"It’s Zhao Lao, then I’ll go first." Feiyang smiled and handed Zhao Lao a way, and then entered the building and took the ladder to the research center.

"Flying Zhao Lao just lost such a big temper" Flying into the research center and walked to the front of the sofa, sitting in Korea with joy, just curious and asked.
"Nothing just Bai Jingxuan came," replied Feiyang lightly.
"Bai Jingxuan, what is he doing here?" Han asked with a frown.
"Come to me for a duel" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"You promised that Bai Jingxuan was not a good man, but his strength was very strong. Even if you can go crazy for the second time, it is not necessarily his opponent’s situation. That madness is still under control." Han Jin frowned and said.
"How can I fight with him? He belongs to the name of the cold wind. I agreed with him to have a fight in the arms drill platform after seven days." Feiyang said with a smile.
Chapter 317 Help to sleep
"What cold wind do you want to fight with him in the arms drill platform seven days later? You are crazy. He is the first master of Bai Jingxuan’s hand. How can you beat him?" Han Jin Huan said in astonishment when he heard that flying was going to fight with the cold wind.
"Sister Huan, why do you have no confidence in flying? It’s okay. I support you. You must beat that cold wind." Chuxueqing said with a frown and then smiled and waved his little fist to fly. Come on.
"Is that you are so confident in me when you look at the snow and shine?" Feiyang said with a smile.
"That’s because the snow is clear and not sensible," Korea replied with a frown.
"Where am I not sensible? I’m almost twenty-one years old." Chuxueqing wronged and said that his mouth was pursed for half a day.
"Still pouting and pouting can hang pork." Han Jin Huan gently reprimanded.
"Huan sister" ChuXueqing hurriedly pursed her lips and threw herself into Korea’s arms, refusing to sprinkle jiao on her.
"Well, you’ve really made up your mind to be such an adult." Han Jin Huan touched Chuxueqing’s hair and said with a smile, then looked at Feiyang and frowned and asked.
"How can we get cold feet when we have agreed?" Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Then you be careful. If you really can’t beat words, just give up. Don’t try to be brave." Han Jin-huan frowned and said.
"I know I don’t make fun of my life like someone," Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Who are you talking about?" Han Jin Huan bitterly stared at Feiyang and said.
"Hey, hey, who answers the words means who" Feiyang said with a smile.
Korea took a white look at Feiyang with charming is spruce and didn’t answer the words, then chatted with ChuXueqing and left Feiyang hanging aside.
Flying also doesn’t care, although I took the fight with the cold wind, but I really didn’t have any bottom in my heart, so I went to the human function test room to exercise. Although it was cramming, the so-called cold turkey didn’t light up, so I still had to do more preparation.
After dinner, Feiyang went to fight with Zhao Lao, and then he had the strength to bow down to the research center
"Flying, you still don’t practice with Zhao Lao these days. It’s most important to keep in good condition." Looking at flying with a sad look, Han Jin frowned and suggested.
"No, it’s not that you don’t know that my body’s recovery ability will be fine for one night, so it can keep the state better." Feiyang struggled to straighten up and wave and laughed.
"Well," insisted that Han Jin-huan nodded to Feiyang.
"Xue Qing went to bed?" asked the float in the sky without seeing ChuXueqing’s figure.
"Well," replied Han Jin Huan lightly, his face slightly reddened.
Looking at Han Jin Huan’s face is dizzy and flying, I know that she was thinking about going to bed late, and suddenly she felt a little thirsty, but Han Jin Huan didn’t do it. She looked up and looked at her legs with her eyes down.
"That Han Jie, I’ll take a shower first." The atmosphere is a little too ambiguous. I’m afraid that something will happen when I stay in the sky, so I’ll take an excuse to take a shower and take a shower in the body function testing room of the gym.
Han Jin Huan also felt that his heart was in a mess. He wanted to think, then went into Chu Xueqing’s room and took his clothes. He took a bath in Chu Xueqing’s bathroom to calm down and adjust his psychological state.
When flying out of the shower and wearing a bathrobe, I saw Han Jin Huan also out of the bedroom in a bathrobe.
"How Han Jie do you want to sleep?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"Well," Han Jin Huan nodded shyly with his head down
"Oh, then you sit on the sofa first, and I’ll heat up a medicine for you." Feiyang replied with a smile, taking out the early Chinese medicine from the bacteria box and then bringing it to Han Jin Huan.
"Thank you" Han Jin Huan thanked Feiyang and took the Chinese medicine and drank it slowly.
