"Brother Sinian (Master Zhuang)" Enchanter and Mo Tianji saw Sinian coming out of the villa to meet him.
Si Nian said, "Let’s go" and then jumped across the two of them, ready to gallop north with their horses whipping.
"Drive! Drive! " Enchant and ink cat at the same time, prancing on the back and whipping, driving the horse to follow Si Nian.
Three fine horses galloping in the wind are carrying three tourists who are pursuing their ideals in the dust and dust, leading them step by step to the end of this trip …
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Ziyang fruit
Jiangshan has never been picturesque, misty rain, tears, hurried steps, and regrets.
Who can wait for me in the sunset? When the wind blew that night, I still believed that I could find her, stay awake, throw away everything and kill her …
Who can stay with me and never leave? In the storm, I wiped my head, silent, miserable and lonely …
After that moment, my choice doomed me to turn my back …
Three slender figure robes floated in the wind at the peak of the cliff, and Si Nianli stood on the edge of the cliff with black hair and danced wildly. He gently stepped out of the edge of the cliff, and the rubble slipped one by one and fell to the bottom of the abyss. Si Nianwei narrowed his eyes and stared at the dark color at the bottom of the abyss. "Dare to go?"
Enchants jump forward when they hear Si Nian’s words.
"Oh, what about you?" Si nian saw that the cat was not jumping and saw that his eyes were dignified and he couldn’t help but laugh.
Mo Tianji didn’t immediately answer Si Nian’s words. His left hand pinched his fingers and looked sideways to the northeast, muttering, "Purple gas came from the east and moved to the palace from the north?"
"Oh?" Si nian saw that Mo cat had a pensive expression, and he couldn’t help looking at him curiously.
After the film is over, the cat’s eyes light up and the right hand swings, and the flute is drawn from the waist, touching the lips and blowing out a few sweet tones.
Suddenly, a static carving sounded, and then an eagle flew from the clouds in the sky and its wings fell on the shoulders of Mo Tianji.
Mo cat raised his left hand and patted the eagle on his intimate head. "Go to the opposite mountain peak and see if there is a spirit."
"poop-poop …" The eagle seems to be able to understand the words of Mo cat and spread its wings and fly to the opposite mountain.
"Master Zhuang, maybe we will get a surprise this trip." Mo Tianji tilted his head and said to Si Nian.
Si Nian smiled faintly. "Your sudden ability is enough to surprise me."
Mo Tianji said, "The master of the manor has praised these things, which are all ignorant five-element miscellaneous studies and shallow animal-fighting ways."
Si Nian is very interested in the eagle just now. If everyone in Piaoxue Villa can have one, then the battlefield is not invincible? Si Nian asked softly, "Is it difficult for you to control animals?"
Of course, Mo Tianji clearly thought about this idea. He shook his head slightly and said, "It’s hard. I raised this eagle from an early age, and I also cooperated with the Peach Blossom Island elixir to feed it every day."
Si Nian nodded and then sent a voice to Enchant. "You must kill the monster alone before we come. You are not allowed to enter the cave."
Enchant replied "yes" without asking yes.
Si Nian and Mo Tianji just stood in the cold wind, waiting for the eagle to return. A moment later, the eagle flew back. Mo Tianji stretched out his left arm to hold it. After it screamed, Mo Tianji stretched out his right hand and several glittering Dan medicines appeared in front of the eagle. When the eagle saw this, he cut it off carefully, but it did not hurt the palm of Mo Tianji’s hand.
"Go," Mo cat gently said to the eagle. As soon as his arm was raised, the eagle flapped its wings and flew over the top of Mo cat’s head and glided to the foot of the mountain.
Sinian couldn’t see the facial expression of Mo cat’s face, but he was sure that Mo cat’s eyes did have a radiant look just now.
"The owner of the villa turned out to be’ Ziyang Fruit’!" Ink cat was delighted to read said
"Ziyang fruit?" Si nian doesn’t know much about these spirits of heaven and earth. He asked Mo cat in doubt.
"Agile adds 1 permanently!" Mo cat directly told his effect.
