He watched Pang Xia fly out after the gravity field broke out and knew that Pang Xia had not suffered much damage.

Without saying anything, he immediately wriggled into the void and squeezed into it along the tiny crack.
The original fine cracks gradually spread and fractured under chaotic strong extrusion.
Seeing chaos is about to leave this imaginary place.
If chaos is successful, it will take more time for Pang Xia to find the specific location of chaos.
Therefore, when Pang Xia saw that chaos had broken away from this imaginary idea, he immediately responded
Although there is no friction and gravity in the virtual space, Pang Xia almost flies backwards.
But this does not delay Pang Xia to display his ability to respond!
An arm-thick white chain gushed from the palm of Pang Xia’s right hand and went straight towards chaos.
This time, the white chain is more solid than the flow of runes. Obviously, this is its true appearance.
Pang Xia’s body is black and flashing, and his body suddenly stagnates.
At the same time, he waved his right arm and manipulated the white chain to shoot at chaos.
The left hand is held high, and then the flame spreading around is gathered back!
Just after the flame was folded, a red data was taken back by Pang Xia.
The shot white chain also instantly penetrated the chaotic body and wound him up one by one.
Sharp as nails across the blackboard, the sound sounded from the chaotic and ferocious mouth
Being hit so hard, chaos is desperately twisting its body and drilling into it along the crack.
Pang Xia jerked a white chain and the whole person followed chaos directly into the crack.
In the virtual, it seems that colorful streamers blink and disappear.
Instead, it is a gray and dim.
Pang Xia felt as if he were gradually moving away from the martial arts world when he came to this moment.
Than to quickly get away from that human world which is closely connecte with the martial arts world.
At this time, Pang Xia suddenly realized that chaos was going towards chaos outside the world.
And followed by chaos Pang Xia is obviously moving towards chaos.
If you really enter the chaos, Pang Xia will become an outsider to the martial arts world.
The body suddenly burst into an amazing black data stream, and Pang Xia suddenly stopped in the virtual.
This directly makes the white chain connecting Pang Xia and Chaos instantly stretch straight.
Come on, move forward at top speed. Chaos suddenly stretches the chain and pulls the body. It is almost split into several pieces by the chain.
While whining about chaos, he crawled forward.
However, there is no possibility of progress when Pang Xia pulls the root of chaos.
On the contrary, in the white data, the chaotic power is suppressed bit by bit.
Its strength has gradually weakened.
Pang Xia took a deep breath and waved a crack, then walked directly into it.
When Pang Xia stepped out of the crack, he went directly to the martial arts world where he had left before.
Then Pang Xia pulls the white data chain a little bit to drag out the chaos that has been suppressed!
Dragged out directly from the crack by Pang Xia, chaos crashed to the ground and stirred up a lot of smoke and dust.
Reluctantly raised six claws to continue to attack PangXia.
But the white data is the source power of Pangu the Great, and it is even more powerful in the world created by Pangu the Great.
"Fat shrimp didn’t pull you into the chaotic world. You are lucky.
But it’s your misfortune. Do you know what I will be dragged back by you without resistance?
It’s not that I really don’t have the strength to resist, but that I don’t want to resist at all
Because my main purpose is to come back here, but you have saved me a lot of effort! "
As soon as the chaotic words fell, a dark energy column rose into the sky in the east of Jiutian Ten Land Valley.
Then, like a beast’s dying cry resounded through the sky.
This sound Pang Xia knows very well that it belongs to Monty.
So Pang Xia’s face was lit up, because it represented that the evil emperor of the Yuan Dynasty had successfully killed Monty.
However, Pang Xia’s face lit up and he was seriously injured over there, but he took the lead in issuing a sharp laugh.
He looked at PangXia crazy laugh "fat shrimp, after all, you are just a move.
You’ve always wanted to kill us and organize the arrival of the eternal emperor
But you didn’t think that if we wanted you to kill us.
What eternal emperor will stop you from threatening our lives many times regardless of the injury?
That root is because it is not yet time for us to die now.
Only our death can truly open the way for the eternal emperor to come! "
Voice down chaos directly waved six claws toward his body caught in the past.