"Well, then," Huang Xue sighed lightly. Although Bai Feiyang’s idea was rejected, he was still disappointed.

"Flying, I’ll go back to school first. I’m late for the dormitory." Then Du Gulan got up and said.
"I send you" float in the sky stood up and said.
"No, it’s not far." DuGulan smiled and shook his head, then turned to leave Feiyang and hesitated to sit down.
"I also went back to the company first, and there was work." Bai Li, who was waiting for Du Gulan to leave, got up and bid farewell to Feiyang and sent her to the door.
Bai Li walked to the door and turned to float in the sky with a smile and waved and said, "Come in." Then he turned and walked towards his home. Feiyang watched Bai Li enter his villa and returned to the living room.
At this time, there are a few women left in the living room. Chen Yun suddenly said to Chen Xiao, who has been flying in the arms of a cat, "It’s getting late when laughing. Let’s go to bed."
"Well" Chen Xiao nodded his head and took Chen Yun’s hand back to the bedroom.
Flying at Chen Yun mother and daughter frowned slightly on the second floor. Sitting beside him, Li Siqi looked red-handed and asked, "What’s wrong with flying? What’s wrong with frowning?"
"Siqi, do you think our family is a little small now?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"Not small, I think that’s enough." Li Siqi glanced at the living room and said inexplicably
"You should have your own room when you are so old, but it seems that this villa room is not enough." Flying at Chen Yun’s mother and daughter frowned and said.
"Why don’t I live in Mei Jie’s room? Anyway, Mei Jie’s room" aside, Huang Xue took advantage of Chen Xiao’s departure opportunity to occupy the flying arm, listening to the conversation between Feiyang and Li Siqi, and suddenly talked lightly.
"No, I’m that kind of person. It’s like letting my woman live alone in a building." Feiyang frowned and gently pinched the tip of Huang Xue’s nose
"What should I do?" Huang Xue asked with a sweet smile as he leaned against his flying arms.
"Well," Feiyang bowed his head and thought for a while. Suddenly, an excellent attention flashed in his heart and he said excitedly, "Sister Xue, what do you think about this? What do you think? This villa community is a former Gao Tuan real estate, right? Now your neutral group has completed the acquisition of this real estate for the whole Gao Tuan, and naturally it has become your neutral group."
"Yeah, that’s right." Huang Xue nodded gently and then asked with a frown. "Do you want to pay attention here?"
"Yes, that’s right." Flying nods with a smile.
"What do you want to do here?" Li Siqi asked puzzled.
"I want to build a house here" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Building a house? There are so many rooms here. What room should we build?" Li Siqi asked with a frown.
"I want to build a big house that can accommodate all of you, and then everyone will live together, Siqi baby, don’t you think?" Feiyang said with a smile.
"You want to be beautiful," said Li Siqi, who suddenly got the idea of flying and gave him a charming and charming white look.
"Me too, Siqi Baby. It’s better to have a care when you live together after hello." Feiyang said with an ingratiating smile.
"Looking after your head is not beautiful, and we can’t get any benefits." Li Siqi refused with a shake
"Siqi, in fact, I think flying is a good idea." One side of Huang Xue is gently advised.
"Snow elder sister, how do you help this sex maniac to talk?" Li Siqi said discontentedly.
"Siqi this sex maniac playboy can’t be changed. Besides, his woman has provoked so much. Can she still go back? But if we build such a big house, our sisters will unite with each other. It’s also impossible for him to seduce women again, and it’s hard to offend any strongmen after flying in the sky. Everyone can take care of each other when they get together." Huang Xue told Li Siqi his thoughts
"Snow elder sister, you really said this words in my heart. That’s what I thought." Flying in the side nodding. If Li Siqi hadn’t agreed to this matter, he would have put his arm around Huang Xue and kissed her hard.
"This is not impossible, but our sisters have to discuss it well." Li Siqi hesitated for a while and still did not agree directly
"Thank you, Siqi’s wife. It’s getting very late now. Should we go into the house and rest?" Seeing Li Siqi let go and flying in the sky, she asked softly, holding Li Siqi in her arms.
