Of course, the imperial city treasure specifies four maps, which doesn’t mean that you can enter each map three times. When it’s finished, it will mean that you can’t enter the map again. The top-level site of the Millennium Tomb has a little more access times, and each player can enter it five times, but this map needs 15 players to form a team to enter. You can’t enter it alone if you want.

Looking back to the hidden gold cave * *, Mu Feng closed his eyes and passed through the dazzling golden enchantment ear to hear the "buzzing" sound. Only after that did Mu Feng open his eyes and enter the eyes. The original dazzling light was gone, and Mu Feng was sitting in front of him with a huge toad monster with a golden color. His body was about four meters high and three meters wide, and his huge belly fell to the ground with a big mouth and a loud mouth. Fortunately, Mu Feng had had had lunch for a long time, otherwise he would be queasy.
[Golden Toad] Level 3 Beast Monster Monster Level Lord boss Monster Introduction Golden Toad is a special toad in the toad race. It is said that it grew up eating gold, and hamachi’s daughter grew up one inch long, eating ten thousand gold and one foot long. Golden Toad’s attack method is particularly difficult to parry.
When watching the Golden Toad in Mu Feng, its attributes were also automatically read out. The level of 3 lords was equivalent to the equipment hero level. Mu Feng was able to cope, but when Mu Feng saw the introduction of the Golden Toad, he couldn’t help laughing and laughing. Looking at its size, it is estimated that it has eaten more than 100,000 kilograms. Jin Mufeng is very curious about how it digests.
Although this toad grew up eating gold, it still looks ugly, golden yellow and greasy, and there are many, many irregular wrinkles to match it. Mu Feng, with its odd size, can scare people except ugly and deformed.
There are also two black shallow marshes near the golden toad, namely, jumping insects and poisonous jumping insects. What treasures have Mu Feng seen monsters in? Mu Feng didn’t see them.
And so on. Mu Feng suddenly remembered something. He put his eyes on the golden toad. At this moment, Mu Feng suddenly became white. Isn’t the golden hole * * treasure the golden toad? In this hole, except for this golden toad, it’s a little tied to the treasure, but nothing else is pulled over with the treasure.
Chapter 234 Abuse of Jumping Insect Transfer
The map of * * hiding the golden hole means hiding the golden toad hole, right? Mu Feng thought thoughtfully, even if he didn’t think right, it would be close. After all, there is no road behind the golden toad. This should be the end of the hidden golden cave. Killing this toad should be able to pass the low-level progress of the imperial treasure.
Say kill kill Mu Feng also don’t want to directly take out the second magic source staff and put it behind him to suspend. Then Mu Feng quickly took a few steps earlier and then held out his left hand "hiss". Mu Feng’s whole hand was instantly covered by flames.
"Fire world!" Mu Feng’s lips gently shouted, and then the flame in his hand plunged into the ground and slowly swam to all positions. He felt the flame appear in the shallow marsh not far away, and stayed with the jumping insects. They quickly set off. These jumping insects are bigger than the outside, and they are also level 3. Looking at the jumping insects, Mu Feng frowned. He was most afraid that when he released the fire world, he would count the seconds and have something to disturb himself. If his skills were interrupted, it would not be worth the loss.
When Mu Feng read the reading skills for five seconds, he chose to release the jumping insects in the fire world, and Mu Feng either released them or was interrupted.
When the fire world appeared in the radius of five meters around the center of Mu Feng, the jumping insects that came at Mu Feng fell into a burning. I wonder if the insects were afraid of the fire burning in the flame. These jumping insects became extremely slow, and they were burned to death at that distance of one meter before they got close to Mu Feng.
The experience of burning piles of jumping insects to death in Mu Feng comes to mind. 9% of the experience gained from killing jumping insects in this hole is less, but it is better than the number. It is hard to upgrade the Mu Feng experience pile all the way.
The coverage of the fire world is five meters, which can kill the jumping bug that came at itself, but it can’t kill the golden toad in the rear. Because Mu Feng is too far away from its location, the fire world can’t attack it, and Mu Feng can’t move it with the fire world.
