Xu Lihao said to a dark guard next to the carriage, "Please go and call Miss Xue for me and tell her that I want to change the bandage!"

But when I came back for most of the day, I was soon called away by the star again. Xu Lihao squinted. If there were no ghosts in it, Xu Li Hao himself didn’t believe that Yan Yue was mentally not a weaned baby. How could it be so difficult?
Sure enough, Yan Xue heard Yan Yue thinking about it or getting off the bus. She said to Xu Lihao, "I’ll be right back."
They just said a few words, and the star appeared next to the carriage again. He said coldly, "Miss Xue and Miss Yue are in trouble and have no heart to coax Miss Yue to want you to go." Star had to admit that the Lord made an excuse very well, but Miss Xue didn’t want to see him, but she had to appear in front of the Lord. It would be much more convenient to meet more often if she wanted to ease nature.
No matter whether you are worried about Xiao Jin or Xu Lihao and Yan Xue, you don’t want to admit that she has argued "I don’t know what you are talking about"
Yan Xue looked at Xu Lihao strangely. "Which eye did you see that I was worried?" Xu Lihao smiled and pointed to his eyes. "I saw it with both eyes. Otherwise, what are you doing after I came in? Are you worried about me?"
After Xu Lihao returned to his carriage, he said to Yan Xue, "Xiao Jin has woken up, so don’t worry about it."
Star didn’t speak because he knew that the Lord didn’t need his advice. Once he made up his mind, he would do whatever it took. At this time, he hesitated, but he didn’t consider all the plans. Once the Lord thought of it, it was time to act.
It’s a difficult situation. He doesn’t want Yan Xue to know it, but he also wants her to know it. Then she will know his difficulties. Maybe he will be able to face her calmly instead of being indifferent to her as he is now.
Xiao Jin’s mouth touched a smile. "Not only you don’t know me, but also I don’t know the truth. Maybe she hates me more than now. We have killed our father."
"What do you say I tell Xiaoxue everything?" Xiao Jin seems to ask Xing again and seems to be talking to himself, but Xing still replied "I don’t know"
The carriage was kept calm by Xiao Jin since Xu Lihao left, and said coldly, "Lord, you’d better lie down and rest. Your body has reached its limit." Xiao Jin did not refute that he had to keep good health before he could take light snow back.
With these words, Xu Lihao got up and got out of the car. He just came here to stimulate Xiao Jin and wake him up as he thought. Xiao Jin really cared about Xiao Xue.
"What I like is that if she can be happy, I can be happy. It’s the same if anyone doesn’t want her to be happy, then that person is my enemy, no matter how powerful he is, I will never let him go."
Xiao Jin sarcastically said to Xu Lihao, "You always say that you like Xiaoxue. Can you be like this?"
"Then I will wait for you to compete fairly with me, no matter who she chooses, I hope the other party can bless her. Can I do it?" Xu Lihao also said that he didn’t want Xiaoxue to get hurt. Even if Xiaoxue didn’t choose others for both of them, he wouldn’t allow Xiao Jin to destroy Xiaoxue’s happiness.
After breathing for a while in his own body, Xiao Jin finally said slowly, "I will be fine and I will cure myself."
Xu Lihao said, "If you want to rob it, you have to have a life to rob it. So what if you rob it half-dead? Do you want Xiaoxue to be a widow for you? If that’s the case, you’d better not provoke light snow. "
Star wiped the blood from the main corner of his mouth and fed him a pill. It took a long time for Xiao Jin to recover. He said to Xu Lihao weakly, "Xiaoxue, I won’t give up. I will take her back."
"Lord, are you awake?" Star cold tone with a hint of excitement Xu Lihao told Xiao Jin eyes no longer stimulate Xiao Jin words, Xiao Jin seems to want to talk, but opening his mouth is a cough for a while and then blood flowed out of his mouth.
Xu Lihao said a lot again. Anyway, how can he provoke Xiao Jin? How did he say Xu Li Hao? He didn’t find that Xiao Jin had opened his eyes or always paid attention to the discovery of the main star.
It seems that Xu Haoyin’s pride has also become much lighter. He then stimulated Xiao Jin. "Don’t you know, we are half-brothers and sisters now, so I also make decisions about her affairs. This is because she doesn’t want to come to see you. Even if she wants to come, I will stop her. I don’t want you to be alone."
However, Xu Lihao went on to say, "I was injured. Xiaoxue has been taking care of me. She didn’t want to come to see you, so I came. We are getting better and better now, and it may be better without you."
Star cold eyes staring at these words tightly Xu Lihao seems that he will be rude to him if he says one more word.
But in the end, Xu Lihao went to see Xiao Jin, and Yan Xue guessed it was good. He went not to say thank you for her, but to show off and provoke Xiao Jin. The first thing Xu Lihao said after entering Xiao Jin’s carriage was, "You can rest assured that I will take good care of Xiaoxue Yan Yue, and you are not worried that I will take good care of it. Don’t wake up if you don’t wake up."
Yan Xue suspected that at Xu Li Hao, how did she feel that Xu Lihao was going to provoke instead of saying thank you?
Xu Lihao seemed to see Yan Xue’s mind and said, "If you don’t want to go, don’t force yourself. I’ll go and see him for you, too. Now it’s okay for your brother to go and see him instead of your sister."
Yan Xue thought that Xing had also accused her of being unfair to Xiao Jin. So what? After all, she didn’t want Xiao Jin to be involved.
Xu Lihao rubbed Yan Xue’s hair behind him and said again, "It’s not a question of whether my heart is wide or not. If it were me, I wouldn’t necessarily come to the rescue because I didn’t have a position to save him and just rushed into the encirclement to save you, but you were angry with him because of me." How fair is this to him? "
Yan Xue replied, "Your heart is really wide!"
