It has been sunny in Wan Li for many days, unlike Guangzhou, where it was still obscure, and after three days’ rest in Nanchuan, they played a home game, and then they will take a flight to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to play a difficult away game against the well-known Beiyang No.12 Middle School.

Every time I think about this team, I will tighten a string in my mind. Although the media holds him high now, he won’t dare to give himself a conclusion until he plays against the first point guard in that country. In fact, we can’t say everything about the team’s performance. Take Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, which ended the game three days ago, for example, but we can’t say that we won 100% against Xia Ruxuan in Ji Hantian. Xia Ruxuan has many places for Ji Hantian to learn.
"Yes," Xia Jing replied. She didn’t know what Ji Hantian really wanted to say when it suddenly started in summer.
"When I first came to No.7 Middle School, it was summer. A few months later, it was a year." Ji Hantian sighed again. "This year passed really fast, as if that summer was yesterday."
Xia Jing is quiet and listening to Ji Hantian. She likes to hear Ji Hantian’s low voice and slow and distant narration. No matter what it is, it always makes Xia Jing feel comfortable. Ji Hantian’s personality is just like this. When he is not on the court, he will be a little gentle and peaceful. Sometimes he will not talk for a long time, but Xia Jing will not feel anything wrong.
I remember reading a sentence that two people are the most suitable people together, which does not mean that there are endless words together, but even if you don’t say a word, you won’t feel embarrassed.
Xia Jing thinks that a clean boy like Ji Hantian should not be embarrassed with anyone. His temperament becomes more and more calm. Sometimes Xia Jing can’t help but be attracted by such Ji Hantian.
Others say that two people have been together for three months, but Xia Jing doesn’t think so. Now they have been together for more than four months, but Xia Jing will feel warm and want to laugh every day when he sees Ji Hantian, and he will involuntarily pay attention to his every move. He has gradually become more and more noticed. In school, he seems to be a star figure, and many girls like him very much, but he never cares that he is as gentle as ever and has never changed.
"Let’s go out for dinner." Ji pulled Xia Jing’s soft hand in cold weather, and the sun shone on his body. He could have lunch with Xia Jing, and he was going to Nanjing with the team at noon. Although he would come back in a day, he didn’t know what his mood was at that time.
There is always an atmosphere of wind rustling and water chilling in the basketball team of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School. They are not arrogant. They will not be conceited and have already taken Guangzhou No.1 Middle School as their natural enemies. The strength of Beiyang No.12 Middle School and Guangzhou No.1 Middle School is not at the same level. One is the strong team in the southern district, and the other is the national championship. Everyone knows that this game will be an unprecedented challenge.
If you have confidence, you can say that you are asking for more happiness.
After school at noon, the school gate was crowded with people. Several vendors set up stalls at the school gate, selling toys and food.
It’s always like middle school students who like to buy things that look cheap and affordable in this stall, but Ji Hantian and Xia Jing are well-off and naturally won’t be greedy for such petty gains. Their goal is a Sichuan restaurant near the school.
Just stepped into the shop and saw an acquaintance sitting at the first table.
Ji Hantian stretched his eyes. "How did Xu Ge come here today?"
"It’s Xiaotian." The bearer is Xu Zhenyang. Everyone in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School is very familiar with him and close to him. I remember that when I first walked into the media, Xu Zhenyang supported Nanchuan No.7 Middle School and let the public opinion fall to their opponents and give them enough support and encouragement. "I happened to be running news nearby, so I came to watch it, and then I thought that you should be ready to go to Nanjing, so I didn’t want to disturb your training."
"It doesn’t matter," Ji Hantian waved his hand. "These periods are all error correction and adjustment training. This is my friend Xia Jing." Ji Hantian couldn’t just leave Xia Jing alone. "This is reporter Xu Zhenyang from Nanchuan Daily."
"Hello Xu Ge" Xia Jing politely shook hands with Xu Zhenyang.
"Well, the young man has a good eye." Xu Zhenyang laughed. "Sit down. I’m just about to order. Count me in today."
Knowing that Xu Zhenyang has become a regular reporter of Nanchuan Daily, he won’t ink with him for a meal.
"Then I’ll do it respectfully."