While listening to the golden toad "cuckoo" and calling Mu Feng, I put away the fire world. It seems that this skill of the fire world is not perfect. If the hostile target is not in the fire world, then the fire world is not killing the golden toad, and we must find another way.
As a result of killing a lot of jumping insects just now, the passive skill of Mu Feng’s equipment devouring boots has been superimposed with a hundred layers of effect. Adding 5% of movement speed and attack speed to each layer means that Mu Feng’s attack speed and movement speed are more than twice as high as before. When this effect lasts for five seconds, Mu Feng swishes to the golden toad without thinking about waves, and then releases an attack on the second magic wand to the golden toad.
"Not bad!" Looking at the head injury of the golden toad, Mu Feng secretly sighed and then continued to attack. In the next three seconds, Mu Feng hit 20,000 injuries, and one of them hit a crit directly, which was 40,000 injuries. As soon as the 40,000 blood drops, the blood strips on the head of the golden toad will be about 4% less. Obviously, this guy’s life is about 1 million.
And it’s strange that every time Mu Feng hits a golden toad, it will open its mouth and spit out a piece of gold, which is not a gold coin. When it is picked up, it will automatically fly into the object column in the form of an object. Mu Feng doesn’t know what it is, but he picked it up anyway, so don’t pick it up!
"Buzz! !” Around again came the tedious buzz. Looking back, Mu Feng saw that it was the two shallow marshes behind him that refreshed the number of jumping insects and just didn’t want Mu Feng to be upset. It only took 1 second to refresh the monster and let people brush the boss?
After the appearance of the jumping bug, the golden toad grunted and then spit out stones to attack Mu Feng. The golden toad’s attack was not high enough to kill more than 1,600 blood in Mu Feng. He still ate it, but the jumping bug attacked him too much. When all the jumping bugs flew to himself, he rushed forward and then released the cool dark dance. The dark dance can disturb the jumping bug’s attention and make them get together to attack Mu Feng. Otherwise, the jumping bug attacked him and he could not fight.
Then Mu Feng didn’t dare to attack the golden toad, and then he danced wildly in the dark. After pulling four or five meters away from the two shallow marsh golden toads, it couldn’t attack itself. The golden toad shouldn’t have long-range skills, and its tongue couldn’t spit that far.
After temporarily letting the golden toad go, Mu Feng attacked the jumping bug. Four or five minutes later, the hundred jumping bugs were solved by Mu Feng again. After killing the mobs, Mu Feng rushed to fight with the golden toad. A common attack can hit it with six or seven thousand blood, while it can hit Mu Feng with one or two thousand Mu Feng and blood medicine. After Mu Feng, it can kill it.
But something strange happened. Mu Feng and Toad just confronted ping shi for a second, and the shallow marsh behind him refreshed the jumping insects again …
"Don’t let people brush boss when they lie down?" Mu Feng this time angry for ten seconds to refresh a mobster, isn’t this playing with yourself? Who has the ability to carry a bunch of mobs to attack and fight boss? Mu Feng also has a vulnerable mage.
After the anger, Mu Feng stepped back again. He breathed a sigh of relief and tried to calm himself down to think. He was not in a hurry to kill and clean up these bugs. With the previous two experiences, Mu Feng found that once these bugs died, the shallow marsh would brush out new bugs again in ten seconds. Is this because the bugs will refresh after they die or because Mu Feng will refresh after he gets close to the golden toad?
To prove his idea, Mu Feng killed all the jumping insects in the fire world far away from the golden toad. After that, he sat in the same place and waited to see if the shallow marsh would refresh the jumping insects. If not, it really said that once the player approached the golden toad, it would refresh.
However, when Mu Feng killed all the jumping insects, he sat in the same place and watched the movie. Ten seconds later, the number of new jumping insects was refreshed in the two shallow marshes. Mu Feng was depressed, but he still crustily skin of head to kill the jumping insects. Although he was tired of killing these jumping insects, he couldn’t touch the golden toad without killing the jumping insects.
