Just at this point, Cheng Man sent the email and turned his chair to look at Chen Jun lightly and asked, "What do you mean by treating? It seems that there is still a period of time before Chen Jun is paid. "

It’s only the middle of September, and the salary will go to the end of the month. Can Chen Jun treat you?
"Of course, it’s not my treat. There are you and the Qi team in this office. Any one will do. Are you willing?" Chen Jun took it for granted that smiling eyes swept to Xiangwen and others.
Indicating that they can also echo Xiangwen and others now, they naturally laughed. "Chen Jun is right and I agree with you very much!"
Cheng Man smiled slowly. These people are going to cheat her again, but they just arrested Mr. Zhong and invited him to dinner to celebrate. It’s okay!
"Tonight’s food stalls are invited by the Qi team!" To finalize things in one sentence.
Zhang Zhihao silently gave Chen Jun a thumbs-up. It was so simple that it was finalized. Dinner was settled.
"…" Qi Shaochen silently swept his eyes Cheng Man. He was sold as simple as that, and it felt very good. Did he have a masochistic constitution and actually felt that Cheng Man was very fond of him!
Absolutely! He rubbed his head and frowned, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.
The police station day is quite fast, and soon it will be ten minutes in the afternoon, and it will not be long before it will be late, and one mind will take the food stall position as promised.
The little apprentice has been very familiar with people for a long time, and he came over with a menu to make a little choice.
Chen Jun also you’re welcome to take the menu and casually draw a few hooks on the surface. "What do you want to eat? Hurry up and don’t let the Qi team go!"
Zhang Zhihao and others naturally can’t let go of picking up the menu and ordering Muming. Four people sit there and show more elegance and gentleness than they do. After ordering something, several people sit in the place and wait for the food.
It didn’t take long for a group of people to eat very well, just when a few people ate halfway, a table rang not far away!
"Bang-"The police officer and his party here looked up and frowned, and the people sitting around them frowned and didn’t know what happened.
In the kitchen, the boss hurriedly put his hands on it and quickly emerged from the inside. When he saw what had happened, he was a little surprised and stared.
The guests at this table actually made their mouths full of blood! What the hell is going on? How can it bleed?
"Well, your family is simply killing for money!" There are two guests, one of whom is normal, but now he raises his finger and scolds the boss, while the other one is full of blood.
Bleeding and pointing your finger at your mouth is like eating something great!
The more the boss looks at it, the more frightened it is. What the hell is this situation? There has never been such a thing in our store for so many years. Today, for the first time, it simply makes him a little stunned!
"What’s wrong with you?" The boss was a little shaky, and his brow almost wrinkled into a mountain.
The guest who didn’t bleed immediately pointed to the boss’s nose and said, "You are killing for money. There are not only cockroaches, hot pot fish but also fish hooks in the meal. Look at what my friends are in pain!"
At this time, the movement here almost attracted their attention. Most customers stopped eating and listened with relish. When they heard cockroaches and fish hooks, they immediately picked up chopsticks and turned over their own dishes.
After reading it, I am sure that there are no such things, so I can rest assured, but there is always an impulse to vomit in my throat and stomach!
They don’t pay much attention to the thought of cockroaches in the food, so they can’t understand those things. If cockroaches and fish hooks appear on a table, the table in this department will not be very clean.
After all, the food is cooked in the same store and processed together, which makes many customers worry about whether they have eaten unclean things!
"Don’t talk nonsense. Things in our store always pay attention to cleanliness!" I don’t even want the boss to retort and stare. "I don’t believe you!" "
The boss’s voice is a little weak. After all, it’s a little surprising where this matter is put. Worse, now two people are making a scene in front of him. The root cause is-
"Come and see if this boss actually denies it!" The man without bleeding and crooked nose immediately said, "Come and look at this thing and see if we are lying or if the boss is lying and refuses to admit it!" "
Many busybodies have gathered around from their own positions, and when it seems that the big black cockroach in the hot pot soup, they can’t help frowning.
There are cockroaches in it, which proves that the man with crooked nose didn’t lie, so he lied and refused to admit that the man could be the boss. In spite of himself, everyone believed what the man with crooked nose said.
This is a bleeding man who raised his hand and pointed at his mouth desperately to prove that there was a hook in it!
The crooked-nose man also said at this moment, "You also saw that my brother’s bleeding like this is not a lie. It’s murder for money to talk about whether this shop is a black shop!"
Everyone agrees with this sentence, but no one dares to come out face to face, but it is very strange to look at the boss.
"I said how this store is so cheap, that is, buying ingredients at a low price is nothing more than cutting corners!" The crooked nose man continued to yell, "My brother was planted today!"
"But this boss still wants to deny what you said we should do!" He raised his finger to the boss, "We won’t leave until you give us a statement today!" "
Everyone is whispering that they will not continue to eat, and they say that there is something wrong with this ingredient. Who dares to continue to eat?
There are also many onlookers coming from the side, waiting to hear about the ingredients, frowning and hesitating, as if considering whether to eat here or not.
"This brother, I have great confidence in our store, so please don’t talk nonsense!" The boss righteously said, "I won’t recognize you for slandering me!"
If you admit it, who else will come to your shop for dinner? If someone sits here, you will definitely say something about today and you must not admit it!
What’s more, he is absolutely sure about the hygiene in his shop, and there will never be cockroaches in the food, because he cooks every dish himself.
How can there be cockroaches in order to ensure that customers can get enough food, and how can there be hooks when the fish is salvaged from the sea?