Before he reached behind Haikui, he shouted and suddenly rushed. Haikui had a sneer at his mouth and didn’t look back.

Guan Yu rushed the fastest, and the bottle in his hand was thrown at Haikui’s head, so as not to die, and he knew that Haikui’s ability to fight should be good.
However, Haikui was faster than him. He turned his head and reversed his right hand. When he pointed at the inside of Guan Yu’s arm, Guan Yu only felt his arm numb and moved.
Haikui stood up, explored with his hands, grabbed Guan Yu’s two arms, one fell over his shoulder, and threw Guan Yu on the stage at a distance.
At this time, Xiao Bao and Xiao Hei arrived at the same time, one left and one right. Hai Kui hit each other on the head and banged them twice, throwing them both onto the stage.
People around only saw three people rushing towards the boy, but before the blink of an eye, the three people were thrown into Taishan, and people with good things immediately clapped their hands. Good, beautiful.
Haikui shouted loudly to the stage: "Tie these three people for me, too, and treat them equally."
Three people fell on the stage, rolling, mouth kept mumbling, there are a few bruisers, according to Yang Chen’s posture, the three people stand, tied to the steel pipe, just like in the past, torture prisoners in the cell to lift the prisoners.
After the three men were tied up, Haikui ordered the dancers to take things, too. All four dancers changed into black leather bras, leather shorts and leather hats. They all looked very sexy, each with a whip in his hand.
One of the dancers slapped a whip in the air and the dj began to play ambiguous music.
Four dancers carrying whips began to wander around Yang Chen four people, from time to time with their own bodies, while sticking out their tongues to tian their faces.
The people below are all excited. I really want to be the one who was held by the dancer with her chest and her ass and her mouth and tian.
As the music entered, one of the dancers took two steps forward, then turned around and slapped a whip in Yang Chen’s face. Yang Chen cried like a pig.
The following people are even more excited and screaming, and their feelings of abuse and abuse are aroused!
Haikui slowly shook his wine, admired it, and laughed. The world has never changed since ancient times, and whoever has a hard fist has the final say!
The lights flashed on the stage, and a dancer took out pepper water and poured it into Yang Chen’s mouth. Yang Chen cried out in pain, and the dancer turned around and came behind him, stripped off Yang Chen’s clothes and made him face the audience naked.
Tian the dancer stuck it on his bare back and touched it slowly.
Haikui took a satisfied look and stood up. It was time for him to go to the train station to meet with Yang Yulu and the squad leader. He beckoned someone from a bar. Haikui ordered: "The three of them, just like now, have been playing for two hours. As for Yang Chen, change more tricks and play until the bar closes."
The people in the bar nodded at once.
"By the way, tell Tiger Brother that I thanked him today, so I’ll go first." Haikui said that, and the people in the bar left the bar with courtesy.
Out of the bar, without the noisy voices and music, Haikui took a deep breath, looked back at the Blue Dream Bar, smiled faintly, turned and walked to the intersection, stopped a taxi and rushed to Mengtai Railway Station.
In the car, Haikui turned on his mobile phone and found that there was a missed call. At first glance, the number was strange. He called back and rang three times. Yang Yulu’s voice rang. "Hello, is that Kuishao?"
"What’s wrong with the rain and dew? I’m sorry. I also said to call me at any time, but the bar was too noisy and chaotic. I didn’t catch it. What’s the matter?" Haikui said apologetically.
"Nothing, let’s talk about it when you come. I’m in the No.1 waiting room." Yang Yulu’s voice over there doesn’t sound abnormal.
Haikui, however, wanted to know what happened to her as soon as possible, hung up the phone and said to the driver, "Master, drive a little faster, I’m in a hurry."
The driver didn’t speak, stepped on the accelerator and hurried to the railway station.
When Hai Kui arrived at the station, he found that he needed a ticket to get in. He gave Yang Yulu the ticket in his hand. He had to follow the crowd and squeeze through several people, escaped the ticket check, and came to the No.1 waiting room. Standing at the door of the waiting room, he saw Yang Yulu at a glance.
Yang Yulu changed her costume. She wore a pink strapless long sleeve with a white sling on her shoulder. Haikui swallowed a mouthful of saliva and wore a blue pleated skirt with white spots, which looked cute and playful.
Haikui found her in an instant with a pair of eyes, waved at her and walked past.
Yang Yulu smiled and waited until Haikui came to him and asked, "Have you handled your affairs?"
Haikui smiled and said, "It’s handled. Where’s your mother? Is it ok?"
"My mother is fine, but she is a little reluctant to part with me." Yang Yulou said with a sigh.
Haikui saw that she began to feel depressed again and hurriedly changed the subject. "What did you call me about?"