Mu Feng stopped attacking when there were ten minutes left in the bug, and then he took the bug to the farthest position from the golden toad on the other side of the hole. Then Mu Feng shouted "Move!"
When shouting, Mu Feng locked the transfer target to the golden toad, and then a shallow smile appeared at the corner of Mu Feng’s mouth. After three seconds of guidance, Mu Feng appeared in front of the golden toad, and an illusory sledgehammer appeared on the golden toad’s head. At this time, it was transferred to the hostile target, and the golden toad also entered a three-second dizzy state.
Ten jumping insects in the distance watched disappear. Mu Feng suddenly lost his head. I don’t know how long it took to turn around in the same place before he found out that Mu Feng had attacked their boss. Without jumping insects, Mu Feng could put his hands and feet on the golden toad. Every time Mu Feng attacked a golden toad, it vomited a piece of gold. The rhythm of the attack was neither fast nor slow, which made the golden toad spit gold in an orderly way. When the golden toad spit out a certain amount of gold, its body would shrink and its blood volume would decrease.
Chapter 235 If the worm dies, it will fight.
After a few minutes of fighting, Mu Feng found that the boss wouldn’t attack himself when spitting gold, but he would attack when Mu Feng picked up gold, and when the gold accumulated to ten pieces, he would brush it away. On the one hand, he attacked the golden toad, and on the other hand, he was careful not to be attacked when picking up gold, which made Mu Feng busy.
But fortunately, those jumping insects led by Mu Feng didn’t come back, and the shallow marsh was not refreshing. This one-on-one battle of jumping insects, Mu Feng still ate less than 5 thousand blood, and Mu Feng drank potions or released skills to resist this golden toad. So far, there is nothing to release, and the roots can’t kill himself.
"Shadow attack!" When the blood volume of the golden toad drops to 5% of the life, Mu Feng quickly takes a cool shadow and attacks a shadow at the same time. Although there is no attack power, each shadow can reduce the moving speed and attack speed of the hostile target by 1%. In one shadow, the attack speed of the golden toad is reduced by%, and Mu Feng has not seen it move. After giving it a shadow, Mu Feng crouches down to pick it up, spits out gold and slowly attacks it, but the attack speed of the golden toad root is not exploited.
After the shadow attack lasted for seconds, Mu Feng knocked out about 1% of its blood volume and accumulated more than 4 pieces of gold in the column. Although I don’t know what this thing has, Mu Feng still won’t let the brush go and picked it up.
At this moment, Mu Feng heard the hiss, that is, the ten didn’t kill the jumping insects coming towards Mu Feng, and two poisonous jumping insects attacked Mu Feng far away.
One-on-one fight against Mu Feng, the golden toad who can croak and spit gold, but there is no problem. But adding ten jumping insects to attack Mu Feng will definitely be too much for one person. When the jumping insects enter their attack range, Mu Feng releases the dark dance. Five seconds later, the ten jumping insects die, and the remaining two are patched up and then hang up.
When Mu Feng admitted that he could attack the golden toad with peace of mind after killing the jumping insects, after ten seconds, two shallow marshes gave off a dim purple luster, and then two waves of jumping insects were refreshed.
At this moment, Mu Feng realized how stupid it was to kill the original ten jumping insects, and Mu Feng had guessed the two shallow marshes. If there were no jumping insects in the cave, then the two shallow marshes would refresh the jumping insects after ten seconds. The number of each refresh should be 1,100. Can the player cope with the golden toad?
And if Mu Feng doesn’t kill the jumping insects and leave ten words in the shallow marsh, it won’t refresh the jumping insects, but it’s also uncomfortable to add the golden toad to the ten jumping insects. It’s obviously not an easy task for a person to kill the golden toad with millions of lives in the face of the jumping insect attack. Besides, it’s a problem whether the golden toad will spit gold or not.
For Mu Feng, the vice card of the hidden gold cave, it can be said in a word that if the beetle dies, the battle will not stop if there is no beetle in the cave.