"We haven’t met for a long time, haven’t we?" Xu Zhenyang looked down at the menu.
"I saw you in the Nanchuan final, but the game was so fierce that I didn’t have a chance to say hello to you. I didn’t meet you after that, did I?" Ji Hantian thought with his head up. Later, although Xu Zhenyang had been interviewing Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, he did all the interviews.
"But I’ve been keeping an eye on your news. Now I’ve become a hot young star in the southern district. Congratulations, it’s our Nanchuan basketball that won a face." Xu Zhenyang picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea. "A game is against Beiyang. This is a really difficult game."
"The atmosphere in the team is very tense now, which is why."
Xu Zhenyang frowned and nodded. "I know about Beiyang No.12 Middle School, but just looking at their guards in the first two years, I think their strength is similar to yours. They mainly relied on several powerful scorers. This year’s strength is definitely not as good as that of the previous two years. You have done very well."
Ji Hantian nodded with a dignified look. He knew that Xu Zhenyang would not talk big casually. Since he said that the other party’s ability was already quite the same as his own in the first two years, this year may be even more terrible, and he would not say that Nanchuan would win because of the strength gap. It is meaningless to say so.
The atmosphere of this meal is not bad. Xu Zhenyang has been chatting about the east and west, and he has also described to them the life of a college student in a vivid way, which makes two high school students who are buried in the sea of questions envy each other every day, but it is nothing to think that the other party is also walking from high school.
When I bid farewell to Xu Zhenyang, I slowly approached two o’clock and said goodbye to Xia Jing. After the cold weather, I returned to the stormy stadium. Almost all the players were ready to do some simple exercises.
Up to now, it seems that everyone has a feeling of never leaving the ball in life. Even if the horse is about to leave, it will take a while to hold the basketball in his hand to feel comfortable.
Fang Yuan, the opponent of Beiyang No.12 Middle School, didn’t tell much because he knew that the opponent was at such a level that it was no longer important to play at the team level to win or lose.
Section 274 Fighting at the beginning of Qinhuai to Nanjing (1)
"Is Ash going to Nanjing today?"
Chu Chenxi walked out of the gym with some surprise and looked at Lin Yuxin at the door. She hasn’t appeared in Chu Chenxi’s life for a long time since that day. It is the first time that she occasionally meets in the corridor and then nods lightly to say hello, but there will be no other words like this.
"Yes, I’m going to eat now … Do you want to come?"
"No," Lin Yuxin shook his head and handed out a delicate handicraft. "This is my lucky knot. I hope you can go with a victory … I’m leaving."
Looked at the hand lucky knot and looked at the back of Lin Yuxin’s departure. Chu Chenxi was like knocking over a cruet at the moment.
Lin Yuxin calmly walked around a corner and then suddenly stopped. His eyes were a little red and he murmured.
"Why do idiots want to ask me to have dinner so well?"
At 4: 10 pm, the plane set foot on a new journey in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School.
Nanjing is a famous historical and cultural city with four ancient capitals in China. The Yangtze River has been rushing for 1,000 years, which not only gave birth to Changjiang culture, but also gave birth to Nanjing, a city in the south of the Yangtze River. Nanjing is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and there are many beautiful historical sites.
Since ancient times, there has been a poet who berthed at Qinhuai River near the restaurant road at night, and the smoke cage, cold water and moon sand at the head of Qinhuai River vividly described the ancient scenery in the south of Qinhuai River.
Similarly, there are numerous famous scenic spots in Nanjing. Walking in the streets, you can clearly smell the tranquility and antiquated taste of the city. Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, has preserved many ancient buildings, which gives people deep thoughts on the historical limit. Since ancient times, "Nanjing is also a city of the Ten Dynasties", "clothes and cultural relics are flourishing in the southeast and the urban atmosphere has a profound cultural connotation, which reveals a bit of elegance, heroism, elegance, elegance and harmony", and the cultural heritage of Nanjing Astronomical Pivot is profound.
It can be said that when you come to Nanjing, you must take a walk and stop in this city to feel the atmosphere of an ancient country.
