A silent commander is the least visible person among all the commanders. Most of the help is also handled by Ximen Qing. Even people in his own army are rare. He didn’t expect that he would get rid of his opponent at first hand, which made his brothers in the Red Blood Army happy.

A Cai is quite satisfied with his silence. He learns things very quickly and his comprehension ability is surprisingly high. The most important thing is that he never sees his indecision, which is very good.
A Cai was relieved to turn around in other challenges, and it was in good condition. None of these bosses had unexpected failures.
Chun, who was not sedentary in the main ring, called him over after learning that he had finished the competition. He simply used NPC brother as a handyman to hand over some things to Chun. He took a look and threw them to A Cai for handling. He even asked A Cai to help himself with tea and drink. He was very happy.
On the first day, the tournament was over, and I left everything to Al to deal with. Al got a lot of information at the first time, and after the qualifying list came out, it was also handed over to Al’s hand. Al counted one.
Excalibur League ranks as high as 17, followed by Feilong Army, 14, Qiuxiang League, 12, Chu Army, 9, Star Soul Army, 9, Red Blood Army, 7-day Army, 6, Flying Eagle Army, 6, Fairy League, 6, Top Ten Army and League, occupying one place, 94, and the remaining 6 are mostly elders of small gang leaders.
Looking at this list, I laughed in my heart. Actually, it’s not surprising that Jian Meng’s younger brother almost covers most of Wudang’s swordsmanship. It is undoubtedly that Jian Meng has the advantage.
From the list, I can see who I am, and the Feilong Army does have some advantages, but the top ten gangs control five of them themselves. Who am I? What if he has great things?
"Ha ha" A Cai burst out laughing.
A physicist’s assistant was sent to an unknown place by a reactor failure. In this world full of magic and force, he developed his own special magic by altruistic knowledge and understanding of energy on earth.
Solemnly recommend "Magic Change" for Sun-dried ants.
The body of the Chapter 41 Ten champion (1 Big Three)
The name of the temporary chapter of China is 41 Big Three.
Although there are a lot of experts in the thousand-person race, five people are the winners, including Cai, Dongfang Piaoxue and Silence.
Ximen Qing, Autumn Fairy Tales, King of the Place, Little Bird, Butterfly Dream, Love Fight will win, Ke Linger and others have also successfully advanced. Although they played a little hard, they still broke into the top 100 real masters.
On the first day, the group competition ended successfully, and one hundred players won and entered the next day’s top 100 champion competition.
The competition for the champion will be held in the main ring without grouping. Everyone in the top 100 will have two chances to challenge the champion. In total, it will be divided into ten champions. Only after the champion successfully defends the champion can he enter a round of the top ten hegemony. Five winners will take the top five champions respectively, and the remaining five champions will be randomly selected.
A Cai smiled meaningfully with the list of champions in his hand-there are five people in this list, which is a very interesting list.
In the middle of the Yuxu Palace tournament field is a very big main arena, which is convenient for many players to watch the big battle. All other arenas have won the head of the tournament, the four elders of Chunzhong, and many of Wudang’s predecessors are present to watch the battle for the champion. They sit on the podium and watch the contest, and the tournament is presided over by Chunzhong.
The head of the company, Chunzhong, announced with majesty that "the competition is official" and made great efforts to swing the sound far away, so that players can hear it clearly in every corner.
Then Chun Yang announced in the ring, "Now I announce that there are ten drums in the rules, and ten drum jockeys can be promoted to ten people. The drum jockey has to fight until someone challenges him again to be successful. Each of the top 100 players in the whole competition only has two chances to challenge the drum jockey, and then they will challenge the chance again."
He paused for a moment and then said excitedly, "Now the first battle for the champion is for the champion, and the champion 6 has defeated the" magic vegetables ",which is called the first master of Wudang players-Qingcai."
At the scene, the sea of people immediately set off a huge wave of cheers, and the highest player in Wudang-A Cai boarded the main ring in the cheers of several people.
He is dressed in a gray-white tight suit, handsome face, a pair of black and white eyes, and if the stars look forward to shining in the dark night, his waist is adorned with an exquisite long sheath sword, which further sets off his tall and handsome temperament.
A Cai smiled and waved to the cheering crowd, indicating a tall, handsome and fresh image, which attracted several praises and praises from the rostrum.
"Now, please ask the top 100 contestants to challenge the champion. If anyone challenges the champion, he will be automatically promoted to the ten-person finals."
Ninety-nine contestants in the front of the ring are obviously extremely difficult to face this powerful Wudang first cow. Some people look uncertain, some people hesitate and some people lament.
People who belong to their own military alliance will never challenge the other five military alliances in Alai, and they also don’t want to lose their strength and wave precious challenges.
After waiting for half a ring, it will be a big countdown when people challenge. After ten seconds, people still say that they want to challenge the pure announcement. A Cai will automatically be promoted to the ten-person finals and become the first champion to defend the success.
Although I didn’t see the wonderful performance of A Cai, he won without a fight, but it made several people exclaim. There was a cheer on the stage.
Chun then announced that "the second beating of the champion, the sixth victory, is known as the" Wudang sword "-the snow in the East"
The east drifts in snow and walks slowly in the ring, wearing snow-white strength. The elegant long hair moves with the wind, and the sword in the waist is looming.
The knife-shaped eyebrows are eagle-eyed, his eyes are radiant, his face is cold, and he looks coldly at Taiwan.
Taiwan’s sisters screamed, exclaimed and cried, "I love you when it snows in the East-!" "I’m going to die if I’m snowing."
It seems that the snow in the east didn’t expect such a crazy scene, and his face changed slightly.
Taiwan cuisine saw this scene and was angry and cursed. "It’s so unreasonable. Why is this small white face in the East so popular with girls?" I am graceful and elegant, but people care about nature? "
Silent and cold, "It’s cool enough to eat these days. Wait till you see me. I’ll let you know what is really cool. Oriental bro is still a little tender."