Looking at the refreshed jumping bug, soaking the wind energy and giving up attacking the golden toad, he turned to lead the jumping bug to the hole. * * On the other side, he attracted them. Mu Feng also did not forget to attack while waiting for the jumping bug. When there were ten minutes left, Mu Feng quickly ran to the golden toad. The transfer was still cooling, and he could run away.
The locomotion mode of the jumping bug is to chase after Mu Feng by jumping roots. When they realize that Mu Feng has run to the golden toad, Mu Feng hits the golden toad with a shadow, which weakens its attack speed again. When the jumping bug comes back, the golden toad has less than 2% blood left.
Compared with the bloated golden toad, Mu Feng is even more tragic. For a long time, these jumping insects consumed Mu Feng’s blood medicine, and now his life is only 20,000 points.
Mu Feng can’t storm, but he can take the jumping bug away from the golden toad. After that, Mu Feng ran back. The jumping bug didn’t move as fast as Mu Feng. It took them four minutes to run the map, and three minutes more was when Mu Feng and the golden toad fought.
The golden toad won’t make other attacks except the tongue slapping Mu Feng, even if the life is reduced to 15% or even 1%, let alone whether he has skills or not, that is, ordinary attacks have not changed.
When the blood of the golden toad is less than 1%, Mu Feng can already decide the fate of this guy. He released the prison fire-fire inflammation array in the golden toad for two seconds. After reading it, the array was started, and the golden toad was screamed and burned to death. After the death of this monster, a hole broke out. * * The ten gold coins were coming to Mu Feng, and the jumping insects were directly crushed to death by the gold coins. Two shallow marshes were not refreshed. It is estimated that the jumping insects were the cause of death of the golden toad.
How many gold coins did the golden toad explode? Mu Feng sat in the pile of gold coins and picked them up automatically. Because Mu Feng didn’t want these gold coins to be confused with his own purchases, he spent 10 thousand gold coins to open the second gold coin box. These automatically picked gold coins were placed in the second gold coin box.
A pile of gold coins are constantly flying into the virtual gold grid driven by Mu Feng. Mu Feng calculated that it takes about one minute to pick up 30,000 gold coins, while Mu Feng looked at it for more than five minutes before putting all the gold coins into the gold grid. When you look at the total number of more than 162,000 gold coins, you will have 160,000 gold coins once you kill the toad, and the player can enter the gold hiding hole three times. That is to say, this gold hiding hole can bring about 50,000 gold coins to the player.
When killing Golden Toad, Mu Feng’s experience also broke through 1% and successfully rose to level 2, but looking at that 1% progress experience bar, Mu Feng was depressed again and thought to himself that it was getting harder and harder to upgrade the game.
Depressed when Mu Feng saw the golden toad disappear, a piece of equipment appeared. Don’t ask, it was the golden toad who exploded the equipment. Pick it up and have a look at Mu Feng’s joy.
[Gold Stealing Hand Guard] The orange hero equipment can be equipped in the hand guard position. The equipment level is 3, which makes the demand level 2 increase the occupational restriction attribute and the gold hand guard attribute. Additional effect: Each time you kill a monster, you will get an additional gold coin. The gold thief’s active skill caster summons an illusory gold thief to steal 5-5 gold coins from the monster and randomly grabs 1-5% of the monster’s life. It gives a certain chance to steal gold coins from the opponent’s body or makes the equipment cool the monster a little. Introduce the equipment for players to cool down for 24 hours. Stealing gold armguard, stealing gold suit parts, stealing gold suit, each piece of equipment has a strong stealing ability. Gathering together a stealing gold suit will make the gold suit with all its wealth divided into stealing gold armguard, stealing gold hammer, stealing gold ring, stealing gold belt and stealing gold hat.
Chapter 236 Have no equipment to eat?
The gold-stealing armguard looks good, but it’s nowhere for Mu Feng. After all, he doesn’t lack gold coins and doesn’t want to do that skill to steal others’ gold coins, so the gold-stealing armguard has no additional effects and skills, and this armguard has no attribute bonus, which makes Mu Feng smile bitterly.