At this time, people such as Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, who appeared at Nanjing Lukou Airport, did not come to Nanjing to enjoy the scenery. A group of teenagers with outstanding height and temperament had already caused a number of notes when they left the plane. After all, it was not possible to see a group of teenagers with an average height of 1.9 meters together anywhere.
"Today, let’s hurry up and go to the hotel to live, and then go to the famous Confucius Temple in Nanjing for a team activity tonight." Fang Yuan gave everyone a feeling that they were still a little lazy when they couldn’t see or touch the apples. After all, when they came to Guangzhou to play away, they were stuck in the hotel for two days, playing cards and watching video chat. At this time, the weather in Nanjing can be described as a blue Wan Li night, and it is naturally a good choice to come out and feel the modern atmosphere of this ancient Qinhuai city.
At this time, it seems that no one cares about the day. The opponent is Beiyang No.12 Middle School. After all, there is a saying that it is not the case. It is not the knockout stage. The pressure on everyone is still not as great as expected. It is like an exam. The week before the exam is often the most tense. Once you sit in the examination room on the day of the exam, that tension will gradually disappear.
Now Nanchuan No.7 Middle School is like stepping into the examination room, and it is meaningless to worry about anything.
Now Yin Yun is the happiest of all, because he can bring his relatives with him when he goes out to war. Qin Chenhan, the team leader, may be regarded as the longest and most comfortable team leader of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School. The others have been brushed up after playing a few games at most, and this year he has already reached the National Competition and will continue to go.
The original Qin Chenhan can choose to stay in Nanchuan instead of running around with the team, but it is so-called if she wants to, and in a few months, Qin Chenhan and Yin Yun will graduate, and I really don’t know where everyone will go after graduation, so just seize all the beautiful and warm times now.
Getting closer and closer to graduation is something that makes people feel depressed. Although it means staying away from the classroom, from the dark day and from countless examination papers, it also means that during this year’s campaign, teammates will go their separate ways. During this period, the senior three always work very hard, whether playing ball or studying, and they will take them to Guangzhou. In those two days, Yin Yun held the five-year college entrance examination and simulated the three-year review all day.
I remember a joke that is very popular among high school students-if you have years left in your life, how would you choose to spend it? The three-year simulation of the five-year college entrance examination is such a joke, which makes people smile, but at the same time, it also makes people feel how sad the exam-oriented education in China is.
There is a saying that seventeen years old should be the best stage in life, and you should be busy with love, adventure and doing everything you love, because when you grow up, there will never be such a good time when you don’t have to worry about anything, but you can be presumptuous, love, chase and rush to make yourself live to regret it.
In fact, 17-year-olds in China have to carry their heavy bags and wear heavy glasses to and from home and school all day. In their spare time, they have to step into the sea of piles and questions day after day, although parents always say that everything will be fine after the college entrance examination is over.
But by that time, there will never be a naive but excited mood of seventeen years old.
Compared with these teenagers in the basketball team, they are much luckier. They can link their lives with basketball during this period, but they go out to play openly during class. I don’t know how many people envy them.
However, they know how much they have paid in their usual training. In China, basketball is not paid much attention except for their studies. In the eyes of many people, basketball is regarded as fun, a basketball skill that they try to hone when they are squeezed out of academic pressure. Maybe in this country, they will get something in the end.
But no one regrets that no one quit. They always do things with their own beliefs and hobbies, which may have no benefits at all. Who can say that they are not excellent teenagers?
It’s already seven o’clock in the evening after packing and lodging and having dinner in a small shop next to the hotel.
Walking on the streets of Nanjing has a completely different feeling from Nanchuan.
This city combines its ancient and modern parts almost perfectly. In this season, there are no tourists on the streets of Nanjing, but the city is busy in the evening. Maybe walking in the streets of this city at this time will give you a feeling of being completely integrated into the city.
Stay in the hotel, not far from the temple of Confucius. After dinner, everyone led by Fang Yuan chose to walk there.
Qinhuai River is the origin of ancient Nanjing culture, and the Qinhuai River is 42 kilometers long from the east water head to the west water. Since the Six Dynasties, merchants and scholars have gathered together to gather Confucianism, which is known as the "golden powder of the Six Dynasties". Since the Six Dynasties, the prosperous scene and unique style of Qinhuai have been praised by scholars of all dynasties