"Continue" Shy nodded.

The five people decided to perform the last analysis before the game. If they can’t beat it, they will let the rats harvest it in the late stage!
Five people got up with confidence in the plan, and lost the game because of the team battle, but they haven’t lost yet.
Chapter 793 Banshee Alliance
"Come on!"
Compared with the depressing atmosphere of the South Korean team, of course, China team will have a lot of team battles here to bring them direct victory, but this team battle has brought them back from their backwardness again.
The team members cheered each other, and everyone looked at Lu Zhan, who was the soul of the team. They wanted to know how to arrange the battle at Lu Zhan.
"It’s difficult to estimate if you want to go to the mouse in the future." Lu Zhan first summed it up just now
Everyone nodded. This time, besides being lucky, there were also some mistakes in the layout of the Korean team.
South Korean players can directly decide the trend of team battles by virtue of their own equipment advantages. I didn’t expect the land exhibition to be so decisive that it disrupted their strategic deployment again and again.
Later, it is estimated that it will become more and more difficult for everyone to protect and kill the mouse. It happened that the mouse was the only hero among the ten heroes in this game who could survive the later stage. Other heroes have their own emphases, but they are not powerful heroes in the later stage.
The South Korean team once again threw this question to the China team or to Lu Zhan. You are no better than the mouse. Everything is so white that the mouse has time to protect the Jessica card.
In the face of this situation, no one has a good strategy to look for opportunities step by step.
"There is also a banshee for everyone as soon as possible!" Lu Zhan said
"Banshee?" Tianlan hesitated to ask him that the emperor did have a banshee, and none of the other four people had this equipment.
"It’s good for the situation that the banshee comes out first in the economy. The policewoman has 72 hammer stones and a magic cloak. It won’t be too slow for Riven and I to come out with the red crystal." Lu Zhan explained.
Here, 72 refers to the magic resistance prop burning at night, fearing that it will be brought by the card or the lion and dog hard control center, and plans to bring a water and silver ornament, but Lu Zhan is of course the priority banshee.
However, no one asked about the banshee. Even ordinary players are familiar with most equipment effects. Banshee counteracting a skill effect is really what they need most at present.
The South Korean team’s mistake will not be hard again. Facing the better and better equipment, Jess and the card have a banshee who can consume half her life. Just now, the policewoman was smashed by Jess, but the situation is vivid.
This kind of horizontal match is by no means a fixed card. In the previous game, the Holy Grail of his three pieces of equipment was to ensure the blue back. In poke, she was to prevent her face from protruding and her hat was to consolidate her advantage. Only here did she show her high team fighting ability. None of the lich’s whole set of equipment was thrown out.
Lu Zhan said that this equipment also pointed out the direction for the players.
Banshee banshee …
Each team member pondered how long he was away from the banshee, but after careful calculation, it was found that the banshee came from the fastest economy as Lu Zhan said.
And in any case, the victory of this team battle finally let the China team set their eyes in their own wild areas, which is the biggest gain in winning the team battle.
Although there are only three eyes in the hammer stone, the bright field of vision in the wild area has ensured the living environment of the China team
For ten minutes, the dark wild area has been a nightmare, and the policewoman can’t find a place to pay money, so she can close the line at the hammer stone protection.
Now it’s finally changed. China players can cooperate with each other to collect wild monsters.
If you have money, you will have an equipment base.
After another two minutes, the South Korean team slowly closed the wild monster and the line pushed by the China team, so they made a comeback again. This time, they did not push or suppress the wild field vision, but they continued to push.
Crystal in the middle of the road returned some blood, but considering that the long range after the mouse’s big move will still make it difficult for the China team
"Defense pay attention to poke!" Lu Zhan said
When the other five people come together, they will defend together with five people. Everyone is not ready yet. The banshee can drag it first.
In the land exhibition, he commanded the China team to arrange the defense line near the wreckage of the highland tower
They stayed here to keep the lines from going any further.
The policewoman’s equipment is gradually getting up, and it’s almost gone if she goes to a wave of soldiers. It’s not difficult for them to defend the line of soldiers.
With the hero’s three real eyes stuck around, the lion and dog have no chance to be strong against each other, and other heroes have no strong ability to defend against rats.
If you are stealthily approached by a mouse, it is very likely that a wave of outbreaks will kill several people and half of their blood will have to be prevented.
However, after they kept it for two minutes, they found that the mouse did not dare to come. Obviously, the incident of being killed twice made IMP afraid to take risks.
"We don’t defend." Lu Zhan looked coldly at the South Korean players and asked him to lean forward and five people dared not come outside the highland tower
This is a deterrent. The fisherman can deter the other side except the lion and dog.
A wave of land exhibitions can be ignited by the big move of ghost fire, and any person can be dropped in seconds. His equipment is the only one that has not been pulled.
At the moment, his fourth piece of equipment is almost the same, while his big blue medicine has been maintained
At this level, it is also very important to spend 25 gold coins on a big blue drug, additive process, which is stronger and more MINUS D. The effect is comparable to that of a small piece
A South Korean player aimed at Lu Zhan Fisherman to poke.