"My brother? I don’t have a brother. What’s the matter with you? Find a way to raise money quickly! I have to take care of the children. "

Said the wind chimes and left in panic.
Chapter DiYiErLiu TianQing hole on the second floor
I gawked at the distant wind chimes, looked at the video photos in my hand and touched a few cosmic coins in my bag. How can I get this money with a wry smile? No one knows that this is a completely strange world. When I walked to the road, I saw the original houses and the original costumes. The crowd also saw the original bank restaurant and touched all kinds of equipment and weapons in the package. Is it necessary to rob pedestrians? Or rob a bank? Not even? But what should I do if I am in a hurry? Xiao Lang, what should he do?
I’m wandering and lonely, and my brain is about to burst! Suddenly there was a loud noise in my ear.
"Damn love mountain wealth worm incredibly dare to lure waves in this way! I will completely destroy your tenth style of dragon slaying! "
This sound is dominating, and I feel that the world is shaking. I suddenly regained consciousness and saw a masked, tall and burly man with a black nod in his hand, looking at me closely. He gasped softly and said,
"Brother, do you know that you are about to fall into the bubble of designing for you just now? Look at this bubble behind you. "
I was surprised and turned to look and saw a bubble, which was conjuring up. I just saw the wind chime scene, where she looked at me back and forth in a hurry and wry smile way
"This bubble is worse than the first layer of fog!"
"Yes! We must leave this area immediately! "
I was just about to say yes, but I found a bubble Xiaoqiang in it not far from me. I have to see what this little guy thinks about this money problem. I heard Xiaoqiang mutter in the bubble.
"Today is to win the favor of wind chimes sister-in-law? Or sunset sister-in-law favor? That’s right I found that the boss may be good with that apricot woman in Nakajima, so I’d better go to please this apricot sister-in-law. She is the richest of the three, so that I can eat more animal food and send some to Xiaohua and Little Gollum. "
I looked at Xiaoqiang in the bubble funny and embarrassed, but I didn’t find him. He looked at me in a strange way and looked at Xiaoqiang in the bubble. He suddenly sank.
"His horse is going to sink into the bubble completely, so go and save it!"
I was a stare blankly doubt way
"How to save?"
"Yell at the bubble and chop the weapon."
I said
"Do you need skills?"
He looked at me with a stare blankly and his eyes were warm for a long time before he said
"Lang, in fact, you are a very emotional person. You really love that girl Fengling very deeply."
He suddenly interface way again
"But do you know that because of this, you were just about to be bound by the illusion of wealth insects forever?"
I was stunned by the scene wry smile way just now.
"If it is reality? What should I choose? "
Our suddenly a stare blankly he slightly sigh a way
"I don’t know"
Suddenly, he turned his head and made up his mind.
"But I promise to have me one day. Please let me know if you need anything and I will do my best to help."
I looked at my face covered, my eyes were firm, my heart moved, and I was on the road.
"Your words are my words!"
Resolutely go out and take out the sword in the parcel and yell at me.
"Dead Xiaoqiang is not allowed to hit my wife!"
The sword split in the past and the bubble split in front of me. When the green thing flashed, I heard Xiaoqiang curse.
"Ouch, you’re not afraid of being bitten to death by my claws when you kill your Xiaoqiang handsome guy?"
I was just about to curse a few words, but I found that the root filled with Xiaoqiang bubbles and gathered together could not be broken. Then I heard Xiongba Avenue.
"run! The new bubble has appeared again. We are leaving this area soon! "
As soon as I heard Xiaoqiang’s ear without saying a word, I ran, and it hurt so much that I screamed and asked as I ran.
"Xiaoqiang, how many bubbles have you met?"
"That’s it!"
As soon as I let go of my hand, I saw the hero running in front and shouted
"Brother Xiong, how many bubbles have you met?"