Because of the variation of the steel cannon shrimp, Ryuno has obviously higher expectations for it. He hopes that the steel cannon shrimp can master two directions

"Steel cannon arm shrimp firepower."
At the same time, the huge pair of tongs aimed at the middle desert dragonfly, one after another, and the dragon fluctuated and shot at the right shou. The left tongs had just finished firing, and the right tongs had already prepared ammunition. The steel cannon arm shrimp controlled the attack rhythm well and ensured that the difference between each attack was several, so the desert dragonfly immediately became exhausted.
"This steel cannon shrimp is really different. The desert dragonfly makes a lamella." hal jordan hopes that such a powerful dragon can counterattack the Jedi.
Once the lamella was stopped, hal jordan left it until the last moment.
In an instant, the desert dragonfly became extremely violent. It kept making dragon waves and rushed to the steel cannon arm shrimp. It flew a dragon wave and resisted a dragon wave. The desert dragonfly rushed to the steel cannon arm shrimp.
The steel cannon shrimp lifted its right clamp to block it. Unexpectedly, it was knocked back several meters by a desert dragonfly.
Watching desert dragonflies rush over again, steel cannon shrimp is also very angry. Don’t be old and not close to each other.
Bang ~
A crab fist was directly greeted, and the scales of the desert dragonflies exploded together.
The desert dragonfly didn’t let qi go. It rushed over for the third time.
Knock! It was greeted by a steel cannon arm shrimp tongs.
In a state of chaos, the desert dragonfly launched a crazy attack, but its body still failed to spell the steel cannon arm shrimp tongs.
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Chapter 4 Uday Island
"The desert dragonfly lost its fighting ability and won the battle against Longye", and Nazi quickly announced the result of the competition.
"Thank you for agreeing to challenge me. You are really strong." hal jordan took the initiative to come to Longye.
"You are also very good at cultivating desert dragonflies, even you have mastered the unique skill of lamella, and it will become stronger in the future."
Hal jordan smiled confidently. "My goal is to become stronger. By the way, Longye, do you want to go to Hezhong?"
Longye nodded "yes"
"Then let’s leave a message for each other. I’ll wait for you in Hezhong District," hal jordan volunteered.
Longye readily told his words to each other.
Longye and them followed hal jordan to the Island Elf Center, where Longye found an information brochure introducing the islands of the Jecorora Islands.
The islands in the Jecorora Islands are scattered. This time, Longye doesn’t intend to visit every island. After all, he is here to travel, not those researchers. It is the best choice to choose a few interesting islands to visit.
Hal jordan said that he had already competed with trainers in several places here, such as DuDu, ChengDu and Shenao. He was satisfied. He left Yanliu Island before, and when he left, he was still telling Longye to contact him when he arrived in Hezhong area.
After hal jordan left, Longye and they discussed which island they would go to next, but it didn’t have a good result to analyze. After all, these are all sea islands, and the differences between the islands are not very big.
After much consideration, Ryuno finally decided on Udaite Island as a target.
Going to Udaite Island by Super Arrow Turtle No.2, they saw a huge port far away.
"It seems that several islands in the Jecorora Islands have a very large port." Nazi is a little strange. You know, these islands are small in number, so it is not such a huge port.
Du ~ ~ ~ ~
A sudden whistle attracted Nazi’s attention. She turned and looked at the distant sea. A giant cruise ship was slowly coming towards Udaite Island.
"Now you know why we need to build such a big port. Every week, there are cruise ships going back and forth to Hezhong and Dujian passing through the Jecorora Islands. These cruise ships bring a large number of tourists, so the buildings on the island will be repaired so well," Longye explained.
"If I had known that there was such a luxury cruise ship, we should never have come here by Super Archean 2." Nazi said with great regret.
"That depends on what you think. If you take a cruise, you will not be so free as you are now." Longye is very concerned about this.
The source manufacturing company is now making money at a speed, and it is not difficult for Longye to buy such a cruise ship, but at his level, he is pessimistic about these things.
There was no hurry to enter the island of Longye, and they were watching the cruise ship coming slowly by the port.
The giant cruise ship slowly docked next to the dock, and tourists came in droves.
A burly old man among the tourists caught Longye’s attention. He was none other than Shaka, a trainer of Shuanglong Daoguan in Hezhong, a strong man who was good at making dragon elves.
The most striking feature of Xiaka is that his thick beard covers his whole bar and mouth, and its shape is like a dragon elf’s jaw.
"Shaka didn’t stay at Shuanglong Daoguan. How did she get here and took a cruise to DuDu?" Although a little curious, Longye didn’t go to say hello to Xiaka. No matter what the other party went to do, he had to challenge Ssangyong Dojo when he was in the Dojo.
Longye and his party appeared in front of everyone on their way to the top of the mountain.
"It’s amazing that there should be such a large village relic here."
"It is said that there are many people living in front of this island, which is a very prosperous place." Longye looked at the room and introduced it.
Nazi asked, "Then how can this place be abandoned? They all moved near the port? "
"Let me see." Longye continued to look through the pamphlet in his hand. "I found it. According to the literature, it seems that there was an incident in which elves attacked humans here at that time. The residents tried every means to stop the elves from continuing to make trouble, but the situation became worse and worse, and the whole island fell into a great chaos."
"Did things work out later?" Nazi asked
"It is said that a man who traveled across the ocean came here at that time. His name was Uday, and this is also the name of this island. Uday cleverly led the elves all the way to the top of the mountain and then reached the top of the mountain. Uday raised his hands to the night.
At this time, a dazzling comet suddenly flashed across the sky and shone all over the earth. Uday seemed to be able to predict the appearance of comets and stunned the elves. After that, the elves calmed down their anger and obeyed Uday’s orders, so the island returned to peace. "
Ryuno read out a passage described in the book. He is also very admired by Udaite. At that time, he was able to calculate the comet emergence period. If he was not an elf trainer, it would be a great family.
Going on to the top of the mountain, a magnificent amphitheater appeared in front of them in Longye. This building similar to the ancient Roman Colosseum on the earth actually appeared on a mountain. This contrast is really unacceptable.
This arena is made of stone, and years have left indelible marks on its surface.
"It is said that this ancient arena was built by Udaite. After solving the problem of island elf attack, he stayed here with the elves, knowing that he could predict the comet’s appearance, and trained the trainers to come to this island from all over the world to challenge.
Udaite is constantly fighting against trainers who come to challenge in this arena. He constantly shows his superb fighting skills. He has never lost a battle. "
"I didn’t expect such a powerful person to appear in such a remote island." Nazi sighed.
"If we had come two years later, we might have seen the comet named Uday. It is said that when the comet appeared, the mountain elves would do very strange things," Longye said aside.
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Chapter 41 Lights Ghost
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"What a pity!" I heard that Nazi, who couldn’t see the comet, showed disappointment.
Longye himself has some regrets that this problem will occur if he doesn’t travel with Xiao Zhi and his party. Many interesting things are caught from time to time.
"Forget it, let’s go into this arena first and have a look. I’m very curious about what this ancient arena department will be like."
"Let’s go then," echoed Nazi.
The entrance to the arena is a tunnel made of stones. The dark light and mottled walls of the tunnel are really scary.