Then the drunkard put the maple down, picked up a bottle of whisky from the ground, took a few sips and said, "Come on, let’s talk about your price first."

Faced with such a question, Feng felt that if she said something she hadn’t thought about, she would be beaten up. She immediately made a rough budget in her mind and said "1 gold coin"
"How much! ?” The drunkard shouted after a pinch of whisky bottle.
"The deposit of 1 gold coin is 1 gold after the deposit is completed," Feng immediately added.
"Oh, hurry up, that’s a little sincere. Tell me what you want me to do." The drunk asked and took a bottle of red wine from the bedstead and drank it.
Fortunately, I’m resourceful enough … Xipi’s appetite is really big. Even a gold coin can’t satisfy him. He can say that Evelyn gave more money. Hehe, mentor! I’ll let you return it sooner or later!
After a wave of anger in my heart, Feng said, "I don’t know what your name is?"
"Harris" replied after the drunk spit out a mouthful of alcohol.
"Hello, Mr. Harris, I’m going to organize a team to wipe out those foreigners who want to hire you as a powerful helper," Feng said
"Famine plain? Ok, I won’t ask you what the team is like. Anyway, if you have a team, I will rush to the front of the team. If you don’t have a team, I can keep you alive and ensure that you can pay your salary. "Harris finished and took another sip of red wine.
"Frank! Then it’s a date. It’s the middle of next month. I’ll send you the deposit for two days. "Maple nods immediately.
"what! ? Hiccup … forget it for two days. Anyway, if you don’t bring the money, I’ll beat Evelyn’s ribs. "Harris was about to explode again when he heard that it would take two days to get the deposit, but he slowed down after burping.
After hearing Harris’s words, Feng really wanted to let him beat Everit up without sending the deposit!
"Is there anything else?" Harris looked at maple and asked
"No, then I’ll be leaving now." Maple said and walked out of the hut directly.
After taking a breath of fresh air, Feng angrily glanced at the direction of Yvette’s cabin and thought that this guy would owe money and didn’t know what it was. Does he still have a gambling hobby?
After thinking for a while, there was no result, and Feng walked towards a target point, the mercenary union.
After passing through the encirclement of players at the door, Feng came to the front desk and said to the receptionist, "Hello, I want to leave a message."
"Ok, please tell me the name of the person you left a message with and the mercenary level." The receptionist said with a smile.
"level 3 mercenary dick" maple replied
That’s right. Feng came here to save Jerome’s team at troll camp. They are the last link in Feng’s team plan. Mercenaries come to work with money. Dick, a third-class mercenary, knows a lot of mercenaries even if he doesn’t have a wide network. If he chooses, he can definitely pick out a group of mercenaries with higher quality, which will save Feng from wasting money and ensure his combat effectiveness.
After seeing the information at the door of the auction house at three o’clock, Feng was ready to leave, but he saw a group of players pouring in.
"Mercenary king! Can you take me with you? I have trained well as you said! "
"Mercenary king, you can take me to entrust once."
"what! ? The mercenary king is coming. Go and go. "
After listening to the propaganda of a group of players, Feng’s curiosity was aroused. It seems that it is quite close to the people to hear this mercenary king again. He even came to the mercenary union in person to pick up such a powerful NPC. It’s all a dragon without a tail to be continued.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Skill level
Looking at the crowd coming towards him, Feng also stretched his neck to see what this mercenary king really is, but before Feng found the mercenary king in the crowd, he saw a figure squeezing the crowd and ran to him and shouted, "Eldest brother! It really is you! "
"Yo, what a coincidence!" Maple looked at the runner and laughed. In this game, he would be called his eldest brother, and it would be a long time since he left.
"Eldest brother! ! ?”
Maple just finished greeting and saw that group of players surrounded by the original "mercenary king" suddenly turned to look at him and shouted incredulously.
In the face of this scene, Feng turned white with a slight movement, then twitched her mouth and asked Feng Xi Yu, "You … are the mercenary king?"
"In fact, I didn’t accept this title … they insisted on calling me that." The wind and the rain stand hand way
"Yo ho for a while see you also learn to be modest? Cocoa has made progress, "said Feng, patting the wind and playing with the rain on his shoulder.
"After seeing the eldest brother, I dare not brag about it, for fear of jumping out and beating me up again." The wind and the rain laughed.
"Then you continue to pay me and go first." Maple waved and said that he wanted to talk to the wind and rain again, but it was really uncomfortable to be stunned by a group of players.
