Whether Xiaolong pushes the middle road together is Lu Zhanda’s order.

This decision was made because they had a little dragon in front of them. Since they couldn’t get it, it wouldn’t be too bad to dismantle the tower. After all, when Liana defended him, he failed to wear off too much blood and one of his own towers was about to be destroyed. This is a good time to secretly dismantle the tower.
To play the piano, the girl put a real eye around Xiaolong, which excluded the other side’s vision. Several people slowed down the speed of playing Xiaolong and prepared to wait for the other side to play the group. I didn’t expect the other side to give up decisively
Fire cloud all take off the little dragon to see RG in the middle of the road at that time some hesitation.
"Take a road and a tower!" The fire cloud sky said that they could get rid of one tower and five people could dismantle it faster than RG three people.
At this time, Money Mouse and River Leona had just come out of the house, and when they saw each other tearing down the tower, they naturally wanted to defend.
"No matter brother, you also come to the middle of the road to dismantle the tower!" Lu Zhan is decisive command way
Qian nodded, since he gave up the command, he had to take the lead in listening, although I don’t know whether Lu Zhan’s routine belt or auxiliary belt came to tear down a tower in the middle.
In this way, an interesting situation was formed. Five people on both sides were busy dismantling each other’s towers, but they didn’t defend on one side.
The fire cloud side took the lead in tearing down the tower of RG Road because of the quick knot, but there was still a little blood in the tower of Huoyun’s own house.
"Keep coming!" The clouds of fire and the sky shine at the moment. Since you have no one to defend, I will continue to tear it down!
Say that finish fire cloud several people ran RG road tower again.
At this time, the mouse and Leona arrived at the scene, and soon RG also demolished the tower. Seeing that the other party was still dismantling the tower, several players were hesitant.
"What should I do?" River asked, none of them sent it, so it’s not the way to let each other open it
"Continue to dismantle!" Lu Zhan took one look at the speed of dismantling the tower and bit his teeth, saying
At this time, Lu Zhan’s mind is spinning rapidly, and a data is already being calculated and formed.
The fire cloud five people, Leona, Spider and Qinnv, are all ap, the plane is semi-ap, the crocodile is pure ad, and the RG five people are all ad outputs except Leonaki.
Moreover, the emperor also has an e skill, and the emperor’s third-level e has a 16% attack speed bonus!
In the competition between the two towers, the fire cloud team has an illusion that it is faster to dismantle itself. In fact, it is because the mouse and Leona didn’t come and the blood volume of the two towers is not balanced
Now, in Lu Zhan’s judgment, although the second tower of the other side’s middle road is full of blood, some of the second towers of their own road have been knocked out, but they must have torn down the other tower first!
First, the top line of the soldier line soon disappeared, and it was replaced by caution and less blood, and it was replaced by emperor.
Lu Zhan has been switching the camera and observing the blood volume of two towers at the same time.
Lu Zhan didn’t dismantle the fire cloud team until it was 1 blood.
Then the fire cloud was dismantled to the tower with 13 land exhibitions, but they had already knocked out the fire cloud at a speed of 1RG.
After that, it’s a good guess that the RG team dismantled the tower one step later, but finished dismantling it first, and directly pulled out the second tower in the other side!
This fire cloud team really panicked. The importance of the middle tower far exceeds that of the side road. Some people think that the value of the middle tower is higher than that of the side road tower.
Now that the middle road is demolished, it is equivalent to the fact that the road in front of your own door has become flat and trampled by ordinary people.
At this time, the fire cloud team chose to return to the city to defend, and left the plane and the piano girl to continue to dismantle the tower.
But by the time the crocodiles came home and came out, the RG five had already patted their asses and gone.
Looking at the enemy’s distant figure and the dust they raised, Leona cried. She fiddled with her ball in vain and wondered if she didn’t have enough brains to wind herself up …
"This …!" I don’t know when PLU game entertainment media commentators all like to express their surprise at this moment with the word "this". In the face of what is happening in front of them, both commentators are stuck for a while and can’t find a language form.
Top league teams compete to dismantle the tower? This is amazing!
Chapter 75 Rescue Zhao by besieging the state of Wei
For more than a minute, no one said a word in the compartment of Huoyun team, and everyone went out to watch the line like dumb people.
After the auxiliary piano girl wanted to go out to make a vision, she didn’t expect to be ambushed by RG as soon as she got near her red buff, and she could make a flash to escape.
"Captain, this is not the way!" Ad Guo Ke said.
In fact, his road is fine. Although one tower is about to fall, at least both towers are much worse than the road and the middle road. One tower has been slowly worn away by the soldiers, and the crocodile’s range is obviously suppressed.
In the middle of the road, Leona is even worse. At the moment, there is actually no place to make money. Without the protection of a tower or two, he can wait until the line of soldiers comes to a place closer to his highland tower.
In S3 season, the most painful thing is that the vision is suppressed. Now, because the tower disappears, their eyes in their own wild areas have been pulled out one by one and replaced by the other’s vision.
Moreover, the RG team has always been very cautious. Without the visual field, the process of arranging eyes is to assist Leona to look for four true vision potions everywhere (S4 season true vision potions were removed? And the wild emperor Cheng is accompanied by two people with control skills, which makes the fire cloud team unable to catch it.
Now, it can also be pushed in the middle, and then pushed back. It will not be easy to fight when the other party hits the dragon.
Lu Zhan came out from home, brutal and broken, and he chose mercury shoes. Normal robbers would choose sprint boots, which are called five-speed shoes, so as to facilitate swimming support.
However, in the early stage, Lu Zhan was involved in too many waves with Leona. The best time for gank to come out was 14 or 15 minutes. The secondary shoes chose a mercury shoe with magical defense and toughness, which could make it shorter to be controlled. After all, the other ap output was more.
"Let’s force the group, too," Lu Zhan said to everyone, feeling that the other person has a tendency to knot.
It’s not that Lu Zhan commands the top four rows of eyes. This kind of thing is that Lu Hong has been asking for it since he was young. He emphasized that many details, including row of eyes, have already become the habit of RG team.
In fact, the command of Lu Zhan lies in the team battle. For a mature team like RG, it is not necessary for Lu Zhan to talk about small details. In addition, he really needs Lu Zhan to command these things. He actually doesn’t know much. After all, he knows the game for a short time
Now his grasp of the big picture depends on his own talent.
Lu Zhan took RG troops to the road when Huoyun people planned to force the regiment in the middle of the road.
There is only one tower left on Huoyun Road. The idea of Lu Zhan is that I will let you push me in the middle, but I am here to push you so that if you don’t defend, we will continue to push faster than anyone else. If you defend, you will give up the middle.
So-called wai Wei to save Zhao is also the case.
So the fire cloud team can be forced to pay a return visit.
The middle tower is too important. Because of the strategic mistake, the tower was broken. The fire cloud team has already felt constrained everywhere.
There are only a few spectators in the audience who are watching the game carefully. Several members of the Ghost Team occasionally whisper to each other.
"pa!" Suddenly the door of the relay hall was pushed.