Successfully angered by them, honey master flew into a rage and kicked the culprit’ Ye tenderness’ out of the team with a wave of his mouse. "Kill!"

The original word "pseudo" is enough to make everyone laugh and dare to make an issue of it. "Ye tenderness" didn’t say a word from beginning to end. Of course, it was killed. In fact, don’t say it’s a game. If you touch this thing in reality, you will have to fight it first …
When Mo Xiaoyan came back from eating an apple, her screen fell into a black-and-white state, and there was a line on her face that said, "Poor master Feng Ling was beaten to death by his staff."
☆ Chapter IV Let’s join together.
It’s still quite efficient to do leveling. Mo Xiaoyan believes that if she is given a few more days, she will be able to get the grade, but she didn’t expect to keep fighting with the pk gang of Noble pary in the wild in the last two days.
Call pk in the gang not to go. It doesn’t make sense that the source of this battle was caused by a joke from my sister. If you go, she’ll be miserable. Isn’t that a living target when she touches people in the 50 s and 60 s at the 27 th level?
At this awkward moment, Wang Longge told her to go to the field team to train the third regiment to mix the fifty levels. Mo Xiaoyan was not arrogant, so she directly asked’ Longfeng 19′ to join the regiment to play soy sauce. She didn’t want to be a drag bottle, and Longge agreed that the first thing to leave the deputy to her was to raise the level.
Xifeng’s "Feng Yi Zai" and Longge’s "Long Shan Xin" are a pair in reality, and they are usually very good to her. Moreover, they are born in the game workshop, and their more than 100 employees’ "Dragon and Phoenix" are named by numbers and stay in the gang for three groups.
After lunch, I came back to watch the level soar to 52. Mo Xiaoyan greeted the three online people and retired from the group to train himself.
After a few runs, the player’ Big Rich Man’ made a hidden attack on Yuanbao Mall for a second, and then the player’ Lingbao Tianzun’ was brushed out, which opened a breakthrough level.
This is connected with the unified display, which makes the players crazy. Two dollars and a loudspeaker shout loudly. Mo Xiaoyan is also excited and can’t wait to visit Yuanbao Mall.
For a second, Mo Xiaoyan stopped talking. She didn’t find anything she liked at all. The mall added a lot of things. Nothing else was expensive. Weiyi reassured her that there was no abnormal red and blue instant medicine …
It seems that life skills are the most cost-effective! Mo Xiaoyan sighed and closed the mall interface while doing daily work and watching the words in the gang channel.
Sure enough, the mm gang in the gang started to mount their horses noisily, and they also scolded gm for not being fashionable. When I didn’t see it, I suddenly jumped out of an invitation, and the voice information consciousness point was confirmed, only then did I realize that the inviter was Master Honey.
"hey! Are you offline for 24 hours? Are you so desperate at 52? "
It’s easy to hear him say that there was no big war yesterday, as if Mo Xiaoyan was ashamed.
"Hey! You’re not angry, are you? So stingy, it proved to be a mean woman who is difficult to raise. "
"Who is stingy?" Mo Xiaoyan retorted that although it was her fault, was it a big man who was so impatient?
"Yes, I’m stingy, okay?" Honey Master was in a super good mood and Yemen saw the mountain and said, "What skills have you learned?"
Mo Xiaoyan pulled out the skill box and looked at it, "Lian Zhu Arrow, put all your eggs in one basket, and rejected people for thousands of miles."
"Do you want to add a range?" Honey master laughs and throws bait.
"Do you want to sell me? How much gold? " Mo Xiaoyan followed his words to reply, but not in his heart.
“no! Would you like a vice? Lack of a bow, wait for nine, wait for one. "
"…" Mo Xiaoyan felt that this person wouldn’t be stupid. How could a lack of people find her? Didn’t you just become enemies yesterday?
"Hey, hey, are you coming?" Honey master is quite strong, said the soft words to persuade
"If it weren’t for my blue sky not being in this position, it wouldn’t be your turn. Well, the equipment and skills are distributed according to the occupation, but the archers are all you. And if the strengthening stone is out, roll it to whoever has high points. Are you stupid if you don’t come?"
"Group me!" If you don’t go, won’t you drool so much? Mo Xiao made up his mind to go and see. After all, the conditions are still good.
Mo Xiaoyan, who accepted the application of Honey Master to form a team, looked at the team bar on the left, and at first glance, the occupation distribution was quite reasonable, but the gang members of Noble pary
(Team) Good boy lures …
(Team) It’s not easy. Who is it?
(Team) Happy Wolf (Staring)
These people speak with no good intentions. Mo Xiaoyan really wants to ask Master Honey,’ She won’t be knocked to death as soon as she passes, will she?’
Master Tong Honey invited you to join the team voice chat room?
Didi, there are more chat rooms on the right. The names are all game characters. Mo Xiaoyan stays put and ears up to hear if anyone speaks ill of her.
Listen to honey master said "my group! I’m only 47. I’m going to play level 4 Mountain of the Ghost. When I get to level 5, I’ll move to level 5 Mountain of Flame. Is that okay? "
After a silence, there was a hoarse magnetic voice saying, "Close the auxiliary door!"
Mo Xiaoyan ran to the array and glanced at the right side of his eyes. What he said just now was that the captain of the shield was’ not fragile at all’. The rest of the players could see what the route was from the small head portrait: the knight-errant level 56′ Happy Wolf’, the doctor level 57′ The temptation of the darling boy’, the two wizards level 55′ The miserable man said’ It’s not simple’ and a level 5 thief’ Covering the sky with his hands’.
It’s not controversial when they get together, so the captain points into the ordinary deputy of the Ghost Mountain.
The team cooperated well, and it was not fragile at all. It was not simple to lead the chivalrous man to help him fly the ice shield, and it was not easy to follow closely and wave the staff to freeze the frost.
The miserable man said that Master Honey finally let go of the group and scattered the blame. Mo Xiaoyan cooperated with him to cover the sky. The doctor darling picked up the garbage and cleaned it up soon after pulling out the blame.
"Ha ha … good cooperation, little archer"
"… for the little archer! I didn’t go to bed until two o’clock last night, and I got up to train early. It’s only 47 to work so hard. Alas, why are you 52? Don’t you really sleep? "
"Feed … don’t look at me, I curse you! That darling, don’t add blood to the little archer. I’ll let him see me … "
Needless to say, this made Mo Xiaoyan twitch and focus on the myth that Master Honey said that especially when everyone was silent, he was the only one twittering, just like those noisy ladies in her gang.
Dear boy didn’t pay attention to honey master’s words. If Mo Xiaoyan loses a little blood, he will make up for it. Everyone is over 50, and it’s quite easy to play level 40. There are not many opportunities for Mo Xiaoyan to lose blood.
Just as the honey master repeatedly played three times, he reached level 5. There was nothing to strengthen the stone, and none of his skills were lost. There was nothing in more than forty levels of blue, red, purple and gold. Don’t cancel it.
The captain of "Honey 5 has changed places" is not crisp at all, and finally said the second sentence.
A group of people went to the Flame Mountain, and one of them went back to clear the backpacks. Everyone else’s backpacks were on. The level 5 vice was much more difficult than the level 4. Their team lost blood quickly, and the boy was good at it.
After clearing the three points, a strange boy couldn’t help complaining, "I said that you also take medicine, so you always let me add blood. I’m running out of blue medicine."
"I don’t have red medicine! The medicine in the mall is so expensive that it’s not cost-effective. "Happy Wolf followed closely."
The miserable man said, "I will rush the ingot one day."