"Ah, I said that won’t do! Don’t talk about Jianghu morality! " Zuo Tangtang’s righteous words criticized, "Come back quickly! Get him over there! "

"Oh, I said! Little hoof! " Pikaqiu patted his thigh and looked at Zuo Tangtang, who was still in the crowd. "I stop that now and see how this can be solved!" We can’t change his position, and we can’t hook him up! How can this work! Let’s hurry up! "
I don’t care! Zuo Tangtang started the reasoning mode. "If you walk away directly! I told the cat to tell on him, but I remember that he used to be famous in Emei and irritating, and the big heads had deep friendship … "
"Little hoof, you …" Pikachu said that he had finished talking. "Alas, alas, this dead transvestite should not fall into the toilet for so long …"
Zuo Tangtang smells and smiles. Pikachu has decided to stay and clean up this rotten stall.
But what is the key …
Zuo Tangtang’s line of sight is a little erratic, and he hasn’t made an idea for a long time.
Although the decision was made, there was no way for Pikachu to break the cans and smash all kinds of sweeps around the fence. Anyway, these nameless meats are still meat! Don’t abandon don’t abandon …
Pikachu comforted himself in his heart.
Yi … Well … Gee.
Send out a series of thinking sounds. Zuo Tangtang doesn’t know that he is in a calm mood at this time.
Peat dead shemale! It’s all your procrastination!
Pikachu, full of resentment, raised his mouse in his hand and suddenly stopped when he was ready to drop it.
Well … it seems that … this mouse in my hand was quite expensive?
Pikachu touched his head and put the mouse back in its place.
Look at it. It’s better to turn grief into strength!
Pikachu’s grief and indignation threw his deep hostility at the fence. On the other side, the enemy didn’t expect to be full of anger, and his hands moved so fast and agile until a golden triple chop font appeared next to Pikachu.
[Nearby] Pippi Pikachu destroys fascism!
[Nearby] Pippikachu freedom belongs to the people!
Pikachu howled, shouted majestic slogans and rushed into the crowd …
I didn’t expect that just like Pikachu’s slogan, the whole person belongs to all kinds of buff possession, and a group of people around him dare not fall down close to each other and be patched up by a large number of people. Both sides looked at it dumbfounded …
Until a few seconds later, the Royal Guards cheered up and a more positive attitude rushed at the enemy.
People in the Jianghu of Tangmen who assist Tangmen are habitually hiding behind unconsciously, and there is a tendency to retreat.
I don’t know when I saw this storm caused by Pikachu.
Gee …
Zuo Tangtang shook his head while watching.
This group of Tangmen’s morale was suppressed like this?
Just with this idea, I didn’t expect the sudden change.
The alliance!
Four big character bubbles appeared in the enemy crowd, and all of them were still in Zheng, but they didn’t come to see clearly. Four big characters appeared again.
The tribe!
Zuo Tangtang was just about to join in the fun to see who it was when he saw that the news had just been refreshed and soon an unusually familiar name appeared in the nearby channel.
[Nearby] Soft soft sugar Demassia! ! !
! ! !
The three exclamation points in the message, Zuo Tangtang, feel as if they really appeared in front of their eyes.
This is … this is …?
Zuo Tangtang is a little unresponsive.
The machine slides the mouse and moves the mouse to look at the news of nearby channels.
Sure enough … Previously "the alliance! The tribe! " The department is full of fudge, said
She was thinking about how someone could be as stupid as Pikachu in this solemn place. It turned out to be fudge … Zuo Tangtang buried his face and couldn’t bear to look straight.
Pikachu looked at the name of the nearby channel, only to know that the opposite side rushed like a small firecracker, and the whirlwind was called soft soft sugar …
It is no wonder that I can only know each other’s names in the nearby channels. I can see my own names, but I can’t see Zuo Tangtang’s names at all. I am very sure about this! If a person kills the other leader several times and abuses him thousands of times, if he can see the name, he will get it. Aren’t those masters retaliated by the leaders every day?
Fudge is very brave to kill the enemy, although … He is not a Tangmen, but! I can’t stand it. He has a heart to defend peace! He must take part in this sect war! He is very active because those lazy people who play soy sauce don’t * * participate.
Low ideological awareness. This is … The fudge hand moves are not slow, but also very philosophical. Nodding your head is uncertain. What he is doing now is to pacify the sky!
Pikachu looked thoughtfully at his eyes and shouted Demacia fudge. Although his name and gang are hidden now, he always feels that he has seen or heard of it before …?
"Pikachu! We have an idea! "
Zuo Tangtang shouted while brushing the news in a nearby channel.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew fudge!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew fudge!
After the name-sensitive fudge saw the news, her eyes blinked and her eyes were tearful. Looking at the screen behind the fence, her sister couldn’t suppress her feelings.
[Nearby] Soft and soft sugar girl! Your fudge brother is here!
The fudge ran all the way to tears and turned around seven times, but it didn’t hurt the Royal Guards, so it directly reached Zuo Tangtang.
[Nearby] Soft sugar grievances/hooves … I miss you so much … To be continued
[277 Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Die endlessly]