Although they escaped temporarily, they were trapped in this small stone room and their way out was cut off!

"So even if you practice the spiral nine shadows to the top, I’m afraid you can’t go out …" Now Ling Feiyang’s heart is desperate.
"Lingjun, I’m really happy to have you by my side in the last few days …" The source coloured glaze really deserves to be the granddaughter of YuanYijing. She is so indifferent and indifferent to death that even Ling Feiyang is ashamed.
"In that case, let’s spend these days well …" Ling Feiyang, although unwilling, said so, and then pulled the origin glass arm and took her into his arms. They snuggled up to each other and fell asleep.
A ray of morning light came in from the crevice, and two people knew that it was the morning of the sixth day. Yuan Liuli saw how many colorful fireflies hatched, so he picked up these butterflies and walked to the crevice.
"Butterflies, you are not here to accompany me and go back to the free world." Yuan Liuli said and put these small butterflies in the crevice. However, these butterflies are still lingering in the stone room.
The source colored glaze waved its sleeves at the crevices and raised a breeze to send these butterflies out. "I hope they can fly to Mount Fuji to find those wild flowers and find their own home." The source colored glaze said to Ling Feiyang.
In the next day, Ling Feiyang will no longer practice martial arts. Although the death distance is getting closer and closer to them, the two people face each other hand in hand, but they are not afraid. When they are in a good mood, Source Glass will tell Ling Feiyang her childhood story. Ling Feiyang also told her all her experiences without reservation.
"So you came to our age from that world a hundred years later just to marry a bunch of beautiful women ….." The source coloured glaze smiled and teased him about the low status of women in the ancient Fusang country. Besides, now both of them have managed to escape from the source coloured glaze, and they are not very concerned about Ling Feiyang’s various love affairs.
During this period, there were constantly magic butterflies hatching out the source glass and letting them out every time. Although they tried to reduce food consumption, they still ate all the dry food on the fifteenth day.
"Ling Jun, how long do you think the two of us can live?" Sunset coloured glaze finally asked
"The average person can probably live for more than ten days without eating. Our kungfu practitioners will certainly grow much longer, but I haven’t tried it for how long …" Ling Feiyang said with a wry smile.
"Then we can just give it a try this time!" Said the source coloured glaze is still not pessimistic at all.
On the twentieth day, both of them were thin. On this night, suddenly, more than a dozen colorful fireflies broke out of their cocoons at the same time, and the coloured glaze suddenly said, "Lingjun, I’m afraid, and I have no strength. I want to give you another dance …"
"Well …" Ling Feiyang couldn’t bear to refuse her kindness, so she sat quietly in the corner of the stone room and looked at the source glass dancing. These magical fireflies danced around her, giving off a fantasy blurred time, and the blade was thin and green.
After a dance, Yuan Liuli gently walked to Ling Feiyang and stood on tiptoe and put her arms around his neck.
"I want to be intimate with you one last time, Lingjun. Will you promise me?" Source coloured glaze will lip stick in ling float in the sky ear gently said
"Good …" Ling Feiyang said and slowly removed the white silk wrapped around her body. The two bodies were tightly intertwined and madly released the love in their hearts. These magic butterflies fell on the source glass. The white body, red, yellow, blue and green, flashed alternately and wrapped this mysterious girl like a butterfly.
By the thirtieth day, the two had lost the strength to speak, but they were still hugging and smiling, trying to bring courage to each other. After more than forty days, Ling Feiyang could barely support it, but the source glass body was finally on the verge of life limit.
Ps: The magma activity of Mount Fuji caused Ling Feiyang and Yuan Liuli to be trapped in the cave on the crater wall. They hoped to survive and love each other to stick to the limit of life challenge. For details, please see later!
Chapter 324 Firefly Butterfly Wounds
"Lingjun coloured glaze must walk first this time. You must continue to insist on it after I leave …" Source coloured glaze has been extremely weak and lying motionless in Ling Feiyang’s arms.
Ling float in the sky don’t talk is hands on her back will be true qi thick lost in the past.
"You will live less than ten days …" Source coloured glaze struggled to say.
"But you can live for four or five more days. I’ll live with you as long as you can …" Ling Feiyang covered her mouth with this sentence and motioned for her not to continue.
"Lingjun is so kind to me …" Source coloured glaze thought that although she didn’t have much strength to speak now, her face was still hung with a smile.
In the later period, every time the source glass couldn’t support it, Ling Feiyang entered the true qi to prolong her life. However, after four or five days, Ling Feiyang’s true qi was exhausted.
Source glass will finally hatch a dozen magic butterflies and then know that she has reached the end of her life. She quietly lies in Ling Feiyang’s arms and gazes at Ling Feiyang’s face with gentle eyes, but she is still never forced to wait for the last moment.
An hour, two hours, three hours … The source coloured glaze finally couldn’t bear to close her eyes and Ling Feiyang suddenly said, "You see …"
Looking in the direction of Ling Feiyang’s fingers, the source coloured glaze actually saw a magic butterfly flying back from the crevice!
"What is this?" Ling Feiyang held out two fingers to hold the butterfly wings and saw that there was a note on the wing surface!
"Brother Ling, we know that you are in there. You must hold on and we will find a way to save you!" The note is correct and beautiful, which is the handwriting with smoke!
