Chapter VI Beauty Duel

After entering the game, the blue sky actually saw the little cute first, looked around and didn’t find the ice ice there. The blue sky laughed and walked towards the little cute.
"You’re here, romantic brother." Little cute ran to the blue sky after seeing it.
Blue sky carefully looked around again, but still didn’t notice the ice and ice. Suddenly, blue sky was relieved to think that if there was a hot woman, what fun would I have?
"Lovely sister wants to be a romantic brother?" Blue sky asked solemnly.
"Yes, otherwise, Cute wouldn’t have come so early. I’ve been waiting for my romantic brother for a while." Cute little mouth beeped discontentedly.
The blue sky swallowed water, and his eyes radiated light that scared the little cute. Then the blue sky walked over and said, "Lovely sister, do you think my romantic brother is handsome?" (It’s really shameful)
Little cute nodded seriously.
"Then do you say that Brother Merry is strong?" (What a slut)
Little cute nodded very seriously.
"Does that cute guy like his romantic brother?" (The fox’s tail is exposed)
Cute nodded and said, "Cute likes romantic brother very much."
The little cute guy came over and closed his eyes, so that his romantic brother could have a good look at the little cute blue sky.
Little Cute looked at the blue sky in confusion, but his eyes flashed a light that made the blue sky difficult to understand. Then Little Cute said, "Is Brother Romantic going to bully Little Cute? Sister Bingbing said that if Brother Romantic closes his eyes, he must be trying to bully Little Cute. It’s not so stupid."
After that, the little cute ran away like a gust of wind, but left one leng one leng blue sky, and then the whole red fox colony gave an earth-shattering roar
"I don’t report this hatred to the blue sky, and I don’t know who I am."
Then a flash of light flashed across Bingbing and appeared in front of the blue sky, only to find that the blue sky was staring at her with eyes that killed people. Bingbing felt like she was in an ice cave, and this cold was instantly cold to her heart, which was the momentum emitted by the blue sky.
"What did you say to the cute girl?" Blue sky asked out.
Bing Bing’s angry face suddenly collapsed and smiled cheerfully. "So what if I said it? I told the little cute that you are a big pervert and you are still ashamed of that kind of pervert …"
"You and I are at odds." Blue sky anger is rising slowly.
Bing Bing was frightened by the blue sky and said quickly, "But Little Cute doesn’t agree with me about whether you are a good man or a pervert …"
After that, Bing Bing turned pale and her face turned angry at the same time, thinking that she should be afraid of him, but looking at the blue sky still made her irresistible, and at the same time, her heart gave birth to a feeling of blue sky.
"If you say anything to the little cute again, I’ll be careful." The blue sky threatened this as a warning to the hot beauty Bing Bing, but at the same time it aroused the anger of Bing Bing all over the sky.
"I’m going to tell Little Cute that I’m going to say hum to Little Cute all the time. What can you do with me?" At that time, Bingbing was dizzy with anger.
The blue sky pinched the red gloves, thinking that with this hot beauty by his side, he would never be able to pick up the cuteness, but if this is the case, isn’t it too much to let the beautiful, sexy and hot woman go? It’s better to beat her with absolute strength and then violently …
The blue sky shame plan stretched for a moment, and the blue sky momentum rose to the extreme, saying to Bing Bing and the little cute coming from afar, "Let’s have a fair duel, hot girl."
When Bing Bing didn’t return to absolute being, Little Cute cried excitedly.
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good."
"Hum, how can it be regarded as a fair duel? You’re at level 63, I’m at level 43, and we’re two levels apart." Bingbing expressed extreme dissatisfaction with such an unfair duel.
"I didn’t say to duel with you like this. I said that a fair duel is to take off my suit to duel with you. What do you think?" The blue sky tempted Bingbing.
Bingbing bowed his head and meditated, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt wrong. He thought that a set of equipment as a whole was only dozens of attacks and dozens of defenses. With his skills, I didn’t even have a chance of winning unless …
There is no reason to be nervous in the blue sky after seeing Bing Bing laughing. I thought it wouldn’t be discovered.
