The platform type is quite cool, like a magic weapon descending from heaven, but the situation is extremely dangerous. Because it swings to the lowest point, four or five tentacles stretch out towards him.

The explosion of two spider mines produced a mass of flame, and the tentacles twisted hard for a few times and then retracted.
"Well done!" Yuanfei can’t help but praise Mad Dog Dragon for being really an artist, and even dare to take such a risk.
The big iron hook roared and scraped to the workbench, and the mad dog dragon stretched out its night shadow to catch it, and then he secretly complained.
Nima didn’t play like this, but he missed the hook, so he swung back very hard.
At this time, the monster became bigger and bigger, and the mutant’s head woke up, and his eyes glowed with terrible blue light, and he roared like a devil with a big mouth, which shocked many people to cover their ears.
The monster obviously discovered the mad dog dragon’s intention. Just after this roar, the spider thunder exploded and suddenly came out of it with more than ten tentacles.
"fuck!" Mad dog dragon is not afraid, but loves his bomb.
This time, he slammed the hook on the wall and roared at him. On his way, he smashed three chrysanthemum thunder to get the tentacles. When the horse retracted, he saw that he was about to swing to the lowest point, three tentacles were ejected from the man’s mouth.
"bird!" Mad dog dragon heart a cool nima this boss is still behind.
The tentacle sword stabbed him in the chest. The crisis head "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Hey! " Five shots, each tentacle was cut in two.
"good!" There are players cheering together in the venue, and now mad dog dragon has become everyone’s only hope for survival.
After flying for a long time, his head was dripping with sweat after five shots. This is the limit of him. If something goes wrong, the mad dog dragon will be buried in the tentacles.
The mad dog dragon did not disappoint everyone this time. He held the sling in his left hand and Dou Yun was getting closer and closer to the celestial sphere on the right hand workbench.
"Ah ——————" Mad dog dragon growled at the night shadow in his hand and split it angrily.
One day, the ball was really split by a claw.
At the same time, there was a muffled sound, and the lights lit up, and the warehouse door was reopened.
But the monster is "hiss". When it makes a terrible roar, it means that it can’t be completely restored.
Mad dog dragon learned this time. When he swung back, he had the golden gun in his hand. God, I have it.
"Bang bang bang bang bang bang!"
Ak swept like a string of spinning sparks in the middle of the game, and its tentacles were beaten to a pulp.
After the hook swings back, his teammates will be more powerful. Wuyun Bizhang throws a rope "Catch!"
The mad dog caught the hook in the dragon and swung on the swing, which was generally pulled by the combination of Wuyun Bizhang and Justice Man.
"Brothers, the boss is an artifact!" Someone incredibly still dare to shout something like this.
Mad dog dragon is not so crazy. He estimates that this monster is a very high-level boss. No one can kill it.
"Get out of here and go to the deck!" The righteous man never loses his head at all times.
Sure enough, four people just ran out of the warehouse and the whole ship "boomed" and shook violently. A group of people in the warehouse exclaimed again.
"It’s not good to get into the water!"
"Go and run!"
"The monster must have broken the bottom!"
"Four eyes what are you doing? Are you crazy? "
"It’s a pity that a lot of gold bars have sunk and not been picked!"
"Never mind you, I left in advance!"
Mad dog dragon, they also clearly felt that the ship was really sinking.
However, people who rushed out of the banquet hall on the deck and it was raining heavily in the sea could hardly keep their eyes open. Violet flashed by in the night, which indicates that there is likely to be a big storm in the sea.
Really M is afraid that whatever comes will be obvious, suddenly pointing to the west and shouting "Don’t let us ship them!" "
He pointed to a pirate ship with a skull flag, which was a large sailboat with fireworks girls.
The choice of Wuyun Bizhang is very reasonable. The first group to escape from the warehouse is the fireworks girl. Now the mast of the sailing boat has been pulled up and it is about to turn around and set sail.
Mad dog dragon four people rushed at each other without hesitation and didn’t stop them. After all, just now Mad dog dragon made an escape in the warehouse.
Pirates are cruel, but players are always players, not the slightest human monster
Fireworks girl on the deck crazy shouting "to the east! To the east! Hurry up! Hurry up! Speed forward-"
At the moment, the thunder and thunder in the west are getting louder and louder, and those flashes are getting thicker and thicker. It is obvious that this sea storm is spreading from west to east, and sailing to the west is equivalent to killing yourself. Although it is a deeper unknown area, at least avoid this storm first and there is hope again.
Mad dog dragon, they haven’t come to breathe yet. Someone in the cockpit on the third floor is shouting "Boss, look over there."