Little thing with pure blue cat pupil to Shen Xinyu mouth.

"Thank you, Ma Tuan." The girl raised her hand and rubbed its little head and said softly, "I know you are helping me, right? What will you be there? Who took you there? "
"Meow" Ma Tuan reached out and licked it as if she didn’t understand what the girl was saying. Shen Xinyu smiled and didn’t expect it to answer. She sighed and said, "It is said that cats are very spiritual little things. Did you sneak away because you had a premonition that my engagement in the afternoon would not go well?"
"You shouldn’t be called Ma Tuan, you should be called an idiot."
In the bedroom, the girl was lying on the table, pulling the hemp ball’s ear and talking to herself. Aunt Wu saw that she was in good condition and quietly pointed the door at the microphone. The novel "Don’t worry, Mr. Tang, we will take good care of Miss Shen"
The sky is bright.
Shen Xinyu, as usual, opened his eyes and consciously looked next to him. One person’s sheets and pillows were clean and tidy. One day, someone didn’t come back all night.
Rubbed his eyes Shen Xinyu sat up from the bed and didn’t disturb sleeping at her feet. Ma Tuan got up and went to wash.
"Miss Shen’s breakfast is ready," Aunt Wu said with a smile when she saw Shen Xinyu.
The girl glanced at the living room, and Aunt Wu came over in an apron and wiped her hands. She said, "Mr. Tang came back at five o’clock and saw that you were still sleeping, so he changed clothes and went to the company directly. I heard that SiShao came back last night and they took turns to stay in the hospital all night."
Shen Xinyu nodded and asked, "What happened to the old lady?"
"I should be out of danger, but I haven’t woken up yet. I seem to have heard the doctor’s advice that I should be treated conservatively, and I think I will stay in the hospital for a while." With this, Aunt Wu sighed, the old lady is actually a good person. If I give it to her, I should like Miss Shen. Who would have thought that this would happen at the engagement ceremony?
This person is fine. If you can’t save Miss Shen from entering Tangjiamen, it’s completely hopeless. Maybe you’ll get a nemesis then.
Looking at the quiet girl who was eating, Aunt Wu shook her head and somehow felt that this girl was also very blessed.
After dinner, I went to learn something. Shen Xinyu sat in the car and took out his mobile phone to call Tang Shiyan.
But I couldn’t get through after two or three calls.
The girl hung up and looked out of the window and suddenly said to the driver, "Take me to the hospital. I want to see my grandmother first."
The driver asked, "Miss Shen, Mr. Tang has ordered me to send you to school."
Shen Xinyu "Let’s go to the hospital first. I’ll take a look before I go to school."
Seeing that she was so determined, the driver nodded and promised to drive in the direction of the hospital with a dozen steering wheels.
The Tang family now has some doubts or opinions about her, and Tang Shiyan also has the meaning of protecting her. Shen Xinyu is not ignorant, but she can’t just hide and be an innocent person.
Although she is not as capable as Liao Jingjing, it is always ok to visit and help.
Shen Xinyu built her heart well all the way and gave herself enough oil and gas. However, when she got to the hospital, things developed differently.
After a night’s observation, Mrs. Tang has moved into the intensive observation room. There is a man she has never seen lying on the other side with a blanket on his bed. He is about thirty or forty years old. He looks a bit like Uncle Tang. He should be Uncle Tang Shiyan.
Before the bed, Aunt Tang and Liao Jingjing were both seeing her come in. Aunt Tang made a hissing gesture. "That’s why your uncle didn’t sleep much last night."
Shen Xinyu light the door with fruit.
"Why didn’t you learn?" Aunt Tang got up from her chair and asked her.
Shen Xinyu put the fruit on the desk novel "I’ll study in the morning and then go"
Aunt Tang looked at her and nodded and said to them, "I’m just going out to buy some breakfast. Have you all eaten?"
"I ate."
"What do you want to eat?" The same wavelength turned to ask Liao Jingjing, who had been busy.
Liao Jingjing smiled and looked at Tang Sanshu, who was still sleeping, and said, "Buy some for his uncle to like to eat. I’ll just drink porridge."
Aunt Tang made a clear gesture and went out with a bag in her finger.
Liao Jingjing was wearing a towel with clear water beside the bed. Mrs. Tang wiped her face and body. Shen Xinyu looked at it and walked over and said, "Dr. Liao, please take a break and I’ll come."
Liao Jingjing didn’t look at her hand without stopping. "No, you don’t have the experience to take care of patients."
Shen Xinyu saw that she couldn’t insert her hand and sat on the other side of the chair. Liao Jingjing poured water and changed a basin of towels to hang up.
"Do you eat fruit? I’ll help you wash. "
Shen Xinyu saw that her forehead was tired and sweaty, and there was a layer of blue shadow under her eyes, which was even worse for her to stay idle.
Then she got up and took the fruit bowl to wash the fruit. Liao Jingjing hung up the towel and took a look at her and said, "No, it’s good that you sit in the hospital water and eat chlorine."
Shen Xinyu ""
I let the fruit go.
Is there chlorine in hospital water?
What is chlorine?
At this time, Shen Xinyu suddenly felt a little annoyed that he was a student.
Section 2
However, there are some doubts in my mind when I turn my head. Hospital water will upset my stomach. What should other patients do if they want to drink water?
Liao Jingjing showed no concern about what was going on in the girl’s mind and wiped her hands to massage the arms and legs of Mrs. Tang.
This is probably because the patient is afraid of stiff limbs after lying for a long time and needs manual massage. She often massages her grandmother before.
It’s still early to look up. Shen Xinyu got up and wanted to reach out to help Liao Jingjing suddenly reached out and interrupted her. "You haven’t studied medicine, and you can’t master acupuncture points and strength well. Grandma’s organs are very fragile now."
Shen Xinyu glanced at his hand being beaten back and looked at Liao Jingjing strangely.
"Dr. Liao, you"
Liao Jingjing seemed to realize what she had done when she rolled over slightly in the distance. She said with a slight apology, "I’m sorry, Xiaoyu, I’m not aiming at you, but I’m too nervous. My grandmother didn’t wake up for a moment, and I was a little nervous."
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There is one thing I want to add here. I ignored it at that time because I saw a reader say that Miss Shen was weak, but today I found that the rest of you should also have this doubt. Now I’m trying to smooth things out. Miss Shen’s personality is different from her previous life. Otherwise, the man would have suspected that one is because she experienced it three years after her previous life, and the other is because she is still imitating her original owner’s cowardice and fear of being seen by others. When it comes to the secrets involved in her heart, Miss Shen is always speechless and afraid to mess up. Even after the second speech, she recovered her sexuality. Miss Shen is also a soft MengMeng girl who is straightforward and frank in honest and frank, but this does not mean that she is weak. She is the kind of sullen and cunning girl who will not suffer.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen He is willing to coax her (2)
"No" Shen Xinyu secretly withdrew his hand and felt a little stiff where his fingertips were slammed.
She looked up again at the old lady’s massage, Liao Jingjing, as if her attitude towards her was really sincere just now.
Or like everyone else, do you think that Grandma Tang is angry with her and doesn’t like her?