"The more you belittle him, the more it seems that our level is too low. You know, we were eliminated by their team!" The players are very authentic Pearl Krabs sighed, "That’s true. I’d better keep silent and wait for that guy’s team to be defeated! The most painful thing in the world is not to be eliminated, but to be runner-up … This is a very reasonable sentence I heard when I watched the football match. Let’s wish their team a runner-up! "

"Good!" Several players are not tunnel
After introducing the members of the two teams, the host announced that the two teams would be in place to change their equipment, and then witnessed by the two teams, three maps were produced. The blasting mode was the team competition, the desert 1d annihilation mode and the map was the street fighting.
These three maps are relatively conventional competition maps. At the end of the final, the organizers chose the map very rigorously, and estimated the blasting mode. Two maps were planned, which were drawn from Suo and Black Town, and they can also be generated from these two maps. It is estimated that there are also two maps for team competition, namely Desert 1d and Persian Town.
Ye Qing is still very satisfied with these three maps. They are all familiar with the maps and have been played several times in normal training. The tactics are also practiced quite skillfully. Of course, the opponents also say that neither side has any advantage. Ultimately, it depends on the real strength of both sides and the tactical confrontation between the two sides.
The situation of almost the same strength depends on command and tactics. If the tactics are good, they can have an advantage in the game. The weaker team can also rely on tactics to win. If the command is single, the I club should have an advantage. Some leaf-leaning commanders have stronger command ability than the hs team. He is flexible in thinking, can make appropriate tactics at the right time and can give full play to the ability of each player.
After the map was selected, both players wore headphones. At the first half of the game, Club I was the first defender of The Infiltrator hs Club. In the first round, Ye Qing adopted the tactic of attacking Point A with medium force. This tactic was not a soldier’s flow, but simply playing more and less. In fact, it was very popular when F professional events just emerged.
Playing more and playing less can make up for the players’ lack of marksmanship. If you miss, there are others who can hit. If you are on fire, you can pose a threat to the other side. Even if you can’t cause physical harm to the other side, you can make the other side suffer from psychological problems. If the other side has too much firepower, they will choose to retreat to save their lives.
According to common sense, in the first round, the defenders will be very careful to arrange two less people to defend the two blasting points. I will attack the club with five people. If the battle can be solved quickly, then the opponent at point B will not support it!
The hs club did have three new members at point A, and the two machine gunners were arranged to defend at point B. Snipers didn’t like to stand on the balcony of the path at point A, and the other two machine gunners were in a big pit and at the gate of the greenhouse. They took contractive defense.
Because there was no double card in the middle of the road, they easily broke through, but they still waved a flash bomb. After five people entered the middle of the road, they immediately dispersed. Three people went to the right to enter point A, and two people went to the left to enter point A.
Ye Qing feels very good when he touches the mouse today. He is confident that the ak headshot rate will be quite horrible today. The meteor has been looking at the path balcony warily. That place is a sniper point. He must take precautions before it happens.
Chapter 14 is omission
"bang!" Suddenly, a sniper shot startled Ye Qing and Dong Laoer, and then he saw a sniper figure flashing back on the balcony of the trail, and the meteor was killed by being sniped!
"So fast! !” The meteor fell to the ground and instantly exclaimed, Ye Qing immediately flashed to the right and stuck to the wall, while Dong Laoer rushed forward quickly. At this moment, the gunner of the big pit came out to shoot Dong Laoer, stopped and moved around to shoot back. Ye Qing stared at the path balcony and asked the other sniper to dare to appear again, so he was sure to blow his head off.
Cold-blooded and affectionate people caught fire at the door of the left greenhouse, and the man didn’t recklessly shoot at the flash-in and flash-out location of the door. He was very careful to keep cold-blooded and affectionate from rushing into the blasting point.
Snipers don’t like to flash out and kill meteors, but they have already seen clearly how many people in the I club are participating in this attack. Plus, the people at the entrance of the greenhouse feedback back the news, and they immediately judge that the other person’s department is at point A and point B, and two machine gunners are coming immediately without stopping.
