Life and death are hanging by a thread now!

Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Mirror sharingan hidden trouble
"What should ice cloud do now?" I can’t match any bodyguard around, so I immediately turned to Uchihiro ice cloud for help, hoping that she could find a way to solve the present predicament.
Uchihiro ice cloud looked at the twelve strongest guards in the palace around his eyes, and his face suddenly turned even whiter. He said with a sad smile, "I just made Shenwei’s strength greatly reduced now. Even if I fight against the general manager of the palace guards, I’m afraid I will win or lose. What’s worse, there are so many more deputies?"
Uchihiro ice cloud is in a very bad situation now, and my own situation is not optimistic. Just now, the speed of Upanishads reached its limit. Now my sword-holding arm is sour and sore. I’m afraid it will be a battle between France and France for a short time. That is to say, now my fighting power of Uchihiro ice cloud has fallen to the bottom. I’m afraid that twelve guards need a round of attack to directly deal with the two of us.
"The serpent disambiguation, don’t you really want to kill us? Then why don’t you come and help? If we die in the hands of twelve guards, you can never kill sharingan’s successor. "Now there are also hopes that the super-Warcraft serpent will try to kill us, so it will never allow us to hang in other people’s hands.
"Hum, you two little dolls can die in the hands of the statue. Everyone else has to rest. Give the statue more and insist on some horses." Indeed, the serpent wants to kill sharingan’s successor. It’s crazy. It’s not just that we may die in the hands of twelve guards. Even if we push wildly to the department, people dare to touch its edge like an armored vehicle.
Level 9 guards always led the old man’s face suddenly changed and immediately waved to his colleagues around him and said, "Solve them quickly."
The remaining eleven guards heard the general commander give an order, and even though the hand was shining, Tatsu Yamashiro cut it down. I can guarantee that if I was cut by these Tatsu Yamashiro, I am afraid I will die. The first thug, Uchihiro ice cloud, is amazing in strength, but now she is limited by the great power. I think she also has the right to protect herself and take care of me in her spare time.
Yuqi serpent, it’s still on its way to the bedroom. If the water can’t save me near the fire root, it can’t save me. Am I going to hang in the Japanese Palace like this?
"Mirror sharingan-creation! 」
When the scene in front of me changed from twelve Tatsu Yamashiro to a valley full of birds and flowers, I knew that it was wonderful to install a universal mirror for the time being and create it by sharingan to avoid enemy attacks.
Gaga, I really don’t know what I would think if the ancestors of Uchihiro knew that sharingan’s successors had fully benefited from the creation of the most powerful hidden meaning of the universal mirror to avoid enemy attacks.
"ice cloud, how are you?" Today, Uchihiro ice cloud has made the universal mirror sharingan create a great power once in a row before, and this time, regardless of his physical condition, he made the universal mirror sharingan again. I’m afraid he was injured and injured, so I immediately asked about the past just after he appeared in the valley.
Uchihiro ice cloud felt that several forces crowded out the body after he released his creation, and he couldn’t help kneeling on the ground and shortness of breath. His original eyes were blurred at the moment, just like his original healthy eyes were highly nearsighted. At the moment, he listened to my inquiry and tried to adjust his breath. Then he slowly said, "Nothing should be a mirror. It doesn’t matter if sharingan’s hidden danger is sent. Just take a rest."
"Wanhua Mirror sharingan Hidden Danger?"
Uchihiro ice cloud nodded his head, blurred his eyes, and sighed that he had created the valley grass himself. "The powerful gods such as the sharingan function of the universal mirror have restricted the development of our Uchihiro clan and specially revised the laws of the world to bless the sharingan of the universal mirror."
"Isn’t this the same as an ordinary vice?"
"Different pairs are hidden dangers." Uchihiro ice cloud calmed down his mood before continuing. "Anyone who has a universal mirror in sharingan will have his eyes bite when Harle and Shenwei create Sanzi. The optic nerve will blur everything in front of him. Well, to put it simply, it will produce myopia. The more times, the greater the myopia effect."
"Myopia? Really? Isn’t it that once you die in the world, the vice state department will be eliminated? Even if you are highly nearsighted, it will be okay soon? "
Uchihiro ice cloud shook his head and said slowly, "Other skills may be eliminated once he dies, but sharingan, the universal mirror, is different. Remember I once told you that sharingan, the universal mirror, is known even if he appears in this world."