Forty-five days ago, Ling Feiyang and Fujita’s ten soldiers fought in Kamakura, a city on the top of Fuji Mountain. Two hundred masters never got the news, so they came to check it out together.
When they arrived, Fujita’s ten soldiers had already left the source coloured glaze from the edge of the crater, and they immediately found the rope to be searched by several masters of flying skills. But at this time, the cave entrance had already been sealed by magma, and these roots could not be found. Ling Feiyang and the source coloured glaze had been turned to ashes in the magma.
A few days later, Wang Jian and Yang Miaozhen troops finally arrived in Kamakura. After learning the bad news, Lan Yuzhu, Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang were all heartbroken and immediately rushed to Mount Fuji.
"Brother Ling’s martial arts are so high that it is absolutely impossible to die like this!" Yang Kang asked his other two daughters, "Do you believe Brother Ling will die?"
"I don’t believe it if I haven’t seen the body …" LanYuzhu’s eyes were already wet, but she still shook her head gently.
"I don’t believe that in this case, we will look around again!" Song smoke-laden suddenly said
The three women then separately searched for Ling Feiyang on the top of Mount Fuji, but after several days of searching, they found one thing in succession. The three women still refused to give up, so they expanded the search scope to the mountainside and found it for more than ten days, which was still a clue.
The cold winter passed slowly, and spring has arrived in Mount Fuji. On this day, LanYuzhu was looking for a flower, but she accidentally found a colorful butterfly.
"Now it’s just early spring, and the hatching period of this butterfly seems to be much earlier than that of ordinary butterflies …" Lan Yuzhu’s research on insects immediately thought of this, but she didn’t realize that this butterfly was flying, and she didn’t take it to heart, and she was still persistently looking for Ling Feiyang.
However, a few days later, Lan Yuzhu found several such butterflies again, so she caught them and brought them back to Kamakura, and immediately recognized that this butterfly was the original colorful firefly butterfly!
"Since these butterflies are still alive, Liuli must not be dead!" Laiyuan’s near-grinding was pleasantly surprised, so he immediately rushed back to Mount Fuji with dozens of Song experts.
Dozens of experts are divided into more than ten groups to search the crater Fiona Fang miles again, and they have been looking for more than ten days. Xia Xiyi, a master of Huashan School, found a magic butterfly flying out of a crevice in the ridge.
"They must be at the other end of this crack!" Xia Xiyi immediately called DaSong master department to come over and send this butterfly body note back to the crevice with smoke.
"Coloured glaze, you must hold on and don’t close your eyes to save us!" Ling Feiyang on the other side of the cleft finally rekindled hope!
In order to get the message to the outside, Ling Feiyang took the note and then released the magic color firefly butterfly. The smile appeared on the face of the source glass and supported by a strong belief in survival, trying to resist the call of death and not letting himself close his eyes.
Dozens of Song experts were overjoyed to see the butterfly fly out again. They immediately found all kinds of tools to chisel along this crevice. Some experts who have practiced hard qigong simply made weapons or fists directly with the joint efforts of many experts, and it took only two hours to chisel the mountain wall to a depth of several feet!
"Ling" xianggong "are you pushing your sister inside? Knock on the stone wall three times when you hear it! " LanYuZhu suddenly shouted at the front mountain.
"Dangdang!" There was a faint sound inside immediately. Who else would it be if it wasn’t Ling Feiyang?
"Judging from this sound, they are less than two feet behind this stone wall!" "Thousands of hands" Tang Zhiqiu immediately said
"Look at me!" Du Shanda, a Kongtong "thunder runner", stepped forward and launched a palm to the stone wall!
With the "poop-poop" stone broken, the stone wall in front of everyone collapsed to reveal a wide hole with half a person!
"Teacher younger brother, this palm of your hand is a bit reckless …" Zong Kun, the "God Boxing Champion", said that he jumped into the mouth of the cave. After a while, he jumped out with one hand and placed it horizontally on the ground!
"Ling Xianggong!" "Brother Ling!" "Brother Ling!" LanYuZhu, song smoke-laden and Yang Kang blunt come over at the same time to help the ling float in the sky!
"I’m okay, save coloured glaze …" Ling Feiyang said a word and fainted.
Zong Kun, the "God Boxing Champion", immediately entered the "Chixia Qi" of Kongtong School into Ling Feiyang’s body and picked up the original glass body before it was ground.
However, the source coloured glaze has eyes closed without a breath.
Ps: Ling Feiyang and Yuan Liuli have been trapped in the volcanic magma cave for more than 40 days, and they are on the verge of dying. The three girls, including Yan Yan, don’t believe that Ling Feiyang has died. They have searched hard all over Mount Fuji and finally found the magic butterfly flying out of the crevice. With the help of Song Guozhong, Ling Feiyang was finally saved, but Yuan Liuli has no breath. What is life? What is death? Maybe only at this time will people get the true meaning of life! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 325 reincarnation of life and death
It takes nine months for a magic butterfly to develop from a butterfly egg to a larva and then to a chrysalis, and it will not really bloom until it breaks through the cocoon and becomes a butterfly.
However, there are only a few days left after the butterfly becomes a butterfly.
The fate of Yuan Liuli’s life is just like these magic butterflies around her.
Now, although I have seen the light of day, the source glass has stopped breathing.