Chapter 100 She is a little stupid
"Oh, it’s nothing important. It’s just that on the way to the station after I came out of my house, Emoko called me and said that my salary was settled, and then I hung up. I couldn’t get through to Emoko’s phone, so I called you." Yang Yulu told Haikui the story.
Haikui was relieved to hear that this was the case, and said, "What a big deal! It’s normal for him to give you a salary when you work in his bar."
"Abnormal" Yang Yulou shook his head and said.
Haikuiqi said, "What’s wrong? If you don’t want it, give me the money and I’ll spend it for you."
Yang Yulu looked into Haikui’s eyes and said helplessly, "You idiot, didn’t I tell you?"
Haikui looked innocent and asked, "What did you tell me?"
Yang Yulou looks sad and pretends to find a wall and hit Haikui. I really don’t remember what she said and a face of innocence.
"I’m working in exchange for a house. Why does he pay me?" Yang Yulu stared at Haikui and muttered in his heart: It seems that you don’t care about my affairs at all.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, I told you." Haikui just remembered this. "I’m sorry. Recently, I always feel that my memory is declining. It seems that I am really old."
Yang Yulu glared at Haikui with bitterness and then said, "Will you accompany me to find out how much Emoko gave me?"
Haikui nodded "of course" and took out a cellular phone and glanced at it. It was only 8: 12 before leaving the car. There were still about two hours left.
The two of them went straight to the bank ATM outside the station. At this time, Haikui discovered that the girl had taken a quilt and pulled a suitcase, and then she had a woolen bag.
"You have so much luggage" Haikui leng way.
"It’s going to college for half a year. This thing is still less." Yang Yulu looked at Haikui and found that Haikui left his hand.
"Where are your things?" Yang Yulou asked.
Haikui woke up that she had a storage bag, so she didn’t have to carry things when she threw them into the storage bag, but Yang Yulu couldn’t. She didn’t have this thing.
Hai Kui turned his eyes and smiled and said to Yang Yulu, "You give me your luggage and I’ll check it for you, so I’ll check everything for you."
Yang Yulou shook her head. "Forget it and check it for tens of dollars." She didn’t want to spend this money.
Haikui stretched out his hand and grabbed her luggage. "Come on, I’ll help you deal with it. You don’t have to worry about it. Besides, how can you let a girl carry so many things with me as a big man?" Haikui said that she had carried all her luggage on her back.
"You wait for me here, and I’ll check it in. Don’t run around," Haikui said in a commanding tone.
Yang Yulu didn’t argue any more. She saw warmth and care from this boy. Although many people used to care about her, those concerns were all purposeful. The purpose was to go to bed, and Haikui often made her feel a feeling of true feelings. Although she kept calling him a pervert and a rogue when she first met him, she didn’t hate him at all.
Looking at Haikui’s back, Yang Yulu turned red.
Because he actually dragged his luggage into the men’s room.
This smelly rascal Yang Yulou cursed in her heart. Although she didn’t go into the men’s room by herself, those things were all her own clothes and bedding. She suddenly felt a little crooked.
Haikui carries things to the toilet. His idea is very simple. Find a hidden place to receive all these things from Yang Yulu in the storage bag, and then it will be easy, without having to pay the shipping fee or carry these bags.
His first thought was that the toilet belonged to a secluded place with few people in his mind, but when he entered the toilet in the waiting room, he was so depressed that there were people everywhere, and he turned his head in line. On the other hand, the queue at the door of the women’s toilet was longer, and it was almost at the door of the men’s toilet, and all the men’s toilets urinated directly at the door of the toilet.
Haikui felt like an idiot. He was the only one carrying a lot of things, but Haikui turned out of the toilet and saw Yang Yulu looking at himself in the distance, giving her a ashamed smile.
But this smile in Yang Yulou’s eyes is seen as flirting with her and turning away from him.
Haikui wandered around looking for a hidden place and suddenly found a safe passage at the station. Usually, passengers take the stairs at the main entrance, which is wider, and the safe passage at this side door will only be taken in time.
Haikui flickered in and put things in the storage bag instantly, and stopped for a few minutes before turning back to the waiting room.
"Well, I checked your luggage together and went back to school to give it to you. Let’s go outside and look at your salary." Haikui walked to Yang Yulu and said with a smile.
"Ah, all my food is in my luggage, or I’ll be hungry on the train." Yang Yulu suddenly remembered the snacks she prepared and the box lunch her mother prepared for herself.
"Oh, don’t worry, I’ll buy it later." Haikui prevaricated that she couldn’t shout in front of this girl and take out the things again
"I can’t. My mother prepared a box lunch for me to eat tonight. If it takes a long time, it will be broken." Although Yang Yulu thinks it’s not a big deal, it’s a pity that the box lunch is broken