Ye Qing knew that the number of their attackers had completely exposed each other’s point B, and the two men would definitely come to outflank him. He immediately ordered cold-blooded and emotional rushing to destroy the greenhouse enemy! At this time, a shadow on the balcony of the trail suddenly flashed with a glance at the leaves and a quick click of the left mouse button. A three-point shot was fired rhythmically, and his quasi-centroid kept flashing and immediately recovered. The trajectory was very stable. The third bullet flew to the sniper’s abdomen, chest and head respectively, and hit the opponent’s forehead squarely.
The screen bursts with a skull death message, which is also brushed out in the right corner. At this moment, the machine gunner in the pit exploded, and Dong Laoer immediately jumped. Ye Qing hurried to shoot some guns, and the two men were very close to each other. At this moment, the defense line on the other side of the greenhouse has been cold-blooded and emotional. One person rushed into the greenhouse to pursue the machine gunner, while the other person jumped towards the pit to shoot some machine guns and pistols.
Jumping to the pit, this man was still very calm and opposite to Ye Qing, but suddenly he found that someone on his right side panicked and immediately shot up in disorder. The instantaneous increase in recoil made his aim become very large, and his hit rate was greatly reduced.
The other party panicked, even the pace was out of order. Ye Qing immediately seized the opportunity to stop suddenly and shot the gunner in the head at a fixed point. As the gunner fell to the ground, Point A also fell into the hands of the I club. At this time, the hs club came from Point B to support the two gunners and just rushed to the middle of the road. Ye Qing figured that the other party should be almost there. He was not in a hurry to pack. He picked up four bags at the side of Dong Laoer’s body and jumped into the pit directly. Then he motioned for his feelings to hide in the pit.
Cold-blooded pursuit of the machine gunner has been chasing the other base, which forced the other party to turn around and kill the other party with his psychological advantage and cold blood. Then he just visible rushed out from the arch and happened to meet the hs club to support a machine gunner. Fighting broke out immediately.
Xiaokeng knew that his brother had been beaten and immediately jumped out, and then quickly joined the battle. Cold-blooded, after all, was exhausted by the other side. Love is to sweep the gunner to death, which is a one-for-one situation.
The last machine gunner of hs rushed to point A from the other side, guessing that the other side might be rushing very fast. As a result, Ye Xie emerged from the pit and shot the other side to death three times in a row. In the first round, he successfully took it and had a point advantage. I club people were slightly relaxed psychologically.
After all, hs Club is a team that has been established for a long time. This little setback is that the method of knocking them down has not affected their emotions at all. Their biggest reliance is that snipers don’t like the second round. Their tactics are to show them around whether they like it or not. Their plan is to take the initiative to attack from the middle road to the exit of that slope in The Infiltrator.
First, a smoke bomb blocked the mouth, and then two machine gunners rushed very hard. If they didn’t like it, they would stand in the middle of the road and cover it. If the other person dared to rush out of the smoke, they would be killed by him. The two new machine gunners still defended Point B and also attacked from Arch B to work together.
They plan very carefully. Once the other person doesn’t come out of the slope, they immediately rush to the middle auxiliary road and rush to the B arch. They go directly from the B passage to the slope mouth, and then take the waterway to touch the middle auxiliary road, so that they can give each other a front and rear attack or cut off.
This tactic was really beyond Ye’s expectation. When he saw the smoke rising from the slope, he realized that the other side might come and go. He told everyone to retreat, and then their department took the middle road and planned to rush away.
After the other person jumped at the ramp, he rushed to the middle road crossing as quickly as possible. At this time, Ye Qing and they just rushed to the middle distance, and the two sides immediately broke out and the guns flew around.
Ye Qing noticed that three people from the other side intercepted him in front, fearing that others from the other side might come from the alley and then go to the attic overpass to sneak up on them. He told everyone to pay attention to their rear and right sides.
To Ye Qing’s surprise, the other person didn’t go there, but touched it from the waterway. The hs club newly joined the two machine guns and came out by hand. Just after hiding in the bunker, a machine gunner in the I club immediately shot it and shot it instantly.