"Interesting, let’s go." Si Nian jumped and the whole robe and long hair danced …
Enchanter was puzzled, but after jumping, he found that there was an abrupt boulder in front of him. There was no dense fog in the boulder. As soon as he put the situation around the abyss into his eyes, he saw that the cliff where he was located was deeply immersed in the dagger blade.
"Whew ….." Enchanter can’t help but gasp at the sight of the Bi blade being forcibly inserted into the wall with deep work. If it is inserted into the Bi blade in this way, it may not be too difficult, but it can be clearly seen from the trace of the cliff that Enchanter is a person who made a road leading to the cliff bottom, followed by a step along the Bi blade and then reached the bottom. It was like purgatory!
The corpses on the ground are monsters’ corpses. Groups of monsters fight each other, yi tooth, crack mouth, bloodthirsty and gnaw bones. Groups of monsters fall down. As soon as they appear, they join the battlefield and wreak havoc on the remaining monsters … The bloody scene makes Enchanter feel shocked. Suddenly, a group of monsters found out that this was an uninvited person from the abyss. Groups of monsters rushed at him instantly. After passing through the imperial city after World War I, Enchanter’s martial arts had already improved. With Si Nian’s constant killing and abusing, he actually had the desire to touch the sword. Sniff! Sniff! ….. "Swords and swords enchanters face this group of monsters who kill red eyes. It is difficult but not dangerous to harvest the monster’s life by simply waving the sword in their hands.
"Hey!" "Hey!" Two ragged clothes are insignificant in the roar of the strange group, even if the owner’s body is so small in front of the monster …
"Ugly thing!" Si Nian looked at the monsters who were still devouring each other. They couldn’t help but look coldly and coldly. The eternal sword was instantly drawn from its scabbard, and the white sword light enveloped the monsters present. "Bang!" The body is broken. The sound stage monster is broken by the sword …
Put your sword in its sheath, SiNian turned and looked at Enchanter and Mo cat. "You two will stay here and wait for me."
Enchant knew that Sinian was very strong, but he didn’t expect it to be so high. He tried his best to stop a group of monsters from besieging, but Sinian actually strangled a monster with one hand. This insurmountable gap made Enchant admire Sinian and deepened his brand.
Mo cat is also staring at Si Nian. He is a master of budo, and he can deeply understand that Si Nian is powerful. How many layers of capability did Si Nian have with his sword just now? Seven floors? Still a layer? If it were him, he would try his best to kill half of them.
"when!" Flint Si Nian instantly jumped up with his right hand and pulled out the longevity sword again, and inserted it straight into the cliff. However, the body of the sword did not jump after his powerful package was not contaminated with a trace of dust. Instead, he grabbed the longevity sword with his left hand and took advantage of it to swing again, and the longevity sword was pulled out conveniently.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Tsing Yi
"when!" Flint Si Nian instantly jumped up with his right hand and pulled out the longevity sword again, and inserted it straight into the cliff. However, the body of the sword did not jump after his powerful package was not contaminated with a trace of dust. Instead, he grabbed the longevity sword with his left hand and took advantage of it to swing again, and the longevity sword was pulled out conveniently.
Then insert and pull out Si Nian again, just like a swinging person’s long hair, white robe and gauze clothing flapped in the wind again and again. After a while, Si Nian passed through the clouds and disappeared into the sight of enchanters and ink cats.
A figure leaps from the cliff, and Si Nian slowly looks back at the cloud behind him and gently spits out one mouthful polluted air. He turns his head and Si Nian carefully scans the lush peak of the jungle, and finally stops at a place with purple halo in the distant forest.
Si Nian’s light-footed approach to something with purple halo in front of him finally made him see that a half-man-tall plant was divided into two branches, and two shiny purple fruits were hidden in the green leaves of each branch. "There are actually more than four." Si Nian was a little surprised, and then he realized that the eagle had not pecked it. It turned out that it was surrounded by dense thorns and protected it like a cover.
With a wave of his hand, Si Nian left for thorns with a white qi.
"Hey!" "Huh?" Si Nian’s front just gave off the true qi and was suddenly wiped out by a strange green mountain. Si Nian was surprised to see a beautiful figure wrapped in a blue shirt and slowly walked out of a Zhang Qing gauze to cover it up. "Please stop it."
Si Nian watched the blue girl approach him with her hands turned back and said, "Did you plant this?"