"Han Jie, how are you feeling these two days?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"Much better, there is no such uncomfortable reaction." Han Jin Huan said lightly with a medicine bowl.
"Oh, that’s good. Don’t try to be brave, Han Jie. You must tell me if you feel unwell." Feiyang nodded and solemnly warned Han Jin Huan.
"Yeah, I know." Han Jin Huan nodded and replied, after drinking the soup in the bowl, he got up and took the medicine bowl and went to wash it.
"I’ll do it, Han Jie." Feiyang quickly took the Chinese medicine bowl with Han Jin Huan’s hand, but she met Han Jin Huan’s little hand consciously. Both of them were in a beautiful and charming shape at the exhibition.
"Grace to" Korea Huan face dizzy red low head handed the medicine bowl to float in the sky.
Feiyang took the traditional Chinese medicine bowl of Han Jin Huan’s hand and put it into the bacteria box before cleaning some experimental equipment washing pools. Suddenly, he felt that the atmosphere was getting more and more charming, and it was difficult to swallow a mouthful of saliva heavily and said, "Han Jie is going to sleep."
"Well," replied Han Jin Huan lightly, his face turned red, and he couldn’t even walk. He walked to his sleeping equipment with his head down and didn’t dare to look at his flying face.
"Han Jie go" float in the sky pressed the shield button and the shield rose. Then float in the sky was awkward and looked at Korea and said softly.
Han Jin Huan didn’t speak, climbed into the instrument, sat down, and then slowly took off his bathrobe with his head down, revealing that he was only wearing a three-point robe and slowly lying down with his eyes closed. Don’t turn away and tightly sip his mouth. His heart is pounding like a deer, and even his ears are red.
"Good night, Han Jie," said Feiyang, "It will be difficult to move from a hot body to a happy body."
"Good night" Han Jin Huan looked at the sky with his eyes open and hurried away to write a novel good night, with a slight shortness of breath.
Feiyang pressed the close button of the shield, and then the shield slowly closed for a few seconds. After that, the instrument slowly started to float in the sky and took a deep look at Korea’s joy. He took a long breath and then changed back to his bed to meditate.
When flying away from Korea, Huan slowly opened his eyes and put a sweet smile on his mouth, until the room lights were completely extinguished, Han Huan slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep slowly.
Chapter 31 You can do it
The next day, I got up early in the morning and fried the Chinese medicine. Then I hit the shield and shouted softly, "Han Jie Han Jie got up."
"Well," Han Jin Huan melody nowadays slowly opened his eyes and narrowed his eyes for a long time under the light stimulation before he gradually got used to it, and then sat up slowly, still confused in his mind.
"It’s time for Han Jie to take medicine" Feiyang said with a smile before bringing the medicine bowl to Han Jin Huan.
"Oh, thank you." Han Jin Huan took the medicine bowl and drank the medicine slowly. He secretly looked up at Feiyang and found that he was staring at his face and couldn’t help but frown. "Why are you looking at me?"
"Oh ha ha" float in the sky embarrassed chuckle a few tilting away this also can’t blame him can blame Korea do huan look too sexy at this time.
At this time, Han Jin Huan is only wearing a black lace dress, and her chest is full against the bra, which looks very tall and straight. The root method of the small bra covers up the proud and full, revealing most of the breast and full, and the fascinating and deep gully body is also a tightly covered key parts. The slender and strong pants and attractive radian of thighs and buttocks make the young people fly in the sky. Some of them can’t help but get rid of it with great perseverance.
Han Jin Huan also realized that she was a little too hot to dress up at this time, and her face flushed and spread, and her mouth was secretly tilted with a sweet radian while she was quietly drinking soup with her head down.
"I’m finished." Han Jin Huan looked up and found that flying in front of himself was looking at the wall, and then he woke up a little.
"Oh" float in the sky slightly surprised hurriedly accepted the Korea do huan hand bowl of traditional Chinese medicine to wash into the bacteria box while Korea do huan also wore pajamas to ChuXueQing room to wash and change clothes.
When Han Jin Huan woke Chu Xueqing up, they washed their clothes and went out of the bedroom to float in the sky. They bought breakfast for three people outside and returned to the research center.
After breakfast, Chu Xueqing sat in her experimental course, while flying with Han Jin Huan changed his clothes and went to the gym to exercise.
Han Jin Huan’s exercise is jogging a little, while flying is to exercise muscles all over the body to ensure that he is in the best condition.