On the other hand, tropical dragon, who was immobilized by superpowers, turned around in a short time after being manipulated by Nazi, but it was not over yet. In tropical dragon, Nazi’s frightened eyes were covered with red light for a moment, and tropical dragon’s body kept shrinking and eventually turned into a slap doll.

"She she she …"
Poor meow meow, although I have seen Longye make superpowers before, I have never seen such a thrilling superpowers effect. When Nazi turned around with tropical dragon the size of a palm, Meow meow was scared by Nazi’s eyes and hid behind Longye.
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Chapter 24 The decision of the hat mushroom
"Nazi, it’s just an elf. Don’t make such a big noise, right?" Ryuno said.
"Hee hee, I haven’t done this for a long time. I really didn’t do it in vain before training in the Golden Dojo." Nazi smiled easily.
Being startled, Meow Meow asked behind Longye, "Shouldn’t Dojo training train elves?"
"That’s the general Dojo trainer. For haunters, we can also strengthen the strength of the elves by exercising ourselves." Nazi proudly said, "Meow meow, aren’t you afraid of Longye? His super power level is stronger than mine."
See meow meow look at yourself Longye hurriedly motioning with his hand. "We divided Nazi into those years where you were training hard and my energy was on other things. Over the past few years, my super power level has not improved too much. Nazi, you have surpassed me a lot now."
The effect of Nazi’s superpowers made Longye admire it. I didn’t expect Nazi to actually achieve the effect described in the animation.
Hearing that her super power level exceeded that of Nagano, her heart beat. Since the moment we met, Nagano has been suppressed by Nagano in her super power. Today, it is finally her turn to make decisions.
Nazi looks beautiful when she smiles, but Longye doesn’t forget to note tropical dragon in Nazi’s hand while enjoying it.
It’s hard to calm down. Nazi restored tropical dragon to its original state. This time, tropical dragon stayed where he was and didn’t have any idea of running away. In this case, Nazi took the elf ball easily. tropical dragon "It’s a very refreshing thing to know that he can take the elf after trying."
Not many people who can do this kind of thing secretly think that as far as Longye knows, it seems that Bruno, the muscular man, can do this kind of thing. What is a fighter more powerful than ordinary people?
Just now, Nazi’s performance frightened Meow, and it took him a long time to be around Nazi.
Here, Nazi has collected tropical dragons and dragons, and she is also looking for her goal in the forest.
It’s still not easy to find the hat mushroom in such a big forest. Longye won’t be silly to find it himself.
"Abusuolu, you haven’t been out for a while, have you?"
Abu Solu glared at Longye mercilessly. He hated the person who forcibly took himself here in front of him, but because Jirachi was still in the other party’s hand, Abu Solu could be humbled and follow each other.
Longye also knows that Absuolu is not very friendly to himself, but he has a secret weapon in his hand. Longye takes the picture book to Absuolu. "Have you seen any elves? I hope you can find them out of the Woods."
Abusuolu quickly ran into the forest after remembering the mushroom sample. He really didn’t want to look at Longye for a second.
Longye looked at Absuolu’s back and smiled, which is also good.
ABSOLU moved quickly, and it didn’t take long for it to lead a group of Shroomish and Hatoyama mushrooms to run in the direction of Longye and them. Why would Hatoyama mushrooms follow ABSOLU?
ABSOLU lay down behind them while Shroomish and Hatsuma stared at them angrily.
"Boss, these mushrooms said they would take their fruit and then they wouldn’t let us meow until they handed over the fruit," translated into meow.
At this time, Longye didn’t know what Absuolu had done, but if he wanted to see the hat mushroom, his purpose had already been achieved, and it wouldn’t make any difference what Absuolu had done.
Seeing that three people didn’t respond, a hat mushroom suddenly rushed to Longye, and their sharp claws shone brightly. A sonic fist was aimed directly at Longye.
"Personality is very impatient." Longye shook his head slightly, moved his finger forward a little, and set the hat mushroom in the middle school.
"This feeling is really good," Long Ye said to Nazi with a twist of his head. Long Ye’s super power level is really not as good as Nazi’s, but he can’t turn people into dolls. Other abilities are not too weak.
Seeing that his companion was out of order, other Hatoyama mushrooms rushed to Longye together. They had a heart to test the strength of these Hatoyama mushrooms, and he released the ice ghost protector.
In the face of the attack of five hat mushrooms, Iceberg directly hit Iceberg. The sudden attack disrupted the rhythm of the hat mushrooms. Other hat mushrooms could not attack Iceberg. One hat mushroom punched Iceberg at the speed of sound and this hat mushroom was also hit by Iceberg’s solid body.
The snowstorm that rushed out and surrounded the ice ghost attacked all the mushrooms, and the extremely cold snowstorm made the mushrooms stiff and difficult to fight back.
At this time, a mushroom suddenly used a fierce toxin trick on himself. When a mass of purple venom fell on the mushroom, it also flushed if it was purple. Obviously, the mushroom was poisoned, but it did not react to the poisoning. Instead, it got rid of the snowstorm and rushed to the ice ghost protection again.
"I didn’t expect it to be a poison treatment feature. What is even more rare is that this mushroom will exert its power by poisoning itself." Seeing this mushroom practice, Longye is very happy that a wild elf can do it to such an extent, saying that it has a strong fighting mind. This mushroom must have encountered a poisoning situation before and found itself in an unusual state of poisoning.
Dai Li mushroom hit the ice ghost protector with his fist, and it seemed as if it had been punctured by a balloon and rushed high.
"Although it is not a technician’s characteristic, the performance of this hat mushroom has been very good, so I chose it to put it away." Longye made a choice