What’s wrong with the territory of the Dark Emperor?

When Yang Tian was in doubt, he didn’t have the heart to explore it because he didn’t have any trouble. He immediately urged the speed to the limit, which had been delayed for nearly a month. He had to hurry into the graveyard of death or come for nothing.
Although the idea is good, the fact is that it is mostly unexpected to move on. Four or five, Wan Li has reached the middle of the territory of the Dark Emperor, and Yang Tian has to slow down and hide his figure.
Because the sky ahead is shaqi thousands of miles away, you can see the edge of the prison sea at a glance, which means that there is terror there, either the army of the devil must be there or the devil emperor must be there
Yang Tian really wants to go around there, but his heart is so curious that he wants to go and see what happened there, even if he doesn’t intervene.
Carefully move on, and when you meet the devil, there are more and more. Hundreds of people wander back and forth in groups of thousands, and order seems to be on the alert.
So many devils, Yang Tian, will let go of their roots and turn over the sky without their own efforts. Those devils will immediately disappear in teams after they have been directly to Shura Control.
Later, even the demon king led a brigade of ten thousand people to face the seal of heaven, and the resistance was still instantaneous. Don’t sweat it when you look at the rapid increase of the devil’s army in the seal of heaven.
However, as we get closer and closer to the edge of Shaqi, the number of the devil’s army has increased dramatically, and there is no chance to take it if we don’t startle them.
What’s going on ahead
Yang Tian doubts that Shura directly grabbed a newly captured demon king and forced him to kill him directly to check his memory.
In front of the demon emperor’s position, the dark demon emperor is arresting people. It is said that the three of them have been facing each other for more than ten days.
In the face of shura coercion, the poor demon king almost collapsed directly and immediately knew everything, but he didn’t know the specific identity of the three people.
Brother Daqian or three people? Are you coming to the Four Tianmen or Xianshi brother?
Yang Tianwen didn’t give up, but he was more curious and wanted to see one.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Karo token
According to the demon king, the Dark Devil Emperor Xiu helped Yang Tianshulu around the quadruple Dan robbery. Even if he was found, he believed that Bao should be no problem, but this is his lair, so extreme measure should be careful.
The seal of heaven has been extremely wooden, and the master can generally inhale directly, and Yang Tian waved his hand to attract a mass of Shaqi to hide his figure. No one can find his trace unless the dark emperor personally checks it.
The further we go, the devil’s army becomes dense and dark, stretching for hundreds of miles. In front of us, it seems that its formation is surrounded by a circle, with a total of at least 10 million.
Dozens of miles in the center of the devil’s army, Fiona Fang, where the black inflammation is shining like a large array of fire of the earth, one of which is a black giant tower, which must be the hub of the large array
Black phlogistic party suppressed a golden light. I don’t know what magic weapon it is, but it looks precarious.
At first glance, Yang Tian saw that the black giant tower was a celestial device, and its power was not too much worse than that of the extremely wooden master. And the black inflammation was by no means a magic fire, but a real fire of the fairy family, which could be felt from a distance.
Around the black inflammation, dozens of devil lords revolve around the black inflammation, and each of them hits a black light from time to time and shoots into the black tower to see that its strength is all ten, and the number is actually a big devil.
Shaqi, which is condensed by thousands of demons in the sky, is also constantly converging to the giant tower in the black inflammation, which has enough energy for its continuous operation.
Who is trapped in such a big battle?
Yang Tian couldn’t help thinking with horror after seeing the situation. Even in the heyday of the extremely wooden master, he couldn’t help refining this terrible array. This is the strength of the Dark Lord and the tens of millions of devil armies, and the trapped people can actually compete for more than ten days, which shows that they must be pregnant with rare treasures.
Hey, isn’t that Hu Naer? How can the devil’s army be mixed up?
When Yang Tian carefully observed, he was immediately shocked. He actually saw three monster beasts in front of the devil’s army, and the demon bear Wang Huner was impressively among them.
The other two are a fox demon dressed in colorful clothes and dressed like a woman. I don’t know what the monster beast is. It’s slightly thinner than Huernar, and its head, neck and limbs are covered with golden scales. It’s incredible that its head has two horns.
Is the magic emperor not interested in the monster beast? I didn’t expect the monster beast to have this advantage.
These three monster beasts didn’t intervene in the siege, but they looked at the devil’s army with a smile and seemed very friendly. Obviously, they were not caught by the dark emperor, which puzzled Yang Tian.
Xiao Shang, your three magic weapons have reached the end, and the defense is getting weaker and weaker. It won’t be long before the emperor burns the magic tower, but it’s backed by thousands of troops. Even if it’s strong for ten days, it’s no problem. Be good, Garo, the token emperor will spare your lives
Black inflammation suddenly a proudly sound with irresistible majesty must be that I have not seen the dark emperor.
The three magic weapons come from Fang Jinguang, and the three heavenly weapons work together. No wonder they can compete against the burning magic tower. How can they be stupid enough to fall into the siege of thousands of troops?
When Yang Tian suddenly realized, he had some doubts in his heart.
Don’t believe those three animals’ nonsense. It’s not that the little monk won’t give you the token, but that it’s hard for the teacher to disobey it. Even if you kill the little monk, you won’t get the token, and you will struggle hard. If you don’t shake hands at the same time, what can you sit down and talk about? Killing can’t solve the problem, can’t you?
The tone of the other stereo sounds very sincere, and people can’t help but believe his words. However, instead of giving in, he is persuading the Dark Emperor.
Hum, although you are a Zen brother, you are scheming. How can the emperor fall in love with your scheming? Even if you can’t get the token, the emperor is willing to destroy it, but the three of you will die in vain.
Dark magic emperor cold hum a way obviously don’t believe Xiao Shang nonsense.
Is Zen a master of Zen Buddhism? I’m really a Zen Buddhism brother. It’s hard to fight to help him break through
Hu Na ‘er and others must have their own devices. Yang Tian dare not get too close and think in the distance.
Dark magic emperor can need help from my little nephew.
A listen to the dark magic emperor to destroy the token shout that three people immediately nasty that horned monster beast respectful way
my nephew
Yang Tianwen felt a little funny. Could it be that this long-horned monster beast, the Dark Emperor, is still related to relatives and friends?
Hum, are you doubting the emperor’s strength?
Dark magic emperor is ungrateful cold way emperor posture.