After a wry smile, Mu Feng sent the gold-stealing armguard to Hanyue and asked her to sell the armguard for the price and how to auction it for Hanyue to arrange at will. Although the gold-stealing armguard is a waste for Mu Feng, it is orange after all. The effect and skill of stealing gold coins are still very good for other players, especially for some players who take people to upgrade their workshops, such as a 2-level player who is equipped with a gold-stealing armguard and then takes a level 1 player to kill a level 15 monster. That’s not a knife, and every time you kill a monster, you earn 1 gold coin, and there are not tens of thousands of gold
This equipment has nothing to do with itself, but it has a lot to do with others. Mu Feng chose to auction it. It is better to take some gold coins in his hand, although Mu Feng is not short of money.
After giving the gold-stealing armguard to Hanyue, Mu Feng sent her a piece of gold toad gold and asked what it was. When Hanyue received it, she was happy to ask Mu Feng how much she bought in large quantities. After a period of communication, Mu Feng realized that this was a material for alchemists to refine gold coins. After the game was updated, the alchemist’s life career was released, and hiding the golden hole and spitting gold toad was the most needed material for alchemists.
Mu Feng collected more than 600 pieces of gold, and gave them to Hanyue. In a short time, Hanyue said that she stole the gold armguard and took out 22,000 gold coins. Then she bought two things and sent them to Mu Feng, Mu Feng, depressed. I secretly thought that this Hanyue didn’t charge a commission, but it really made Mu Feng feel a little puzzled.
After Mu Feng hid in the golden cave, there was nothing. He chose to leave the cave. As soon as he left here, it showed that he still had the qualification to enter the cave twice. But Mu Feng didn’t want to go in and kill the golden toad. Those jumping insects almost didn’t bother him, and the golden toad didn’t have strong attack means. It was a bit boring to fight once.
The second map of the Imperial City Treasure is called Sin Prison. This map sounds a little dark. It’s probably not a good place for Mu Feng to play, but Mu Feng doesn’t want to go yet. First, it takes three players to form a team to enter Sin Prison. Second, it’s already night. Mu Feng should be on the line.
* * Mu Feng returned to Ghost Town from the Imperial City and then took the line. When Mu Feng happened to see a beautiful image in the room, wearing a white dress, she was staring at herself.
"What are you doing in Yueyue?" Mu Feng staring at her month slightly frightened.
"No … nothing, um … have a meal." Ji Yue’s little face turned red and pouted and left. Mu Feng was still lying in bed. What would be shy about Ji Yue? Is it because she has been watching herself here for a long time? Besides, Mu Feng couldn’t think of anything that made Ji Yue blush.
Dinner or the chef staff in the villa can’t get through those dishes, but Ji Yue and an arrow pierced the heart. They ordered people to buy a total of more than 30 dishes, all of which were their favorite dishes. One arrow also said that they had money and wouldn’t be interested. They bought a lot of dishes and said they would give them to employees if they couldn’t finish them.
Mu Feng is the one who is depressed. He glanced at the dishes on the table. This meal is enough for him to eat for a month at ordinary times. Although he has money, he can’t wave like this. He is dissatisfied. After spitting, Mu Feng called his mother and said that he might not go back to a friend’s house tonight. He also said that he would let his mother go to bed early and hang up before Mu Feng put chopsticks and ate.
Mu Feng, a rich man, doesn’t understand life, but his own life is very simple. Just play games with Ji Yue every day, eat and drink. Other complicated Mu Feng won’t think about it, and he’s too lazy to think about it. Today is the first day that Mu Feng remembers sleeping in such a luxurious villa. Although the place is strange, Mu Feng still sleeps very steadily.
The next morning, Mu Feng, who was sleeping soundly, was suddenly dragged out of bed by Ji Yue. At this time, it was only six o’clock. Mu Feng was asking Ji Yue what she was doing so early. As a result, she seriously said that she was going to do morning exercises.