"Tell her it seems that we have no face." Boss Cao put away the invitation. "If we are ourselves, we will definitely not be rivals."

"Di Rinrin" At this time, the words in the room rang. Boss Cao glanced at it and said, "Holy shit, is it that the midnight bell is special?"
Qu Yong picked up the words and said directly, "Hey, we don’t need that."
"Nonsense" words suddenly roared "QuYong what are you two doing"
"Ah, it’s Sisi, you!"
"Two idiots" Four girls calmed down for a while and then said, "You go ahead. I have something to do and I’ll come later."
Qu Yong asked, "Where are you going?"
Siguniang said, "Of course, people invite you to a place. Stop talking nonsense."
"You already know."
"What I don’t know?" Four girls hung up.
Qu Yong said, "Don’t say it now. The four girls all know. She told us to go first and she will come later."
The banquet place of Xiuluo Road is on a yacht with a red flag. Qu Yong and Boss Cao just got off the boat and sat down on the leather sofa in the cabin. Suddenly, they heard a "grid" sound and a secret door behind the mirror. A pair of shiny leather shoes came out with a "giggle" step.
QuYong two people immediately got up and the man repeatedly to pressure hand smiles to say "two please sit down"
QuYong two people look at each other in accordance with the said sat down.
The man sat by himself, and since he came out, he has been very elegant in every move, and his face has always kept smiling, which is the kind of gentleman smile.
Qu Yong took the opportunity to look at him and saw that he was wearing a gorgeous suit with a three-piece head and a wide collar. It was handmade and exquisite, and he was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses frames without lenses.
But that face is very ugly. In fact, his forehead is wide, his nose is very straight, and his lips are thin. Everything is a first-class and beautiful man, but when the departments are together, they become unspeakable ugly.
This is Xiuluo Road. Every man is extremely ugly, and every woman in Xiuluo Road is extremely beautiful and easy to recognize.
And this man has another characteristic: his eyebrows are white.
In fact, Yu Taibang has heard from Cao Boss these days that the first word Cao Boss used at that time was bullying.
What the Tai Gang is doing in the north of the Yangtze River is simply bullying. They are divided into six ways and six ways to manage six kinds of businesses. It is simply unimaginable that from pornography, gambling and drugs to buying murders, money laundering transactions are selling arms, and so on. What they don’t do is the flesh business.
But I didn’t expect the boss of Xiuluo Road to be so gentle.
After he sat down, he took one look at QuYong and said, "I think this is QuYong, a true metaphor."
Qu Yong said, "I am"
"Good," the man said elegantly. "You should know my identity. I’ll say my own name. My name is Bai Mei, and I am the husband with red eyebrows."
"red-browed husband"
"I’m sorry," Qu Yong said. "Red eyebrow was in my arms when she died. I took her deer skin and it was my master’s mask."
"Squeak" was talking when suddenly a little mouse came out with smooth fur and toot.
The "mouse" Cao boss was shocked and almost jumped into QuYong’s arms.
"It’s all right." Bridled eyebrows grabbed it with a smile and held it in their arms, then leaned over and said, "I’m sorry to have frightened the two. Please forgive Xiaozhi for being my friend’s inseparable friend. Well, by the way, where did I say just now?"
"I said," QuYong woke up. "Miss Red Eyebrow died in my arms. I took what was in her deer skin, but I gave it to your brother before entering the hotel."
"I know about it," said Bai Mei, stroking Xiao Zhimao. "But now if I say that I don’t have the bronze mask, do you believe it?"
"Don’t" Cao boss exclaimed, "Oh, no, we don’t know that the driver is not your Shura Taoist."
"That’s not him, it’s one of us." A beautiful girl clapped her hands and brought a deer skin in a tray, which was solved by Qu Yong from the red eyebrow.
"That’s all right," said Boss Cao, clapping his hands. "Now that it’s over, we’ll give you this mask. What else do you want?"
"No, no, no," bridled. "Let’s see what’s in this bag."
Qu Yong "Huo" picked up his hand and felt something was wrong. Let’s take a look at the iron plate inside. "How did this happen?"
Bridled obviously don’t believe QuYong words sneer at a way "you don’t know"
"I really don’t know."
"You mean that we will give you the mask," said Boss Cao, not to be outdone. "If you have to say so, I can also say that you hid the real mask and tried to blackmail us."
"Really?" Bridled eyebrows clapped their hands again, and oil paintings hung on both sides moved. "Kazi" oil paintings have automatically moved to the side to reveal two square holes one meter long.
Behind every square hole, there is an extremely beautiful woman. Their clothes are gorgeous and their hands are beautiful, but their things are not beautiful. They are aiming at Qu Yong with guns in their hands. Even Dan Jin’s master can’t say that he can avoid it when the gun goes off in the cabin of this yacht.
"You want to play hardball"
"In quality, we don’t like killing people." Bridled eyebrows speak in a sincere and serious way. He wants to make sure that what he says is absolutely sincere. "There are many things in life that are worth nostalgia, and there are many things that are worth giving up. Whether to give up or stay depends on a person’s choice. Are you right?"
"Yes," Cao boss’s heart was full of anger. The original four girls asked them to hand over the bronze mask, and he was full of anger. I didn’t expect to be so sarcastic now. There were two guns pointed at him and he couldn’t rush over. "I think you’re right. I don’t know if you gave up your face and took the lead in this xiuluo road."
"I do business one yard at a time." Bridled eyebrows said with a smile. "If you dare to come to me alone, I can’t bully you with a gun, otherwise it won’t be nice to go out. So if you hit me, I will let you go. If you lose, you will have to hand over the real mask."
Qu Yong said, "I don’t understand. This mask is a dragon and tiger thing. You are too helpful to ask for it in the north of the Yangtze River."
"This is my personal preference." Bridled eyebrow made a snap of his fingers this time and a man came in. His face is still ugly but his manners are all good. "He practiced Tai Ji Chuan’s name, so let’s not talk about it."
Qu Yong nodded and said, "Well, I promised that if I win, you can’t bother us again in this place of Shandong."
Chapter two hundred and forty-two Thirteen hands
QuYong fuels, "I’m Xingyiquan and my name is QuYong."
"I’ve heard a lot," said the man, fuels. "After practicing for a few years, I have worshipped the name of Tai Chi master, so I can’t say it out for fear of losing my master’s job."
QuYong all around to see a "here to small let’s go out to play or just take a hand"
"This" the man went to see bridled face.
Bridled eyebrows ordered, "It’s up to you."
QuYong beat him to "take a hand."
Hand-to-hand fighting was the way that the older generation came up with each other to fight in the Republic of China. To put it mildly, it was possible to try out the depth of kung fu and avoid casualties caused by hand-to-hand combat. To put it mildly, it was too old to really do it.
In fact, it is impossible to try out actual combat kung fu, and it has been laughed at by the Jianghu actual combat school for many years, because in actual combat, the ever-changing moment of life and death is not that whoever is strong can win.
Of course, hand-to-hand combat is not without skill. Generally speaking, one side stretches out an arm and puts it together before fighting.
In Tai Ji Chuan, there are a lot of manual hands, and the short-distance points of attack and defense between two people intersect, even if they play, there is a lot less blood smell.
Four hands together.
Qu Yong feels that the other person’s palms are calluses. When people really start work, their strength is often more terrible than their dark strength.