When I heard that Maple was leaving and the wind was playing with rain, I said, "Don’t hurry to leave. Wait a minute." Then I turned to the group of players and shouted, "Don’t follow me. I told you that I have nothing to teach you about entrustment, but I can teach you some truth about being a man. You can’t rely too much on others to finish it once and make it twice. Just like that crazy sword guy in my area is now a small team leader. What depends on is to do more! Although you may want more food than him, don’t give up hope! "
Listening to the long story of wind and rain, Feng picked his eyebrows. This idiot still hasn’t changed his sex, but he just converges when chatting with himself.
After shouting, the wind and the rain turned to Feng and said, "Let’s talk somewhere else." Then he took Feng into the mercenary shop and passed the side door next to the mercenary shop, leaving the group of players with a stupid face …
"Where are you going?" After entering the mercenary union rest point, Feng asked
"There is a small room in front of me," and the wind and rain said, pointing to a small room not far away.
"Hey, what’s wrong? There is also a private small? " Maple surprised way
"In fact, the exclusive room will not be available until the level 4 mercenary, but I only have one because I have completed two special places," explained Feng Xiyu.
"So what level of mercenary are you now?" Maple curious way
"Eldest brother, don’t be in a hurry to ask. I also want to describe to you how I completed the entrustment one by one. For example, I took the entrustment the day before yesterday to kill the head of a demonized crocodile …"
"Don’t talk nonsense and say it quickly." Feng interrupted the breeze and said after the rain that if he was let go, he would probably be able to BB to the sky.
"Well … I’m a level 3 mercenary now," said Feng Xiyu with a face of injustice.
"Level 3 mercenaries? That’s true. "Feng went all over the world after he was promoted to level 2 mercenary, and I don’t know what it takes to be promoted to level 3 mercenary, but since he can be recognized as the" mercenary king "by players, it should be really difficult to be promoted to level 3 mercenary.
After praising the wind and rain, the two entered his lounge. The lounge layout was very simple, just two chairs and a table plus a coffee pot.
After making two cups of coffee, the wind and the rain said to Feng, "Eldest brother, I know you don’t like me to quarrel with you, so I have been silently accepting all kinds of entrustment, but I still can’t do those entrustment, so I found a few people who look smart to help me do it together, but they really can’t compete with you. It takes a long time to find out the BOSS, and finding out the BOSS has not only weakened, but has become stronger and hit me hard! It’s all kinds of deaths, but it’s also because of these BOSS that my skills are getting more and more proficient. Now I have two skills that have been upgraded to level 4, and one has been upgraded to level 5. It can be said that it is a cow to kill cows and ghosts to kill ghosts. Hahahahaha! "
Looking at the wind and rain, I finally couldn’t help but show off in an ostentatious manner. Feng just smiled and looked at it. However, Feng confirmed that it is much faster to have a famous teacher to guide the targeted skill practice than to rely on constant actual combat to improve the skill level. Feng has also seen how powerful the learning ability of the wind and rain is. That is to say, even Feng can’t practice his skills hard on his own. If he encounters a bottleneck, he still has to find an NPC to practice instead of relying on self-death.
"It seems that I should take a time to let Griffin guide me to sneak and steal …" Maple touched Ba thoughtfully.
"Eldest brother, what did you say?" Is there gushing about how brave he is, and the wind and rain play, and asked after hearing maple’s words.
"Oh, nothing to say that you did a good job," said Feng.
"Right! I’m really trying to improve myself. Brother Suo, when will you let me mix with you? " Wind and rain play a face of injustice and said
"Well … actually, I thought of calling you for help every time, but you just weren’t online. Besides, you are now a mercenary king and you are still following me. Isn’t it fall in price?" Maple laughed.
"Don’t, eldest brother, what mercenary king? Those rookies just called me that because I was out by several people in the team when I was promoted to level 3 mercenary. Plus, I have been entrusted with this title by several people." Feng Xi Yu wry smile way.
Listening to the gentle breeze and drizzle, Feng feels that this product is really not stupid. He is now equipped with Feng, and he can tell at a glance that it is all good goods. Plus, it has been blown by so many players, and this situation will not expand. This really surprised Feng.
After appreciating nodded, Feng smiled, "Haha, that also means that you really have the strength, but don’t say that if you follow me. I prefer to go it alone, but I will call you when I need help. Of course, you can call me if you need help."
The wind and the rain didn’t get discouraged after hearing maple’s words, but nodded and promised, "It’s good to have a big brother."