She thinks she is suffering, but she doesn’t know that she is drowning in the envy of other girls!

Finally, in the eyes of envy, jealousy and hatred, she gloriously completed the chief’s arrangement to clean up the battlefield in front of her, burped and touched her chubby belly, and said seriously, "Uncle, I have a feeling."
"I think I really have a baby in my stomach!"
Look at her like a psychopath. Look at her coldly. "Zhou Yi is not a quack!"
Bao Qi shrugged his shoulders and let him walk out arm in arm. "He’s not a quack, but Fayin Temple Yong Ni talked me into it. I think I’ll go out and buy some early pregnancy test strips later."
"…" Lengxiao doesn’t mind "whatever you want"
Two people went to the door and settled the bill at the cashier’s desk. She was about to step out of the door, but the man tugged at her wrist to "wait"
Wondering at him, she wondered, "What else?"
Frowning, Lengxiao didn’t answer. She looked at the little girl in the cashier’s desk. "Where’s the gift?"
Bao qi Yu Liao
What good things will this small restaurant give away?
This is not a cold owl at all, is it? It’s hard to imagine. What the hell is this situation?
The student smiled and pointed to the place where there was a long line next to him. "Excuse me, sir, please line up to get it?"
Line up? !
Probably, when Chief Leng came out to do things, he rarely queued up. After a short period of discomfort, he touched Bao Qi’s hand and lined up in the queue. "Wait!"
Baoqi really wants to drag him away, but it’s not good to see him so interested!
Wait and wait!
He finally came back after waiting for five minutes.
Holding a well-packaged thing in his hand and handing it to her, he gave birth to a lot of’ go slow and welcome to come again’ words. Two people went out and Chebao Qiqi casually folded the box in his hand and jokingly said
"Look at what makes you wait in line for five minutes!"
The cold owl didn’t speak when she started the car.
Skip the pie mouth and continue to fold and pack.
A look at her leng leng immediately smiled eyes some red.
Inside the package are two cups of rough quality-to be precise, they are a pair of warm and weird couple cups! The couple cup says’ one generation+one generation = two generations’
Cup implies generation.
The two glasses were patched together, and the border was a cupid arrow cupid language.
To be honest, they are rough and childish, and they don’t have much beauty.
But …
Treasure and pure recalled that he took the Xuan single silence sample and finally knew it. I didn’t understand it just now
Why did he insist on choosing this small restaurant for dinner just now? Why did he wait in line for a small gift after dinner? To put it bluntly, I saw people announcing a single pair of cups-one generation and two generations.
Didn’t say love. Is this a promise of love?
The window is half-closed, and the mouth is staring at him.
I’m a little embarrassed to see him. Don’t overdo it, she coughed and pretended to be light.
Section 523
"Are you stupid? You are so melodramatic!"
Cold evoked corners of the mouth cold lean back to stare at her one eye, haven’t talk, busy mobile phone rang at the right time.
When he picked up the words, his face changed, and his face was gloomy as hell
He was holding his mobile phone when he hung up, and he almost smashed it.
Small hands on his tight arms, Baoqi is a little liver trembling. "What’s wrong with Uncle?"
Didn’t see her cold owl dark black eyes almost oozing fire.
Take a deep breath. He seemed so angry that it took him a long time to tell her with a chill.
"The blood wolf micro tracker is in the belly of a Tibetan mastiff!"
"ah!" Breathed in a gasp and wandered away? So when does she want to know the secret?
It took her a long time to speak. "Didn’t Master say that it was small? Can’t you check the roots? Since no one will find out, how can someone get it out and enter the dog’s belly? "
"It was the wrist that went into the dog’s belly!" The cold owl’s eyes, biting his teeth, condensed into ice.
Wandering wrist?
With a jerk, Bao Qi covered her mouth and stared at her eyes.
She couldn’t stand the sight of the dog gnawing at her hands and threw up.
Oh …
That’s disgusting!
Two silent all the way.