Cheng Ruowei nodded and said, "Do you need my help?"

Meng Qi shook his head and said, "I want to practice quickly for the time being, if I can enter the realm of God as soon as possible. At that time, I was qualified to speak. Besides, as it is now, the Wu clan can’t let Ruowei lead troops. You have been tired for so long, so have a good rest with me. "
Cheng Rewei nodded and said nothing more.
At this time, the southwest cultivation of immortals has begun a big retreat. Soon it was retreated to Zhongzhou, but this time it took a lot of Lingshi to use the transfer matrix. After the past, all those transmission arrays were closed.
And the five major cultivation realms, at this time, three cultivation realms have been captured. In addition to the strongest zhongzhou can also suppress the witch family, the rest of the four major cultivation realms are somewhat untenable.
After learning that the three major cultivation realms have retreated to Zhongzhou, the only southeast cultivation realm that has not been compromised has also begun to voluntarily retreat.
After all the monks in the five major cultivation circles retreated to Zhongzhou, the witch clan, which was not dominant, was further suppressed. Even in the end, it was beaten back, and the space crack was sealed.
This is a great victory for the cultivation of immortals who have been in a passive position. Greatly inspired the morale of the people in the cultivation of immortals.
And after that, all the high-order monks together opened the second line of defense-chaotic domain, which needs to be jointly opened by the three families of positive demons and demons.
This chaotic region is not only a dividing line separating the five immortals, but also a line of defense jointly arranged by the immortals in ancient times. This chaotic domain is more mysterious than those giant cities, plus the strength is concentrated in one place, while the strength of the witch family is scattered around, which makes the defense of the chaotic domain more vivid.
And when the three parties are laying an iron drum-like defense in the chaotic domain. Witch people also began to slowly accept the territory of the four major cultivation realms. And Cuiming Mountain, as well as Zhao and its neighboring countries, were all given to Meng Qi by the high priest to develop his faith.
Therefore, Meng Qi returned to Cuiming Mountain with nearly 100,000 monks under his command. However, the once prosperous Cuiming Mountain has completely changed since Meng Qi came back.
The large array of five elements is gone, and the Cuiming Mountain, which was still lively, has also become silent. However, this is not really quiet. Looking at the corpses everywhere on Cuiming Mountain, Meng Qi seems to be able to hear the dead monks crying in his ear: "Don’t kill me!" "It’s none of our business!" "Help!"
Meng Qi painfully closed his eyes. Did he cause all this? No, he didn’t cause it. But I didn’t kill Boren, but Boren died because of me, and Meng Qi had an unshirkable responsibility.
Cheng Ruowei felt Meng Qi’s pain. She walked gently to Meng Qi’s side, held Meng Qi’s shoulder and said, "Xianggong, I want to open up."
Meng Qi didn’t speak for a long time, and after a long time, he said in a dry voice, "I, Meng Qi, hurt them. If it weren’t for me … "
""xianggong ",it’s not your fault, you also want to take them to survive in this troubled times. I don’t blame you, I really don’t blame you. " Cheng Rewei knew that if Meng Qi wanted to go on like this, he might fall into evil influence, so he quickly encouraged him.
Meng Qi fell silent again. He knew that Cheng Rewei was persuading himself. But he is always some can’t pass this.
Chapter sixty-four Tragedy
Chapter sixty-four Tragedy
In fact, not only Meng Qi, but also the monks who came back with Meng Qi were completely shocked. These people were originally from the realm of cultivating immortals, and they were old and weak. Why did those great people kill them all?
At that time they were all a little chilling, but after all, these people have nothing to do with them. Pity belongs to pity, sympathy belongs to sympathy, but everyone does not feel so United.
Meng Qi finally woke up after standing for a while. He said to Cheng Ruowei, "Ruowei, I’ll leave it to you to settle down first, and I’ll go to Zhao Guodu first."
Cheng Rewei was a little uneasy about Meng Qi. Just about to say something, Meng Qi just shook his head and said, "Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll be back soon. " Say that finish is already a flash disappeared.
Now that Meng Qi has left, Cheng Rewei can only stay and help Meng Qi tidy up Cuiming Mountain.
"Let’s find a place to bury these bodies first, girl. You bring people to help them turn over. The resentment here is really too strong. "
Lori walked out of the crowd and said respectfully, "Yes."
After that, hundreds of people were selected from the crowd, which were basically monks brought out on Cuiming Mountain at that time. They are also full of sorrow at this time, and they did not drive the dead with magic. But two people, one by one, slowly carried to the former cemetery, and then slowly threw holes and buried them.
This burial method was once promulgated by Meng Qi on Cuiming Mountain, and then slowly formed a tradition to show respect for the dead.
It took a whole day to clean up the whole body of Cuiming Mountain, and the rest of the monks came to the once magnificent buildings on Cuiming Mountain to clean up the ruins and rest inside.
Meng Qi, however, once again froze when he arrived in the capital of Zhao. The once prosperous capital of Zhao has turned into a ruin at this time. No, it’s not right to call it ruins, because the whole country of Zhao has been razed to the ground.
After a long time, Meng Qi turned to look at the direction of the tomb. Then Meng Qi breathed a deep sigh of relief. Although the exterior of the tomb has collapsed, it doesn’t seem to have suffered much damage inside. Moreover, Meng Qi feels that there seems to be some breath of life in the tomb.
Meng Qi hurriedly entered the imperial tomb. After entering the imperial tomb, Meng Qi really felt a few familiar smells. One is Zhao Xuan, and there are two others who make Meng Qi happy.
After coming to a room, Meng Qi met two people, Night Ghosts and Hu Xiao. Two people at this time the breath is very weak, but it is not life-threatening, and after seeing Meng Qi, two people also froze down.
The three of them just looked at each other for a long time, and then the night ghost, a man who has always been so strong that he can’t tremble if the sky falls, suddenly overflowed with tears.
"Commander Meng, avenge my people!" With the tears falling, the night ghost let out a piercing roar.
Hu Xiao also said mournfully, "Commander Meng, Longgu and Longgu people are so cruel. The whole Cuiming Mountain, only the two of us survived. Even those disciples who have played in dedicated city for eleven years are all ….. "Speaking of which, Hu Xiao has already said no more.
And Meng Qi was only silent, and the guilt in his heart finally turned into anger all over the sky.
Meng Qi felt that something was burning in his mind. However, the anger that should have reduced Meng Qi’s reason to ashes actually made Meng Qi extremely calm down.
He stepped forward and said, "You take good care of your injuries." There is no expression on his face, no anger, no sadness. But night ghosts and Hu Xiao saw Meng Qi’s cold eyes to the extreme, but their hearts trembled, and then a chill hit them.