Xu Lihao asked Yan Xue, "What did he want to save me? We’re here to be hostile, and maybe we’re still rivals in love. Considering all kinds of things, it’s good that he didn’t save me from falling into the well. How can he be expected to rescue me? "
Finally, Xu Lihao broke the silence and said, "Go and see him!" Yan Xue looked up at him and asked, "At the beginning, he was by your side, but there was no you, and you were injured and almost died. Why do you want me to see him now?"
Star waited for a while and finally waited for Miss Xue to reply, "Star, please go back first and let me think." Star nodded and said, "That star excused himself!" After the star left, Xu Li Hao’s carriage fell silent. Xu Lihao looked at Yan Xue with his head down and didn’t know what was going on.
The Lord refused to tell the truth, so he said, "Miss Xue has died, and Miss Yue will please go and have a look. The main reason is that Miss Yue will be very sad."
Star thinks that the Lord cares so much about Miss Xue. If she goes to see the Lord and talks with him, maybe the Lord wakes up when he hears Miss Xue’s voice. Star waits outside the carriage for a long time without waiting for Miss Xue to answer. He knows that this is Miss Xue’s refusal.
Star knows that the Lord doesn’t want to wake up, mainly because Miss Xue’s behavior makes the Lord’s mind move so much that he is broken and has no will to survive, so he falls into a deep sleep.
Fengzhu and the man chatted about some nutritional topics, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Xiao Jin’s dark satellite coming to Xu Lihao’s carriage. He said coldly to Yan Xue, "Miss Xue hasn’t woken up yet. Can you go and see him?"
Fengzhu didn’t know that this sentence made the man give up the idea of killing, or maybe he hadn’t seen it yet. If she was going to disappear in this world.
The man’s eyes narrowed at once and asked, "Good buddy? If it is a man? " Men have been considering whether to find someone and then directly assassinate them, but Fengzhu’s words have dispelled men’s idea that "it’s a woman but a prude"
Is it arrogant to smoke the corners of the mouth of phoenix bamboo? However, people are still pointing to him to find Fengzhu, so as to appease and say, "You are my lover and she is a good friend, which is naturally less important than you."
I haven’t been unhappy yet, but the man took a bite at Fengzhu’s lips when he heard these words and said, "What is it that it is so important for you to find if if?" Is it more important than me? "
Phoenix bamboo seems to understand the meaning of men, and the corners of his mouth slowly hook up and say, "If you want to find it, I will tell you everything."
He can’t bear to see a woman correct her, and he doesn’t want to hear her make up some excuses. Since she doesn’t want to say it, he won’t pursue her roots, so he doesn’t need to make excuses.
Fengzhu didn’t know that the reason why the man promised to be so happy was because he saw the woman last night and corrected the conjecture. He did not hesitate to agree when the woman said it.
Fengzhu hasn’t said anything to check, so the man behind him will happily answer "good". This happy tone is to make her one leng. She turned around and kissed the man actively as a thank-you gift, and the man was also very satisfied with the kiss on the cheek of Fengzhu.
The thought of Yan Xuefeng bamboo reminds me of Xuanre. She said to the man behind her, "Help me check someone. Her name is Xuanre."
Fengzhu looked at a carriage, where Xu Lihao and Yan Xue were, and I don’t know what Xu Lihao said. Yan Xue seemed to be a half-brother and sister, and Yan Xue was no longer so stiff to Xu Li Hao. Obviously, they are getting along well now.
Fengzhu looked at Zhang Wu like frosted eggplant, and never saw him laughing and laughing. At this time, seeing that Zhang Wu Fengzhu can light a wax for him in his heart, please help yourself. Many people here are rubbing their hands and hitting you bad karma mandarin ducks!
They are afraid to ask, because they are afraid that once they ask, they will wake up. That’s the last thing they want to see. As a result, they can also save the country. Maybe when they meet the queen, they can ask the emperor to recall Long Qian.
When a man hears this, he doesn’t know how to answer it. Naturally, he can see that "we can’t ask him. Once we ask him, it will be bad if he realizes something. The best way is to divert his attention so that he doesn’t always focus on Long Qian."
Phoenix Bamboo added, "Don’t you feel that Zhang Wu cares too much about Long Qian? Zhang Wu doesn’t really like men, does he? This is no joke. "It is extremely difficult for men to come out now. Others look down on such people, not to mention being conservative in ancient times.
The man also looked at Zhang Wu and replied, "You underestimate him!" The man stretched out his hand and touched the exposed cheek of the phoenix bamboo, and he was relieved to make sure it was warm.
Feng Zhu and Xu Zhongyong are also riding a horse in Feng Zhu and asking the man, "Will there be any problems?" Phoenix bamboo, it’s Zhang Wu over there. At this time, Zhang Wu rode a horse, but Long Qian didn’t ride a horse as before!
Zhang Wu lifted her feet and went out. Fengzhu prescribed medicine for Lingge and had her decocted before she set off on her way.
Zhang Wu watched and didn’t speak. What else can he say? Now everyone doesn’t believe him? It’s no use what he said. It’s better to find evidence that Lingge framed him and then kick him out!
Long Qian looked at Lingge and said, "Since you have no place to go, stay." Lingge looked at Long Qian excitedly and said, "Really? Can I really stay and wait on Brother Long? Thank you, Brother Long, for your spiritual songs. You will know that Brother Long is a good man! "
Zhang Wu finally knows who wronged him at this time, which can make everyone suspect that his soul song is not a simple role. Zhang Wu is cautious when he looks at the soul song. Why should this person frame himself? Is it just to stay?
They looked at Zhang Wu again, but they didn’t see any regret in his face. Obviously, it was a spiritual song that lied to him.