"Well, I know you told me this once." When I was at the bottom of Mount Fuji, I heard Uchihiro ice cloud tell me about the origin of Wanhua Mirror in sharingan and how to get it. It is still fresh in my memory.
"Because of the origin of the universal mirror in sharingan, it is bound by the law of the world. It is said that if you make your eyes too much, you will have high myopia and eventually lose them." When Uchibo ice cloud said the last sentence, it was obvious that my face changed and I was stunned. "Don’t worry, the hidden danger of high myopia binocular loss is limited to Qiwanhua mirror sharingan, and the ordinary sharingan state is not affected by this and the myopia state is deepened. You are not too worried when you create Harle and Shenwei."
"shout! If you didn’t say earlier that I was still in a normal state of sharingan, it would be affected. "Losing is no small matter, especially in this game world where everything can be restored after death. Once it is lost forever, the world game career will come to an end here.
Fortunately, this is limited to the sharingan of Kaiwanhua Mirror, and the hidden danger of myopia will be limited to the display of Harle and Shenwei’s creation. Therefore, I am not too worried that even if the sharingan of Wanwanhua Mirror makes it a big deal, it will not be used again. Anyway, I can still get wind and rain in the game if it is normal.
"How many times have you used ice cloud Wanhua Mirror, sharingan Harle and Shenwei to create the three styles?" Suddenly, I asked Uchihiro ice cloud about the number of times she used the universal mirror sharingan to know the number of times she used it. Now, I can analyze the hidden danger of universal mirror sharingan III gross myopia, but after this village, there is no such store.
Uchihiro ice cloud bowed their heads and thought for a while before slowly saying, "Harle made it five times in total; Shenwei created 2 times in 5 times. "
"That you can talk about Harle, great power to create eyes after feeling? For example, how much is blurred in front of you? " While I am now in the ice cloud Valley of Uchihiro, I immediately questioned Uchihiro ice cloud like a prisoner, hoping to get some information from her. "Well, are there still three strokes with exactly the same ambiguity or slightly different ambiguity? By the way, how much can you see in sharingan dialect now? "
"You have a lot of questions." Uchihiro ice cloud replied faintly, although he was dissatisfied. "The effect after Harle’s appointment is not obvious. It is estimated that there should be myopia of about 1 ~ 3; After Shenwei made it, the effect was obvious, which was almost twice that of Harle. The creation is too harmful to the eyes, and it has a myopia effect that is 1 times that of Harle. Now, after the sharingan of Kaiwanhua Mirror, the visual nerve effect has blurred a large area, and the general outline can be clearly seen. "
After Uchihiro ice cloud’s simple explanation, I immediately got a general understanding of the myopia effect of Wanhua Mirror sharingan’s three-style trick. Suppose Harle’s myopia effect is 2 (median); Then Shenwei’s myopia effect is 2; And that effect of create myopia reaches 2 degree.
Uchibo, ice cloud and Harle made five great powers, created five times and made two times. According to the explanation, Uchibo, ice cloud’s myopia should be about 616 now. According to her self-report, the visual effect is blurred now, and a large area can be seen clearly. I believe this data should be true and the deviation is not big.
(Note: The degree of visual loss here is calculated by 1.)
Harle’s effect is still acceptable. Even if it is used once, the myopia effect is not serious. The miraculous power and myopia effect are more obvious, but it is still less wonderful than creation. If it is used for 5 times, it will directly lose that root, that is, even if it is hanged and loses 1 level, it will definitely not make the creation function.
"The serpent of disambiguation has arrived in the bedroom, and now it has been fighting with those high-level guards." When Uchihiro ice cloud’s state recovered somewhat, he immediately opened sharingan to check the external dynamics through the gap. "Huh? A 6-level bodyguard with a special knife has been destroyed by the serpent. Shall we go out now? There is a big snake to help us stop the high guards, and I think it is more likely that we can escape. "
I thought about it a little and suddenly asked, "How many health points does the serpent have?"
"There are about 120,000 HP left in the 6% health ratio." Uchihiro ice cloud paused and said curiously, "Do you want us to suddenly appear when the health of the serpent is less? When the time comes, I will directly kill the serpent and then get the life and leave? "