"I think it should be you who is about to be killed." After seeing that the eyes were spent by the Ankylosaurus for a while, they were delayed for a short time by Zhao Linger’s five-fusion magic’ fusion impact bomb’. When I smiled strangely, my equipment suddenly gave off a dazzling golden light. "Iron-backed frost wyrm accepts the death verdict."

My voice just fell down and I was equipped with necklaces and bracelets. Suddenly, the golden light made the white glacier look particularly dazzling. Then a golden energy circle with a diameter of about one meter appeared in front of me. In the energy circle, the golden line gradually formed a six-pointed star pattern, which almost made people lose sight.
"Six-pointed star destruction! 」
In an instant, the golden grain six-pointed star pattern suddenly broke out with unprecedented golden light. In the center of the six-pointed star pattern, a golden meteor roared out and the whole glacier world shone almost white in an instant. At this moment, the glacier world was shining in the white of the six-pointed star, and you could see the five fingers by reaching out your hand.
"Card rub!"
A sound like a broken bone echoed in the ears of everyone. Just when everyone was worried about whether frost wyrm with iron back would play assassination now, he saw that the original white glacier world suddenly became clear. At present, frost wyrm with iron back was like a hill. At this moment, it has burst and the surrounding equipment potions and gold coins have fallen all over the floor.
"You should feel honored to die in the six-pointed star destruction like Pharaoh Khufu." I muttered a little bit about my strength and fell to the ground slowly in my mind again. Fortunately, I have had experience once, so I immediately called up a message device to tell Tyrannosaurus Rex and others about my current state after falling to the ground.
When I ask them to collect and clean up the battlefield, I naturally don’t forget to ask them to collect a bottle of dragon blood. Hey hey, although frost wyrm with iron back is a dragon, it is also a pure dragon and a hard-armored dragon. This semi-hanging dragon is different, but it also has the blood of frost wyrm with iron back to make my grass blade grow into a fairy class.
This harvest is good. Besides a series of strange props such as dragon blood, dragon meat, dragon essence and keel, seven pieces of silver equipment, five pieces of gold equipment, and a fairy device and a scroll equipment have not been identified. Whether the attribute is good or bad can only be clear when we return to the city to find an appraiser, but what excites everyone is that the scroll is said and it is good enough to make many experts drool.
The special scroll of the fusion scroll is limited to the fairy beast class. The special and mysterious fusion scroll can make two incompatible pets merge into a new pet with some strange fusion props. No restrictions can make the fusion good or bad, and there may be pets with higher rank or pets with lower rank. Everything depends on the player’s own luck.
If the fusion scrolls are properly fused, a beast pet can be produced.
If the fusion scroll can make people drool, then falling on the ground as big as a hill is enough to drive Tyrannosaurus rex and me crazy. Yes, we are crazy, not crazy
What? You don’t understand?
You know, the hill in front of us is the corpse of a dragon, which can transform the keel bracelet into a necromancer, but it drives us both crazy because I am extremely weak and can’t trade or discard anything except talking and chatting on special channels.
That is to say, I can watch the iron-backed frost wyrm’s body being refreshed in vain and transform it into my own bone dragon.
Whoops! I, the monster beast bone dragon, just released the six-pointed star to destroy and kill frost wyrm with iron back. Why didn’t I think of this? Ah, it was a mistake. A monster beast class bone dragon just passed me by.
After finishing the equipment department, the devil was crying and chatting with the team again and told me enviously, "Boss, you are really amazing. It’s so abnormal to destroy the six-pointed star and kill the fairy beast. It’s just a little troublesome. You need to lie down for three hours, but if I have this trick, I will lie down for twenty-four hours."
The destruction of the six-pointed star is terrible, but it’s just that frost wyrm with iron back didn’t notice me here. Otherwise, it would give me the destruction of the six-pointed star casually, but it would be interrupted immediately. Hey, hey, this is also due to the Jianjialong people
After all, frost wyrm, with iron back, has been paying attention to Zhao Linger’s five-fusion magic behind Ankylosaurus, which made it pay attention here. But even so, frost wyrm, with iron back, is paying more attention to the accumulation of fusion impact bombs, Zhao Linger, which is not on my mind.
It is precisely because the Ankylosaurus and Zhao Linger attracted the attention of the iron-backed frost wyrm, which didn’t let it find that there was a super-large me in obscurity. Otherwise, once it found the energy accumulation of the six-pointed star, it would be me who died first.
In fact, this is my luck. After all, when the energy fluctuation of the six-pointed star was discovered in frost wyrm with iron back, it happened that Zhao Linger was also accumulating five-fusion magic. Because Zhao Linger’s five-fusion magic accumulated five energies and was gorgeous, frost wyrm with iron back recognized that the energy fluctuation just discovered was Zhao Linger’s energy impact bomb without thinking.