The two men rushed out and made a mess of the formation of the I club. They jumped up like rabbits with their tails stepped on, and they were so flustered because of unexpected things. The hs club immediately rushed up in Renye Fang, and it was a big deal while you were sick. The momentum of the I club was not flat, and the enemy rushed over. Suddenly, the defeat was like a mountain, and the leaves had to retreat.
In the process of retreating, their numbers kept decreasing, and the snipers in hs club didn’t like to give full play to their advantages. They killed two people in I club in a row, including their snipers. The meteor quickly weakened the resistance of I club, making the last leaf fall back to the bottom of the overpass.
Ye Qing dangerously dodged to the back of a box for a while, but the pursuers did not give him a breathing space in an instant. He had to fight hard against many enemies by himself, and one person was killed. Then he shot several times and was killed by random guns at the back of the box.
Hs club was recognized as a champion before, and the popular team didn’t panic after falling behind by one point. With a calm layout, it recovered another point. One place that Ye Qing missed in this round was the waterway. He blindly and confidently recognized that the other party would definitely take the path, which led to misjudgment, which led to the team’s defeat. It can be said that he was responsible for most of this round.
Ye is also regretful in his heart, but when he analyzes the problem after learning the lesson from this defeat, he must not ignore a possibility that he can’t arbitrarily recognize which point the other party will take. Jiang Yuhan was originally called the gold medal conductor because of his careful calculation and omission, and he could think of all possible situations before and then give countermeasures.
In the third round, hs Club continued to push the defense line to the middle side. If they don’t love this excellent sniper to cover behind, they can rush boldly. This time, they didn’t rush to the ramp, but rushed directly to the middle side. There were two machine gunners who didn’t like to follow behind, and the other two took the trail and one took the middle waterway. The difference was that they had one more person to take the trail. Even if the other person could guess, they had to face multiple directions to attack the fire in the root method.
Ye Qing learned a lesson from the defeat in the last round, and he planned to change his tactics. He would not take the middle lane again, because it was difficult to guard against the other side’s attack and sneak attack points. When he saw the smoke rising from the slope, he ordered his teammates to stop and not move. When he planned that the other side would rush from the middle lane and then return to the middle lane,
"Well, now! Everyone rushes out from the slope. Don’t hesitate to go straight to point B and run behind the cold-blooded and emotional temple! " Ye Qing ordered quickly, and then he rushed to Dong Laoer and quickly followed the meteor.
Cold-blooded and affectionate walked behind, and soon they all entered the B channel smoothly, but they didn’t encounter any obstacles. Cold-blooded and affectionate stayed at the entrance of the B channel and retreated to the arch door when they found that the other person didn’t make track for them.
Dong Laoer squatted at the blasting point at point B, and the people of hs Club were very obedient. This time, they woke up from a rude awakening and rushed towards point B. This time, they really made a mistake, accurately judged the intention of the other party, and helped the other party to ignore the middle road and took point B without bloodshed.
Once the I club has set up the defense line, it is unrealistic for the hs club to attack the B point in a short time. When it is their biggest enemy, they must dismantle 4 and leave enough time. When they can’t delay, they can attack it bravely.
The attacking side is bound to be exposed to the air, while the defending side relies on the bunker to shoot. Obviously, the hs team members rushed into point B from the arch and faced with blows in all directions. In an instant, two machine gunners were damaged. Although snipers didn’t like to immediately kill a machine gunner in the I club, they still couldn’t stop them from falling into a slump. Ye Qing ak47 took the lead again in this round. After he exploded one person, he rushed out directly for two consecutive three consecutive bursts and exploded another person. The rest of the I club also rushed out in the dominant situation. They joined hands to annihilate the hs club.
After overtaking again, Ye Qing gradually gained a new understanding of tactical operation. To arrange tactics is not to deal with the enemy’s attack and break through the enemy’s defense, but to anticipate the enemy’s initiative and then defeat the opponent’s tactics. Before arranging tactics, you must first analyze the opponent’s intention and make omissions, so that you can know what tactics to transport.