It is naturally impossible to hide such lively wedding news. There are too many guests. Someone always takes a photo and sends it to a circle of friends or social networks.

However, before I noticed that netizens began to discuss the luxurious wedding of academicians, the news of the academic seminar was released soon, and then the discussion and attention of netizens suddenly deviated
To tell the truth, it is wonderful to hold an academic seminar after the wedding. It can definitely be classified as a long-lived event, and the topic of luxury weddings will soon be suppressed. After all, luxury weddings are too common.
In addition to academic discussions, the most talked about in this wedding is that parents specially let people edit vlg.
In the video, there are some important moments when Chen Song and Tong Yihuai met, such as their first joint project, and the moment when Zhou Tiantong developed and manufactured their papers and won the prize. Of course, at the end of the academic conference, they also had the recent large-scale particle collider project.
I have something to say.
Calvin … can’t write it today
So that’s all for today, babies. I’ll adjust for one day and try again.
Chapter 18 Chapter 18
If that vlg caused the most discussion was social network, which made a lot of people watch videos on their knees and once rushed to the front row of the hot search list, causing netizens to cry and say that they were too delicious to have love, then the academic forum was the hottest discussion in academic seminars.
Many discussion posts in the forum have mushroomed, among which the hottest one is "I am promising!" Today, I followed my boss to attend the bushi Academic Seminar of Chen Tong.
The main building is like a topic! I have seen many buildings at the academic exchange meeting now, and I feel that my life is worth it! Thank you, Chen Daxie and Tong Daxie, who are living bodhisattvas! Weddings can be used to hold academic seminars! After that, I’m the brain powder of two big bosses!
Ha ha ha ha ha on the first floor. Be bold, you are attending the wedding! To tell you the truth, I also attended yesterday’s math seminar at the scene. The two bosses have been sitting together sweetly and sprinkling dog food. The boss is not good at math. Cheng hardly spoke. He sat next to the boss Chen and watched him all the time. The eyes made me get goose bumps.
Building this is really a long-lived experience. I have seen a lot of big names in the academic circle of marriage, but it’s the first time I’ve met the ancients before and I don’t know if anyone will follow suit.
The third floor, though, can’t be regarded as an academic seminar, can it? They had a good wedding the day before yesterday.
Ha ha ha ha ha, actually, I think that’s not a good wedding, it’s a wedding by the way.
I’m a little curious about the fifth floor. How did the two bosses inform other bosses to attend the wedding?
The sixth floor may be like this.
Chen Tong’s friend, we are going to hold an academic seminar. Will you come?
Other bosses, come on
It’s very kind of Chen Tong. We are going to have a wedding by the way. Why don’t you attend the wedding when you come?
Other bosses? ? ?
Room 333, 7th floor. I think Lou makes sense. What’s the matter? Although I know it can’t be like this.
I don’t know if there are imitators behind the eighth floor, but I know that normal people will definitely blow your head off if they know that the ophthalmology seminar will start the day after your wedding.
Cover your head with consciousness on the 9th floor.
The first floor, uh, so neither of the two bosses is normal.
11th floor. That’s for sure. Can normal people achieve this at their age? They are not normal people, they are geniuses!
On the first floor, I suddenly felt that this wonderful thing was normal. After all, what a genius does seems to be normal.
Calm down on the 13th floor I don’t think Chen Tong has any wonderful habits or hobbies, which should not be a miracle for scientists.
It’s true that on the 14th floor, when I was in science, I had two big bosses’ classes. Compared with those talented scientists, I think the two big bosses are very grounded, friendly and easy to get along with. I heard that they not only have high IQ, but also have high EQ. What about the wedding? I think this is their personal matter. If both of them feel very good, there is no need for others to tell me what to do.
The 15th floor is either pointing fingers or shocking! Not feeling bad is just shocking, you know?
16th floor I am 14th floor, I understand, but there are always some people who think differently from the public, and you should also understand.
I used to work with two bosses before the 17th floor. Although I am wannabe, both bosses may not know my name, but I do know something about them. Just like a friend on the 14th floor said that the two bosses are actually very close and have no strange habits or hobbies. The only well-known hobby may be cooking, but it is also well known that they are not very good at it, and the cooked food is not very delicious.
Hahaha, 18th floor, I have a friend who used to work with the big bosses in the project team on Sunday. At that time, he told me a thing. One day, their institute received a big package and sent it to two big bosses. Everyone was curious about what it was. When the big bosses opened it, they found that it was actually all kinds of vegetables! By the way, according to my friend, those vegetables are super delicious.
19th floor. Here? Are the two big brothers eating goods? Decided to improve an ingredient because he disliked the bad food in the institute?
Lou, it’s not that I heard that two bosses have a friend who is a breeder, and those vegetables are all improved by him. It’s interesting that when the chef in the canteen saw those vegetables, it was amazing, and then the institute signed a purchase agreement with the agronomy boss friend of the bosses, but I heard that because the agronomy boss didn’t grow enough vegetables, he had to grab the vegetables and two bosses had a fixed share.
The first floor sucks! The real name of eating goods is envious! Excuse me, is the agricultural tycoon short of friends?
Loulou big dares to make friends with big brothers and hold your academic qualifications, professional titles, awards and papers! (dog head jpg)
Is the landlord still there on the third floor? Do you want to give us a live text broadcast? I don’t really want to know what the bosses are discussing. I can’t understand it anyway. Shall I know Chen Tongxiu’s love first? Did the other bosses fight?