"I have three hours when I am weak. Are you going to wait for me to recover in three hours or go to the first floor now?" When I was three hours old, I said it was not long or short, so my team chatted and asked about the past. I don’t want to wave them for three hours, so will they go directly to the first floor or wait for me to enter? It’s up to them to decide.
They discussed it with each other, because of a series of factors such as unknown adventures on the first floor, so they finally decided to enter the first floor with me in three hours. In this way, after we said goodbye to each other, we went our separate ways. Hey, hey, what should we do now when we have three hours to spare?
Um, Liu Lingfei will be back tomorrow, right? Should she prepare some gifts? After all, she and I haven’t seen each other for nearly a month. When we meet again, it’s only natural that we should send some gifts to show our hearts. What should we buy as gifts?
It seems that I’ll go downtown with Laughter and Laughter later and ask her to give me some advice for reference. Women know their minds best.
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Out of love with God ()
"Smile is still memorizing English words?" After taking off the game helmet, I went to the second floor to talk and laugh in a one-bedroom room. At this moment, she was sitting in front of the writing desk, holding an English lesson in her hand. English words had to be revealed from her cherry mouth from time to time, and I knew that she was reviewing English words.
And a look back at the eye is staring at himself at the door and smiling Wang Xiaolong said differently, "Well, English is a very important course. There is a letter misspelled in these words, but all the departments are wrong and there is no room for recovery." It’s really rare. Why do you come out sometimes today? Aren’t you going to play games? "
"Hehe, I’m playing games." Of course I won’t tell her that I have to come out now because I used the six-pointed star to destroy it like yesterday, huh? No, it seems that I didn’t tell her yesterday. Although I thought so in my heart, my lip service was another excuse. "Tianlingfei will return to China soon, and I want to buy something, so I will come out as a gift."
When I heard this, I laughed and laughed. Although I quickly recovered, I was still seen by my amazing eyes. Just when I was going to say something comforting, I laughed and said, "If you want to buy a gift, go ahead. What are you doing in my room?"
"Because I don’t know what you women like, I don’t know how to buy it." Although I feel ashamed to say this, it’s not because of outsiders. "Let’s laugh together. I want you to help me choose one or two jewelry gifts. Well, I’ll help you buy some more clothes by the way."
If you go out with a beautiful woman, you can’t always think about another woman. Otherwise, the beautiful women around you will be unhappy and the consequences will certainly be serious. Although Joking is a very pregnant woman in my opinion, if a beautiful woman is a little narrow-minded, it is no exception.
"Well, I can go with you, and I can also help you choose the right gift." I laughed and said with a big belly. "But I want you to promise me that you can’t leave me behind, and after going out to help your girlfriend choose a jewelry gift, how about you accompany me to the clothing section to buy some clothes?"
After all, she is my woman now. If I abandon her, wouldn’t it be a pig and a dog? But it’s a little difficult to ask later. Isn’t it a little embarrassing to go to the clothing area with her, where only women can enter?
Well, the first requirement is that you don’t want me and I won’t let you leave. There’s no way for me to bargain. But isn’t this second requirement too …? I mean, is it too embarrassing for me to enter the women’s clothing area as a big man? "
And a curl of the corners of the mouth said, "hey, can’t you even accompany me into the women’s clothing area to choose some clothes?" Well, if your girlfriend wants you to go to the women’s clothing section with her, I don’t think you will refuse. I know that your girlfriend is much more important than me in your eyes. "
Seeing the laughter almost crying, I resigned and said, "OK, OK, can’t I go with you?"
"Well, now that you are willing to go to the clothing section with me, I will help you choose some jewelry gifts so that you can give them to your girlfriend one day." After hearing the words that I am willing to accompany you, I laughed and laughed brightly, and as I spoke, I rushed out of the room and said, "You can start the car now. I will come as soon as I change my clothes."
"It hasn’t been a few minutes since I started the car. How can things shine inside?" I smiled lewdly and stretched out my hand to turn the door handle to peep at a beautiful scenery inside. Nai laughed and locked the door alertly. I left my pie mouth and couldn’t eat grapes. Of course, it was sour grapes. "Even locked the door?" What’s the big deal? I haven’t seen it before. "
Since there is no beautiful scenery, I went back to my room to get the car keys. I was going to start the car and warm the starter first. However, just as I put a list of door props such as the car keys and the door key wallet in my pocket, I "Ding Dong" came from the iron gate of the building when the doorbell rang.