, "Forget it. I don’t have time to chat and talk about how to solve this problem! Do you want to fight or do you want to quit? "