"No, you’re an elf."

"What is an elf?"
Just as Longye and Super Dream asked each other questions, other Replicator consciousness also entered this mind.
"There is no human or elf. You are the same thing as me. Everyone is the same here." Xiao Ai said around Superdream and Longye.
Xiao Ai pointed to Charmander and Squirtle around, and they said, "We are all replicators, not No.1 but No.2."
"Then I am also No.2 …" Super Dream said doubtfully.
"I’m Xiaoai No.2, but I’m Xiaoai."
"Dana" and "Jenny"
When it was Longye’s turn, he spread his hand. "I am what I am, and I don’t think you are copying, because each of you has your own unique things."
Longye dialect silenced Super Dream and Xiao Ai for a while, and then Xiao Ai introduced her place of birth to Super Dream through her own memory, giving everyone light and heat. Father-in-law is sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce, and the wind, stars and moon are blowing.
These are the most beautiful things in Xiao Ai’s memory. "The moon and stars are to make the dark night not lonely and tell everyone that you are not alone." Xiao Ai sincerely said.
At this time, Charmander’s consciousness suddenly disappeared into his mind, followed by Squirtle and Miao frog species.
"What is this?" Longye nervously asked
"Don’t worry, according to your plan, I have revised the monitoring data of these three elves. Just now, I have put them all in the warehouse. Don’t worry, there is sacred ash to help them be fine."
Everyone in the lab was staring at the screen nervously. A researcher was depressed and told everyone that the life reactions of Charmander 2, Squirtle 2 and Miaofrog 2 stopped. No one noticed that the three elves suddenly disappeared in the nutrition cabin.
However, this is the first time that Dr. Fuji has encountered the death of replicators. No one knows what the replicators will look like after their death, and no one else will doubt anything.
I dreamt in my heart and asked, "Where did everyone go?"
"What’s the matter with you, Xiao Ai?" Super dream looks like it’s disappearing a little bit. Xiao Ai has looked at it. There’s nothing, Ryono asked.
"I always feel that I am going to say goodbye," said Xiao Ai, looking at Super Dream.
Tears came out of my dream because my little love disappeared a little.
Longye knew he couldn’t look any more, otherwise it would be a tragedy. "Let’s keep the little love consciousness."
"You really ask a lot today." Tong complained about it, but he still made a move. It’s different from those elves. After the protection, it’s a conscious body. Little love is very simple for Tong. After all, Longye, the host, recorded a conscious body. Speaking of context, he is also a replica.
Because of the unification, the little love will disappear once again, but those people in the laboratory outside will not know this, because the unification has transferred the consciousness of little love to the whole body and the outside world, and there is no more.
"Little love, are you all right?"
"Thank you, thank you, I shed tears just now." Xiao Ai embraced the dream and later went to Longye’s side. Xiao Ai knew that Longye had saved herself, and she had to stay with Longye.
Longye looked at the elf in front of him, and its experience was really embarrassing. "It’s a dream that Xiao Ai and I are leaving. You may encounter many things in the future, but you should always remember that you are not alone. See you later."
"Goodbye Super Dream" Little Love waved and shouted.
In order not to be discovered, Longye took the initiative to leave the dream and build a heart. When he and Xiao Ai left, the scenery changed because of Xiao Ai’s memory. The dream became dark again and the dream became excited.
The sudden burst of mind shattered the nutrition cabin around Super Dream, so that there was no evidence of what Longye had done before, and Longye could feel at ease.
When Dr. Fuji saw the dream, he immediately shouted, "Inject tranquilizers quickly to make it fall asleep."
"The tranquilizer is being injected with 1…2…3…4…5…6…7……9…1 The brain waves gradually return to normal after the tranquilizer injection."
"Doctor dreams. How is it now?" Dragon ambition asked.
"The brain wave response is normal, and it has entered a sleep state, which should last for a long time," Dr. Fuji said with a long breath.
"So that’s it, doctor. I won’t bother your researchers. I’ll be leaving now." Longye said goodbye to Dr. Fuji. He has nothing to do if he stays here again.
There are many things waiting for Dr. Fuji to solve in the research base now, and he has not retained Longye any more.
"Meow meow, let’s go."
"good meow"
When Longye and Meow returned to Shi Ying Stadium, it was already late. At the moment Longye entered the door, Nazi ran to observe Longye constantly.
"Hey, hey, Nazi, what are you doing?" Longye hands caught Nazi little head and asked
"Let me see if you’re hurt. You left in such a hurry earlier. What big things have you encountered?" Nazi pursed her mouth and said that Longye had left the stadium directly earlier, which worried her all day.