"It’s getting late? Let’s go to bed in red with me." Li Siqi’s face turned slightly red, but he refused to show weakness and said to sit there in red.
"You want to sleep with your brother in red later, right?" Feiyang hurriedly asked in red.
"Well" nodded solemnly in red.
"That Siqi baby, then you can sleep with me with the red dress." Feiyang evil said with a smile and then picked up Li Siqi, and then took hold of Huang Xue’s waist. Huang Xue went into his bedroom with the flying side, and the red dress hesitated slightly and followed in.
Li Siqi and Huang Xue, two newly-married women, and Feiyang have not seen each other for two months. Nature is dry wood and fire, and red clothes are attached to each other. Deliberately pandering to this night, nature is that the birds are crying constantly and the clouds are falling.
Chapter 3 Lessons
The next day, Feiyang got up early to buy breakfast for the women at home, then left home alone and went to the school to go through the re-admission formalities. The president of Zhonghai University was still the original one, so Feiyang easily entered Zhonghai University again to continue his studies.
Walking into the classroom, I found that no one knew my classmates, and those archaeological students turned a blind eye to a new stranger. Although archaeology is an unpopular subject, it is normal for many students to take this course and have new faces.
After an afternoon class, Feiyang found that he really left too many roots. I didn’t know what the podium professor said, so he missed too many classes. So Feiyang gave up the idea of attending classes in class and turned to self-study strength. At this point, Feiyang’s memory was stronger than that of ordinary people. Many Feiyang decided to write down the lessons first and then ask the archaeologists and professors.
Flying in the sky after school is just hanging around the campus hand in hand with Du Gulan, which makes many male students of China Shipping University express strong envy and jealousy for this man who suddenly robbed their school flower.
"Little Lan Lan looks like you are very popular in school." Feeling the body, Zhou Nan’s classmates exude murderous look to themselves as if nothing had happened, holding Du Gulan’s soft and weak hands and smiling.
"What do you care about what they do? It’s just a group of idle people chatting." Du Gulan took a charming and white look at Feiyang and didn’t good the spirit said.
"Hey, hey, this says my little Lan Lan is beautiful." Feiyang satisfiedly smiled and said that these students have been wandering around in life and death several times in recent years, and they really have no pressure to fly in anger at themselves.
"Chat" DuGulan glared at Feiyang and Feiyang walked hand in hand in a school garden shoulder to shoulder and suddenly asked Feiyang, "You have less than a month left to gamble with Bai Qianqiu?"
"Yes," flying nodded with a smile.
"Why do you want to bet with her?" DuGulan asked with a frown.
"I don’t want to bet with her, she wants to bet with me." Feiyang shrugged his shoulders and nai wry smile way
"Then why do you agree to bet with her?" DuGulan asked with a tight eyebrow.
"Because I have to bet with her," Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Inexplicable" Du Gulan was dissatisfied with this answer, glared at Feiyang and asked "Are you sure?"
"What grasp" float in the sky asked softly.
"Grasp the victory over Bai Qianqiu" Du Gulan replied lightly.
"I’m not a fairy, how can I beat her?" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"That you still bet with her" said Du Gulan with some anxiety. Li Siqi also had a flying bet with her.
"Although I’m not sure to beat her, I’m sure to win the bet." Feiyang smiled confidently.
"Where are you confident?" DuGulan asked with a frown.
"Your grandpa gave it to me" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"My grandpa" DuGuLan puzzled look at float in the sky and asked.
"Well, you can rest assured that I will definitely win this gambling fight." Feiyang picked his eyebrows and smiled mysteriously.
"Mysterious" Du Gulan took a white look at Feiyang. This is the bell of the university class. He remembered Du Gulan and said softly to Feiyang, "I have my class in this class."
"Well, will you come back late?" Feiyang nodded and asked with a smile.
"Don’t come back.
"DuGuLan shook his head figure faded away.