"Eldest brother, you listen to the sound over there" Meow meow said, pointing to the nearby.

When I came to another place, there was also a battle going on here, where an aggressive and a monarch snake constantly destroyed the surrounding environment. Here, Longye finally saw the figure of a trainer and commanded the monarch snake to be a young man, but the aggressive owner surprised Longye.
"hunter j?" Longye surprised to call out.
"Longye, do you know them?" Nazi asked
Longye nodded. "Did you see the salamander carrying that man? That man’s name is J. She is an elf hunter, but she should be active in the Shenao area. How can she run to Fengyuan?"
"elf hunter?" Nazi showed an angry expression. This kind of bad guy is the most hateful.
At this time, hunter J sneered at a pair of monarch snake trainers and said, "Sakai Ye, it’s not bad that you can delay me for so long, but it’s all in vain. Give me your violent body." Hunter J immediately stepped up his attack rhythm after saying this. It is obvious that hunter J was just playing cat and mouse.
The sudden force of the salamander made the monarch snake unbearable, but the young man named Sakai Leaf was anxious but there was nothing he could do.
Seeing that the monarch snake was about to be knocked down, Longye released Darkrai, and Dakley stopped the violent dragon from fluctuating. When the monarch snake saw the sudden appearance, he immediately returned to Sakai Leaf to be vigilant.
"There are people?" Hunter J was stunned by the "violent dragon wave"
"Ba Darkrai"
D’ Ackley blocked the salamander attack with an evil wave, and an evil wave directly hit the salamander.
The salamander was attacked and almost threw the back hunter J. After the hunter J managed to stabilize his body, he took a cold look at Darkrai. "Although it is not the target this time, it should be able to sell for a good price." After that, the hunter J pointed a strange device on his left arm at Darkrai.
Longye knows the power of this device. This weapon that can emit strange rays and petrify the elves is the most common means used by hunter J.
"Hold it for me," Long Ye shouted, pointing his hands at Hunter J.
"Damn it, what can’t move?" Hunter J shouted in some panic.
"Darkrai broke her hand." With the vicious fluctuation of Longye’s commander Dakley, the hunter J’s arm flew past, and the hunter J’s arm weapon immediately turned into pieces. Seeing that Darkrai succeeded, Longye finally breathed a sigh of relief. That thing was too dangerous.
"Longye, are you all right?" Nazi ran out and asked, "Just now, Longye was nervous. She saw it in her eyes. It’s rare for people to make Longye show such emotions. Nazi asked and stared at the woman with a violent back."
"I didn’t tie this person up beforehand, did I?" Longye said.
"Wait, let her go," a voice suddenly shouted.
Longye was startled. Looking back, it turned out to be the young man named Sakai Ye. Did he actually work with hunter J?
Before Longye could speak, he got rid of the super power control because of Longye’s attention shift. Hunter J threw a few bombs in the direction and flew away quickly on a salamander. When Longye reacted, he quickly let Darkrai black hole wrap several bombs.
A few dull sounds, the energy generated by the bomb explosion was intercepted by the black hole.
Unfortunately, in such a short time, hunter J has run away and disappeared.
Ryuno angrily came to the young man named Sakai Ye and shouted, "What do you have with Hunter J?"
Sakai Yexian was frightened by Longye, and he quickly explained, "Well, actually, I didn’t even know her name. Before that, I was in a violent training here. As a result, the woman suddenly came to me and said that she would take me away. It seems that someone offered her a high price for this kind of elf. How could I let her take away the violent? So I fought with her and then you came."
"Since you are the victim, why should I let her go?" Longye frowned.
Speaking of this question, this young man named Sakai Ye suddenly became very imposing. "Who am I? I’m Sakai Leaf, but Sakai Genji, the dragon king. That woman just showed a playful attitude and was fighting with me. Of course, I have to rely on my own strength to defeat my opponent. Otherwise, why should I defeat my father? "
At present, this young man’s speech, which is full of breath, makes Longye very headache. He really regards himself as the protagonist of some inspirational story. Longye thinks that this young man of Secondary Two must have fantasized about such things more than once in his mind.
Longye, he really wants to beat up the patient in front of him, and he should also watch the target. Hunter J, this guy and the team behind her are ruthless and have no scruples. Once provoked, such a person should directly hit her to turn over and avoid future trouble. Just now, Sakai Ye’s practice was simply to let the wild go.
Just as Longye was struggling to get fat and beat the second youth, Sakai Ye shouted and ran to the place where the former salamander, the dragon king and the scorpion fought.
At this time, the battle between the dragon king and the scorpion is still going on. Just when Hunter J left, he didn’t take care of the dragon king and scorpion. From this point of view, it can be seen that Hunter J’s style of acting is really properly set by the villain
Sakai leaves and sends a desert dragonfly to help the salamander. It’s really worthy that there are so many dragon elves in the hands of the dragon king.
The strength of this dragon king and scorpion is very good, and it is really powerful that hunter J can hold his ground in the face of two elves’ attacks and even such elves can give up without hesitation.
Follow Longye and see that Sakai leaves are still fighting with the Dragon King and Scorpion, so let Darkrai help him with a Darkrai black hole and let the Dragon King and Scorpion fall asleep directly.
The strength of this dragon king and scorpion is quite good, and Longye is going to send it home to see who can come to the source team. Unfortunately, this dragon king and scorpion elf ball is still in the hands of hunter J. This situation can make it continue to sleep in this place.
Chapter 244 Idiot, don’t you understand?
Chapter 244 []