Sure enough, the blue sky listened to Bing Bing and said, "You can’t cheat me unless you don’t fist, so I’ll fight you." After that, Bing Bing already smirked.
And the blue sky looked at me with a black face and put on a look of what you can do with me. After a while, the blue sky took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I accept your offer, but you must know what our fair fight reward is."
"What is it?" Bingbing felt something was wrong.
"If I lose, I will leave you two. If you lose, you will be the first wife in my star." Blue sky stared at Bingbing and said.
"You’re ashamed of yourself …" Bingbing was almost fainted by the blue weather, but after calming down, she felt a faint joy in her heart.
"Romantic brother, why did you leave our little cute brother angry?" The little cute cried out immediately after hearing the blue sky, holding her blue sky arm in front of her red eyes.
The blue sky was rubbed by two tiny jade rabbits in the arms of a cute girl. Some of them caught fire, but on the surface they still assumed a bullshit appearance before the decisive battle. They said, "Lovely sister, romantic brother won’t lose. After romantic brother defeated the fiery girl, he bullied the fiery girl every day. What do you say?"
Before the little cute can speak, Bingbing has lost his mind because of the blue sky talk. Listen to Bingbing and shout, "You are ashamed that I want to fight you."
"Yeah, come on, but remember that after we lost what we said earlier, we have to be my wife in the star, but the wife can do anything …"
Bing Bing closed her eyes, took a deep breath and then opened her eyes and said, "Take off your equipment and take out all your medicines."
Blue sky took off his equipment and took out the medicine department and put it on the grass, then stood facing the ice and ice.
"Hum, take that." Cold hum, a white wolf sword in Bing Bing’s hand turned into a sword shadow and attacked the blue sky, but it was easily flashed by the blue sky, and then the blue sky dodged beside Bing Bing. At this time, the blue sky’s interest rate was half as high as that of Bing Bing’s interest rate, so the blue sky planned to avoid it first, and then counterattack, but the blue sky didn’t expect things to happen. These days, although Bing Bing rarely used ancient martial arts, the blue sky knew how many skills it had, and at the same time, it was more protective of Bing Bing to display those
But I didn’t expect it was at this time that I saw the white wolf sword in Bingbing’s hand suddenly rowed around and drew several white swords in the air. Then the blue sky heard Bingbing jiao shout and I saw the white swords shooting wildly at the blue sky in all directions. My heart was surprised and I was secretly amazed. At the same time, I wonder when this move was realized by Bingbing or whether it was born out of ancient martial arts in reality. If so, Bingbing is also a girl with great strength in reality.
"sword dance!"
The sword dance is familiar with the name. The blue sky was stabbed by the sword shadow for a few days, and I regret it. The reason is that the blue sky constantly makes the real flying skills run and jump, which consumes a lot of breath. If the blue sky does not counterattack, the situation will be bad for the blue sky.
The instantaneous end of the power of a sword dance also cost the blue sky one-tenth of its life. Obviously, the level of ice-skating sword dance is not high, otherwise it will not cost one-tenth of its life if the blue sky is not equipped now.
"Sword strike!"
Boy, really smart enough. In a great pain, the side of the blue sky was fatally hit by ice and ice. Suddenly, the blue sky was careless and lost nearly half of its life. The original blue sky thought that ice and ice would at least have to be relieved for a while before the second move could be made, but I didn’t expect that the sword dance and the sword attack could be linked together, which made the blue sky lose a lot because of carelessness.
But is it still possible now? The blue sky shows its true flying skills. While the ice and ice are being adjusted, the heavy foot kicks the ice and ice, but I don’t want a sword to intercept it in front of the blue sky. The blue sky smiles and the heavy foot kicks the sword accurately. A huge force immediately kicks the ice and ice back a few steps. Obviously, its own strength is much worse than the blue sky.